As many of us start being able to engage in more in-person activities safely, this month focuses on the kinds of and ways that we enjoy leisure activities, and how being aspec might impact those activities. This can be anything from the entertainment we consume, to the people we spend free time with, to the decisions on when to go out vs. stay in, to the activities one might do alone that are expected to be done with a partner of some kind.

This month’s chat will take place from Saturday, May 29 to Sunday, May 30, from 10am Saturday through 1:00 am Sunday, then 10:00 am – 11:59 PM Sunday Eastern Daylight Time. (That’s 2 PM GMT Saturday through 5 AM GMT  Sunday, then re-opening Sunday at 2 PM again until 4 AM GMT.) Per usual we will have 2 hour voice chats both days, the first starting at at 11 AM Eastern (3 PM GMT) and the second at 4 PM Eastern (8 PM GMT).

A place for LGBTQ+ people and allies to discuss interests, our lives, and relevant issues.

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