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but I think it’s a bad idea that he’s writing it using unsafe languages like C++ and C.

It would be way easier if the websites had to enable or disable tracking cookies based on the “Do Not Track” setting instead of an unnecessarily annoying pop up

osu! lazer 2021.1206.0/1207.0 (New database (realm) is used for skin storage)

1207.0 is mostly a hotfix update…

Don’t you need an account to upload videos anyway?

I’m using Dark Reader for that

On the official osu! website you can sort by most played or most favourited to find popular songs. You can also download beatmap packs there.

I downloaded the newest version and on max ui scaling text size is at least as big as it is in other apps

@FischtoGamingOsu song recommender?

It’s only on GitHub. Since it’s the official version of osu! it also uses the official servers that probably have way more songs.

Is there a reason you’re not using osu!lazer?

Those kinds of people exist in every community, sadly

SomeOrdinaryGamers, 2kliksphilp/3kliksphilip (He has 2 channels), Hardware Unboxed

But the VPN provider can see it and they could just do the same thing your ISP would have done

Why would that make it not work?

Isn’t that the thing they’re actually useful for?

Sorry for the late answer. Osu was released in 2007 and hasn’t been made with being a big game that gets updated for years in mind, which makes it hard to update without breaking anything or writing a lot of new code. Because of that, the developer, peppy, decided a few years ago that he should completely remake the game from scratch but do it right this time and that’s what lazer is.

Here is also the lazer faq if you’re interested.

The missing camera collision was something I noticed in the first 5 minutes of playing the game and I’m very happy it’s fixed now

The mario 64 decompilation project wasn’t taken down either, so I think this will be fine too. They’re not distributing anything copyrighted after all.

Is this only scanning iCloud or also the internal storage of the phone?