make XMPP audio/video works with at least conversations · Issue #1607 · YunoHost/issues

I've enable audio video on my yunohost instance with the following changes. I believe these configuration are enough to make A/V work even on 3G/different wifi etc. Configure /etc/metronome…

If you’re running Yunohost, and are curious about getting audio and video calls running over XMPP (e.g Conversations), check out this link

Worked for me


wow! I finally installed Yunohost and the installation went so smoothly for me! Sadly I need to change ISP since my current one blocks the http and https ports.

I got my family to switch over to XMPP but we still use Messenger for video calls, so I would love to do this, but how would I even start? would I need to run this from a command line? I have no experience but willing to try!

(Sidenote, Conversations doesn’t let me send images either, regardless of size but I couldnt find anything about that, is this related?)


Another option is to use a VPS, like Linode, Digital Ocean etc… Then install Yunohost with these instructions…

As for video calling, follow the instructions in the link - Some thing not immediately obvious is apt install coturn to get the video server installed…

Other option might be to install Snikket, which has everything bundled…


On your side note: Van you send images via another app? Because it could be your XMPP server too doesn’t have the correct XEP addons. I’m not an expert though.


i only have the XMPP on the server right now, but it does give me a direction to look into thank you! With YunoHost, you can easily manage a server for your friends, association or enterprise.

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