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Thanks for this post! I signed and shared :thumbs up:

I don’t know exactly what a celeron silver netbook, but this is my computer :

My configuration :

Hi fellow dwm user :P

What is the font and the browser you’re using here?

Thanks, I removed Vimium and use Tridactyl now. It has a better interface, and an easier way to use the visual mode (for text selection).

Very useful and pleasant to use. You almost don't have to move your fingers out of the keyboard with this extension.

Good theme recommendations?
I am looking for a nice theme for Hugo. This is some examples of other things themes I like and why I cannot use them: * : It's a Jekyll theme * : When I run the server, the post list is not displayed. Can you help me?

I never heard negative criticisms about wayland :thinking face:

Yes, but still, you can know how many devices a user has, the schedule of the user (or at least when that user has the time to go on Discord), what mean of transport that user uses (by calculating the time between 2 connection locations, and when some messages are posted).

Those things may not be totally accurate (because statistics are not), but I think we can still do some nice stuff with this data package alone.

What do you think?

What information can be deduced from metadata?
Hello Lemmy! I recently discovered the "Request my data" function of Discord. Now that I have the data Discord knows about me. I would like to make an experiment that could be used to explain how metadata can say a lot about people. The problem is, I never done that :grinning face with sweat: so I would like to know how I could get everything I can, only from the metadata contained in the package. I know it's possible, according to the length of calls, the umber of messages, etc, to guess what kind of relation a user have with another, but I don't know how to do that. This is a description of the data package: Can you help me to know what are the information I can determine about myself using this package (only the metadata, or it's not fair :p) Thanks in advance! ~Snow

In capitalism the deaths are indirect deaths unlike in authoritarian systems, they are more difficult to calculate. But I got your point.

That means you will be more dependent on server, unlike in Mastodon, where there are many different instances.

I think it works using forks, which means several versions can coexist. You can accept or decline a fork of another user on your instance.

Yes, but there’s worse: to edit a page, you need to host an instance of the wiki yourself.

In deed that was one of the thing I got in mind. I don’t think the academic writing rules can be applied to any topic the same way.

How can we fix Wikipedia?
I LOVE Wikipedia, I think it's one of the best websites of the internet. But the fact is that Wikipedia has many flaws: * Editing became very hard on Wikipedia based on the amount of rules to respect * Wikipedia is biased, many cultures and minorities are not well represented among editors and pages. * Wikipedia is a dependence, I can't imagine Wikipedia disappear, I think it already changed the way people see knowledge, not as something fixed anymore, but as something dynamic that changes and evolve. * Wikipedia 'sources admission' are also very... Weird. Because you can be a professional in a special field, it doesn't mean your contribution will be accepted, just because your source is not coming from a 'reliable source', even if YOU are this reliable source. There are other problems as well, but I think those are the most important ones. What do you think about it? If you could change anything or everything to Wikipedia, what would you do?

How can we fix Wikipedia?
I LOVE Wikipedia, I think it's one of the best websites of the internet. But the fact is that Wikipedia has many flaws: * Editing became very hard on Wikipedia based on the amount of rules to respect * Wikipedia is biased, many cultures and minorities are not well represented among editors and pages. * Wikipedia is a dependence, I can't imagine Wikipedia disappear, I think it already changed the way people see knowledge, not as something fixed anymore, but as something dynamic that changes and evolve. * Wikipedia 'sources admission' are also very... Weird. Because you can be a professional in a special field, it doesn't mean your contribution will be accepted, just because your source is not coming from a 'reliable source', even if YOU are this reliable source. There are other problems as well, but I think those are the most important ones. What do you think about it? If you could change anything or everything to Wikipedia, what would you do?

I mean, people with low-end servers aren’t going to install a matrix server. So it’s limiting the decentralization of Matrix.

Still better than Google and I actually don’t know any good alternative to it.

I don’t know anything about the protests in honk kong, why is it a problem? (it’s a real question, not a troll)

Sorry, I will read some of them, but I don’t have so much time now. What is the most successful example of marxism in your opinion?

BTW, Dessalines seems to have done an amazing job here!

Yes I think I understand now. I discussed on a Discord server about anarchism and they said the same thing. Thanks for all these recommendations, I already read some extracts of Bookchin, I will take care of the others.

