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Oh whoops, I’m not sure then what uploaders would be called then, but I did know they use fansub groups and saw different uploaders use different groups. But worth it to look into finding a source with those translations!

For anyone new to the garden game, here is a list of companies to buy seeds from. I’ve ordered most of my seeds from Sustainable Seed Co, but right now they are still recovering from the wildfires in CA, so True Leaf Seed Market I believe is who supplies the seeds. …

Favorite Fansub Group?

I started torrenting recently, and found myself using the same fansub (Erai-raw) for my shows. I tried a different fansub and found that I couldn’t even watch the video due to the video freezing constantly and the sub track crashing my program. …

hmm don’t know if you still need it, but here https://f-droid.org/packages/com.krawieck.lemmur/

it looks like it’s on the Izzy Repository


“This is a collection of random thoughts regarding the application of permacultural ideas to the computer world.”…

When I tried to use it, it doesn’t recognize mailing address as a valid input? It also almost took me to a completely different location when I tried to find something I’ve never been to before (I just had the places name, no address). I still contribute to Open Street, but I still don’t use it for travel directions or location identification :/

seconding letterboxd, I’d love an alt for that. Even better maybe, have it as a federated option between the GoodReads Alt, TV tracking, and music tracking. If I could have one account but track ALL of my media consumption that’d be awesome

Happy AroSpectrum Awareness Week!

It’s the 8th year for ASAW! It’s time to raise awareness of, and celebrate the Aromantic Spectrum! …

The Equality Bill is in US Congress right now, and threatens to leave out aromantic, asexual, pansexual, and other groups of people from protections against descrimination. While there is awareness that these groups of people would benefit, the actual language of the bill only includes "homosexual, …

I want to also mention that Cabal Chat looks A LOT like Discord, but it’s still in super early stages and you don’t make an account

In the past I was for sure a binge watcher because any time I tried to follow along weekly I’d forget and then be behind anyways or lose interest in the story. Sadly what happened to Bleach so I never did finish watching. I also enjoy the rush of finishing a series in a night (the 13 episodes ones), or when I was in college during finals week, binge the entire FMAB in 72 hours…

But now, it’s a mix of both since my coworkers watch anime and usually does it on a weekly basis, so I wanna be able to talk about the show. I still do binge shows tho, and saved a couple from this current season for binging like Wonder Egg or the Sk8 one. Some shows really are best for binging and others for weekly updates

I like the VisibleMending and Gardening communities and use Reddit only for that anymore honestly

hmm maybe because historically and currently minorities are often excluded from accessing basic human rights? They have a right to be mad and deny people space in their own safe area so they don’t have to defend their existance.

alternatively, there will ALWAYS be exclusion, just as there will be inclusion. You need both in your life because there are benefits and drawbacks to them both.

Anyways, there isn’t a lack of spaces where minorities ask and welcome those into their spaces, just not all of it. You don’t need to be part of everything, I’d think that this would be a welcomed thought since you don’t have to worry about stepping on eggshells then.

sorry, in most internet interactions I’ve had people who say this

Someone will come and say “it’s not discrimination if it’s against a majority” and I disagree.

usually are coming from a bad faith argument. Gut instinct from being in communities that were destroyed because of people who would say stuff like this.

I saw others explaining very well your other points, but haven’t seen anyone link to the page so you can see past results! It’s posted on their Tumblr page @ gendercensus or on the website https://gendercensus.com/

As a note, the raw data is in a Google doc so keep that in mind.

Question, do you have any recommendation for a different survey name? It’s easy to dismiss, but the name was thoughtfully chosen and the new name did help to bring in and represent far more people.

i only have the XMPP on the server right now, but it does give me a direction to look into thank you!

exactly this!

wow! I finally installed Yunohost and the installation went so smoothly for me! Sadly I need to change ISP since my current one blocks the http and https ports.

I got my family to switch over to XMPP but we still use Messenger for video calls, so I would love to do this, but how would I even start? would I need to run this from a command line? I have no experience but willing to try!

