FF addons&extensions

Open a blank dark or white tab rather than the default browser’s new tab page…

Create, manage and switch between browser profiles seamlessly…


Displays a sidebar that lets you take notes on web pages…

Explore the press with no middlemen between the newspapers and your computer. Discover millions of results within seconds and explore the last ones in Firefox via this addon…

by Bernard

Very useful and pleasant to use. You almost don’t have to move your fingers out of the keyboard with this extension…

The writer has more great addon like web archive. But this is an even greater addon. …

Redirect social media links to privacy-respecting alternative front ends, or redirects to an alternate service such as Google Maps -> Open Street Map…


go to final link destination. skip the redirect.
whitelist feature for sites that need redirect like waybackmachine. …


http header to tell websites to adjust content for less data download…


FF addons&extensions

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