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But the VPN provider can see it and they could just do the same thing your ISP would have done

Why would that make it not work?

Isn’t that the thing they’re actually useful for?

osu! lazer 2021.1005.0

Sorry for the late answer. Osu was released in 2007 and hasn’t been made with being a big game that gets updated for years in mind, which makes it hard to update without breaking anything or writing a lot of new code. Because of that, the developer, peppy, decided a few years ago that he should completely remake the game from scratch but do it right this time and that’s what lazer is.

Here is also the lazer faq if you’re interested.

The missing camera collision was something I noticed in the first 5 minutes of playing the game and I’m very happy it’s fixed now

osu! lazer 2021.808.0/809.0 (New audio subsystem)

809.0 was a hotfix for the new audio subsystem introduced in 808.0 …

The mario 64 decompilation project wasn’t taken down either, so I think this will be fine too. They’re not distributing anything copyrighted after all.

Is this only scanning iCloud or also the internal storage of the phone?

Is HarmonyOS actually a new mobile operating system or is it just their own version of Android?

Maybe it would be possible to have an android app where you can set a theme and all apps can use that. Maybe even GTK themes.

osu! lazer 2021.724

Changelog page is for 724.0 …

Or for mods, e.g. in Skyrim this would be great

Intel actually manufactures them themselves but everyone else uses TSMC

I didn’t even know you could use your own domain, will probably do that

Is there a performance hit when running android apps thorugh anbox compared to running them on android?

I’ve been using it for a while now and it’s a great alternative to gboard. You can make it look basically the same and it has most of the features that gboard has, things like built-in google translator are obviously missing.

I had a game which didn’t work with my dualshock 4 out of the box, I had to activate dualshock 4 support in the Steam controller settings. I think programs outside of Steam can use Steams controller setup aswell but you could also try launching it through Steam.