(Sidenote, Conversations doesn’t let me send images either, regardless of size but I couldnt find anything about that, is this related?)

I know this might be trolling or bad faith, but I do feel the need to mention this for anyone who might be wondering…

the survey does include cis as an option. There are nonbinary people who identify as cis, or who fluctuates between cis and nb identities, or anything really. The census is really trying it’s hardest to get as many non binary people as they can to properly represent the diversity of gender outside of 100% always soley completely girl or boy.

So if there are people who think of themselves as sometimes, faintly, and/or partly a cis girl, you can take this census.

But also everything the other responder said. Historically it did say nonbinary census but they felt that the use of nonbinary was dissuading people from taking the census that should be taking it, namely people who use cis, ironically enough.

if it helps, you probably could take it since there is a questioning option you can check in addition to trans, trans man/boy/masc, and or trans woman/girl/fem (i dont remember the exact words used)

Eighth Annual Survey!!! (Don’t worry, fediverse is an option for where you got the link from ;) …


to be fair, I am not someone who struggles to differenciate letter forms and/or see, but I am practically blind without my glasses and when I put it at the right size, even if it’s blurry I can tell what letter/number it is. I personally love it and wish I could download on my phone

Saw this in fdroid and immediately downloaded, super glad I did too this app is fantastic! really excellent job here!

In terms of social media, it comes down to content. I know every time I’ve joined something was because there was enough content that I wanted to look at for me to do daily. Right now, lots of fediverse stuff is about FOSS and tech, which a vast majority of people don’t care too much about. But it is slowly starting to spread, nd facilitating those groups by contributing and allowing to grow will do wonders.

I’d also say if you have friends somewhere, you follow them there. I know that was me for all my mainstream social media joining (other than tumblr, that I got my friends to join and I joined because of the content I found).

But seriously, like the others have said, it’s really taking off and you know its true by how many alternatives there are! Almost every mainstream social network has a fedialt, which, if it wasn’t as popular, wouldn’t exist yet!

It’s a little better, but the waste is still sitting and taking up space. I guess waiting until it’s half-life is an option, but I’d need to see more in terms of how much needs to be used to provide enough energy and the plan for when a natural disaster hits, like earthquake, sinkhole, or something along those lines of shifting and potentially breaking the buried material. Which, I’m sure it is possible just like we are still digging up ancient ruins accidentaly but I’d like to see some science applied to it.

Your write ups are fantastic and I refer to them quite often when talking about privacy for activist! If you have one geared towards those concerns, such as locking down communications and ensuring a phone is as secure as possible would be good. There is talk about patterns and metadata that I would love to hear your take on.

I’m dabbling in getting rid of windows on my laptop and so far just used Debian since it seems like a safe starter distro, but with a recent OS failure (windows, not linux) I finally tried booting from a USB and kinda love that? So maybe more privacy focused linux information since I have trouble finding stuff on trusted sites and using searx to find information.

I guess last topic I can think about is having some good points about why it matters? Most people I talk to don’t seem to care much, and of course it won’t change anyone’s mind immediately, but just having a good line of logic to get people thinking might be good? I was talking to a coworker over our frustration that our job forces us to download an app just to access our email in the name of “security” but it feels more like “invasion”, especially since it’s our personal phones.

Oh, actually; is there anyway for people willing to learn how to tell if an app has trackers or is a breach of privacy?

Collect money from your subscribers on Comradery, a payment platform that is democratically owned and controlled by every creator who uses it. …

MAL vs Anilist?

What are some of you folks using? I’m using MAL and only recently discovered they were open source, but couldn’t find anything on anilist’s website. Does anyone have a primary list and a backup list? I see this is a big discussion online and want some Lemmy opinions!..

Anyone know a good store to buy hardware from?

I want to get a microSD for my phone, and will probably need to get more external storage in the near future, but would like to avoid big stores (especially Amazon). …