OK So if I understand properly, you just think anarchism is too idealistic? (tell me if I misunderstand). How would corruption (and abusive centralization in general) be avoided in communism?

How do I do that with conversations? I can’t see the icon :(

This is a very interesting comment in deed. I am not sure about the last sentence though. Violence is not the best kind of way to deal with stuff. Antifascists now know that (ref, “The antifascist handbook”)

I may look at Engels a bit more :)

I think I am blind. I am using XMPP for some nice channels. But I never saw integrated voice and video though. I love XMPP but I wouldn’t say it’s as easy as Signal.

Also I am not sure XMPP is made to work the same way Whatsapp or Signal does. Signal works with phone number, just the same way as whatsapp, it’s not made to be an anonymous chatting app, also XMPP doesn’t support audio and voice calls. I don’t know if there are decentralized alternatives to Whatsapp that works the same way.

But actually, yes, it’s sad that at any complication people just stops learning stuff believing it’s a too ‘geeky’ stuff for them.

ElementaryOS is some kind of an example, you can get the source code, but they ask you to pay (it’s not mandatory though and you can get everything for free) to get the ISO file.

Other examples would be Ardour and Fritzing, both have source code available for free, but not their binaries. So if you want to have it for free, you have to pay with time of compiling :p

I don’t really agree with all the hate against Signal. Signal is a good start into easy privacy for people, with an app (that I personally find better than What’s app).

Like it or not but the federated alternatives (even though I like them) are not as easy to use as Signal, I don’t think my grandparents could use XMPP as easily for example.

It’s far from perfect but I wouldn’t say it’s not trustworthy or a bad app though.

A quick shower thought I had about revolutionary anarchism.
I just noticed something, revolutionary anarchism doesn't make sense in some way. Anarchism is against authority, but if a revolution happen, anarchists, by destroying the actual system, will force people to adopt a new lifestyle against their freewill. What do you think about that? Isn't this a paradox? EDIT: Just to note, this is not a troll post, I am really asking myself this question. I am discussing on Discord about the same topic and I forgot to mention that I am only talking about a VIOLENT revolution.

Yes I am reading the “Antifa handbook” and he talks about that in the book. I don’t know if it’s possible to respect both anti-hate-speech laws and freedom of speech laws at the same time. Sometimes by trying to respect freedom of speech, you’re breaking others laws.

There is a part of technical stuff though. If you have a very resource consuming technology, it’s obvious that less people are going to install it, which is the case of Matrix.

Also, “social issues” can be managed, for instance, the main Framasoft closed the registrations of the main Mastodon instance because they thought the network was becoming too centralized on their instance.

I mean, I don’t want to be closed-minded you know. I don’t know why, but when I see a comment I disagree with (even hostile comments), I feel an irrational need to debate with to understand the idea.

You’re probably right though, but I am an eternal indecisive.

I never got problems with bots, I got problems with people :p

I am tired of debates
Hello, when I am writing this I don't know in which community I will be posting this, but I would like to get some feedback about that. To state my ideas upfront I consider myself as an eco-anarchist and antifa, I want to promote transparency, privacy and open-source to maximize freedom. I write this post because, as you seen in the title, I am bored of debating my positions, but also because I start to loose hope, I want the best for the world but I feel like nobody even care about those stuff, that I'm just a 'fucking marxist afraid of progress'. There is so much things based on fake facts in politics, this is tiring me down. What ever you look into, crap facts are going to come up. I don't want to fall into the common trap of "{what ever thing} is really EVIL". But at the same time, the debates of today are so polarized that I feel like I don't have the choice, saying, "I think that because I think it's good" has absolutely no weight in a debate. I am getting bored of all of this, too much talking, too little action. This is really something that is making me sad and depressed. Do you feel the same way? TL;DR, I cannot find good facts to justify 'leftism' and other ideas like free software, I feel like right wing just have no moral though, but am I just too irrational?

It’s a political issue more than a personal issue according to me. More a company or organization knows about you, more they’ll have power over you. If the facial recognition data would be in the hands of the state for example, the consequences can be a disaster.

I personally care a lot about it because I want to maximize my freedom as well.

Can you give an example of obsession with privacy? And the trap in question?

I actually don’t know that much about that. I am against centralization, not against GMO itself. I think many anti-GMO arguments are actually anti-monoculture arguments (except the ones about health).

I don’t know if GMO would be useful for local-scale agriculture. Maybe you can help me on that one?

Sure monoculture is not a good idea, but it doesn’t really mean GMO though. It’s not the same thing.

I know that, but I never seen any instance of Matrix that’s not Also email is becoming more and more centralized because almost everybody uses Gmail or something else from GAFAM. I mean, on paper it’s decentralized, but the fact everybody uses Matrix make it more and more dependent on one server.

The centralization of IRC doesn’t matter though, the fact there is no chat history makes it irrelevant to be centralized or not, if Freenode dies, something else can replace it without any problem.

Also a tiny note again about emails, due to the difficulty to setup an email server yourself (that doesn’t end up in the spams of everybody), I don’t really think emails are so decentralized in practice.

TL;DR, there is a difference between the things on paper and the things in reality.

I saw people recommending Element/Matrix. I don’t like it actually, because it’s a too centralized platform. Otherwise there’s IRC and Mumble that could be alternatives.

Also, Element/Matrix is resource consuming unfortunately, I prefer using lighter things. My laptop doesn’t even support Element client.

The reason why I think Element/Matrix is centralized is because of the resource-heavy Matrix server which limits the number of servers (same issue with emails), also most communities are on, so it becomes more and more dependent on one server to work. There is a difference between “decentralized on paper” and “decentralized in reality”.

(btw, why am I being down voted so much xD ?)

I don’t completely agree with this. Matrix is semi-decentralized, almost everybody uses the main instance, and hosting matrix is kind of a pain.

The only launcher I sticked to.

Sure, but still I think you underestimate the “fanboyism” of Brave users :p Money is actually the all-time issue of free software.

Why are we against hierarchy?
I am trying to write a simple faq about anarchism. One of the question is "Why do anarchist want to abolish hierarchies?". This question sounds so obvious to me I cannot write something convincing enough. For know I got the following: ``` First, it is necessary to indicate what kind of authority anarchism challenges. While anarchists have, on occasion, stated their opposition to “all authority” a closer reading quickly shows that anarchists reject only one specific form of authority, what we tend to call hierarchy. Hierarchy is a social, religious, economic or political system or organization in which people or groups of people are ranked with some superior to others based on their status, authority or some other trait. Authority is the power to enforce rules and give orders. But why do we need a such authority? Why would they be more accountable for doing this job than anybody else? For example, in a factory, why would the boss be necessary? Workers could just organize themselves and do the same function. You never agreed to respect hierarchies like the state, the police, the companies, etc. When you born you never signed a contract saying you agreed with all of this, so why should you respect it? ``` What do you think about it? What would you add to it?

Anarchism and communism
I am an anarchist. But I am not an asshole, I would like to understand why some communists are so hostile against anarchist and why some anarchist are so hostile toward communism. I don't understand that. There are a lot of common ways of doing things between anarchists and communism and we both have the goal. It can seem like a very stupid post, but I am really trying to understand :)

List of everything I use on my laptop
This is the things I use on my computer. :) ## Conditions for a good software accoridng to me * Least number of visual stimulations. No notifications, no sounds, no tons of button everywhere... Best if it can be only used using keyboard. * Light, my computer also wants to benefit from minimalism. * Respects its users. It needs to be "free software" (free as freedom) * Being necessary for you. ### The basic stuff * **Xubuntu** is my operating system. * **dwm** (plus **dmenu**) is my window manager. Everything is done using a few shortcuts and takes no space on the screen. The shortcuts are easy to get, but the installation might be tricky for new linux users. * **st** is my terminal. I use it for coding, writing and managing my system. The only thing I changed to it was to change the fontsize and enable the scrollback patch. But again it might be tricky to install for new linux users. ### Browsing online I already tried other stuff like "surf" but I don't like it because I want to use an adblocker. * **Firefox** is my favorite browser. I use it because it's lighter than other browsers, and I can install uBlock Origin. ### Writing I need to write things for school and for myself. So I mainly use Marktext or nano to write my stuff. * **Marktext** is a markdown editor. I like markdown because I don't want to pass the majority of my time on choosing fonts and stuff like that. Also I think it's more handy and reliable. I only use this app for exporting into pdf. I write using `nano` * **Nano** is a terminal-based editor. Very easy to use, only terminal based. I use for both writing markdown and writing code. * **Libreoffice** if I really need to have a "classic" office suite. ### Communication #### Chatting * **dino (xmpp client)**, it is my favorite chatting software. I like it more than Discord because, instead of joining a ton of useless channels, you only join the ones you want. (Also it's lighter than Matrix.) * **HexChat** is my favorite IRC client. Yes I still use IRC, it's so simple and stupid, I love it! #### Emails * **Thunderbird**, it has a very "brut" interface, but very handy and powerful. You can setup filters to automatically clean your inbox. I never get up to 20 messages in my inbox this way. ### Coding I use nano as my code editor. That's it, same thing as said above. * **nano** and **st** is my IDE :) * **openscad** is the cad software I use. Basically, design things in 3D using code. ### Video * **Shotcut** is a nice video editor. Pretty straight forward. When I need something more advanced, I use **kdenlive**. * **VLC** is a nice video viewer. ### Photo * **Firefox** is my image viewer. * **GIMP** is my image editor. I don't want to use photoshop. ### Sound * **Audacity** is useful when I need to record sound * **pavucontrol** is the tool I use to manage the input/output audio stuff. * **Musecore** is a score editor I use to digitalize and read piano scores.

I found that on r/webdev. What do you think about this opinion?

How is “federalization” going?
Hi! I am a beginner programmer, but I would like to understand the general process to go from a non-activitypub to an activity software (ie. Lemmy)

The must "you" have been uploaded 3 weeks ago on the MrSuicideSheep's YouTube channel (my eternal playlist) and really catch me. My favorite tracks from that guy are pretty much everything.

How to create a good unedited video?
So, how can we create videos without editing that aren't painful to watch? Example: Live streams re-diffusion.

How can I bypass the black screen of OBS
Hi! My mother have a Proximus (com company in Belgium) and they have a service to watch TV and recorded movies on the internet. Somebody asked for viewing one of the movies we recorded. In order to record it, I tried to use OBS. But I only got the sound. The player of Chrome was blacked out by OBS. I couldn't connect the account with Firefox (I don't know why) and even by disabling all the extensions of Chrome. I still can't get this black box out. Could somebody help me? TL;DR. How can I bypass online copyright protection to use OBS to record movies? PS: The computer is a Windows 10 OS (I use Linux but I can't connect with Firefox either)

What do you think about repost bots?
On Mastodon there are some bots that automatically re-post the content from Twitter on the instance. So people from Mastodon can see the Twitter's content. What do you think about that?


How can I install Minecraft server on Yunohost
Hello! I tried to install Minecraft server on Yunohost. But when I try to connect (even locally) it always timeout and I can't connect. Do you have any clue on how to solve this? When I run: `curl <my ip>:25565` I get result when I do it on the server, but when I execute the same command on another device, it doesn't work. There is a timeout and it gives up. Do you think this is because my server is slow or have you any clue on how I could solve this issue? Thanks in advance!

== Warning: I am ranting, don't mind me == Hello everyone! I just wanted to warn you about something: do not trust the app Infogalatic, neither those reviews. This makes me very angry against the fact there are so much alt-right people on this platform and they wanted to destroy the score of Wikipedia on I know this is very futile but, really what the hell is that? They are saying that Wikipedia is full of left-wing conspiracy theories, and, at the same time they say that Wikipedia is governed by the CIA? I still wait for the satanist and illuminatis governing Wikipedia then! Also, they pretend that Infogalactic is better than Wikipedia but the only thing I see is homophobic and racist people on this platform and in the content.

How does Cjdns works
I don't know if this question already got answered on Lemmy so I post it here. I don't really understands how Cjdns works exactly. I want to make a mesh network but I don't know what hardware I need for it and how Cjdns work. What would be the point of using Cjdns over the classic internet like with Hyperboria to connect peers. I may have been said a lot of wrong things in this post, so please correct me. Can you help me to know what hardware I need and what to do with Cjdns (I already installed it on my computer but I don't know what I can do with it now) ? Thanks in advance!

How to create a torrent?
Hello! This question can seems stupid because I felt like creating a torrent was easy. But it's clear that I just cannot figure out how to create one. I used both qBitTorrent and Transmission but none of these have been able to create a torrent. I tested it on a simple image, I took a list of trackers that I added, I used another app to download the torrent file, and then... "0 peers connected" none of the 2 apps tells that there is any peer connected. I don't understand why I cannot download the torrent, while I can download all the other torrents. Only some trackers detects that a peer is trying to download it. But nothing is moving. Can you help me?

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Why I quit Brave to go to Firefox
I used to use Firefox in the past but I used it passively. Then I discovered Brave and I loved it, at that time. Now I got back to Firefox and this is my list of killing features of Firefox that makes other browsers meaningless to me. ## You can make screenshot of full pages The screenshot feature of Firefox is really powerful to get things available offline and on phone. Just by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + S makes you able to select, grab elements, make a screenshot of the view, or making a screenshot of a entire page. This is so usefull! ## You can customize the top bar I love the fact that I can almost entierly customize the top bar. I personally prefer to get as much space on the webpage and as small space on the rest of the screen, also because my computer's screen is really tiny. So you can get it compact change the place of everything, add new cool elements, I love it. ## The reader mode I discovered the reader mode at the perfect time, when I needed to read a very long page. I clicked on this icon I never saw, and this was exactly what I needed! I don't like reading on most websites, the background is white, the font is not adapted, the position is widescreen, there are a lot of sidebars, ads, etc. With the reader mode I was surprised about the customization of the pages that is very useful and easy to use at the same time. Then finally, what I use all the time now, the TTS function. The voice is weird, but when you find the correct speed and read it at the same time. It just makes the reading process much easier than ever. You can hear it and read it at the same time. This is incredible to me. ## Firefox is so lightweight compared to Chromium based softwares This was the original reason why I switched, Firefox use a such tiny part of CPU compared to other browsers! ## The web devlopper options looks so nice! The devlopper options have cool animations, powerful usage, snippets, almost a real editor in the browser. ## Brave's problems The Brave company have done some bad things to the users in their back, the thing that first frustrated me was the sponsored background when you open a new tab. I didn't activated the Tokens and I stil got ads. This go against their vision of 'You are not product'. Also they auto-completed the urls when you wanted to go on affliated links automatically. Without counting that the Brave adblocker is meaningless compared to Ublock Origin. Not enough options according to me. And I think customization is something that is missing on Brave in general. ## What I miss from Brave I don't miss a lot of things, but if I needed to list a few that would be: * The speed that was really incredible, I try to reproduce it using Ublock Origin * The torrent client in Brave is really useful, you don't need any other apps and no need to go out the browser's comfort zone.

I activated Ublock Origin in hard mode and I think I discovered the tests of the developer of the website of public education in Belgium xD Translation: > WARNING: This page is disabled and is not visible by the users. But you can still see it because you are connected to the intranet. I am not connected to the intranet tho. > WARNING: This page is only available from the intranet. Nope. > WARNING: This page is not available anymore Uuuh. > WARNING: This page is not available from the 31-12-9999 at 00:00 Not as sure, I think I travelled through time. > WARNING: This page will be unavailable from the 23-02-2015 at 00:00. Do I travelled in the past or in the future?

Please change the sidebar
"We are deep web enthusiasts". Deep web =/= darknet. : ) Otherwise, good sub idea!

[APPS] [FOSS] My list of open-source apps for Android
Hello! This is my list of my preferred open-source apps for Android. Tell me in the comments what are yours and I will add them. - 10 000 sentences : Learn new vocabulary in many languages - Alarmio : A alternative alarm clock - AnkiDroid : Virtual flash cards to learn faster your courses - Audio Recorder : A simple audio recorder - Aurora Store : Get access to play store apps without the official app - Briar : Send messages in peer to peer way, using bluetooth, current network or remotly. - Camera : From the simple app list. A simple and easy to use camera - CameraRoll : Alternative gallery app with a beautiful UI as a camera roll. - Chubby Click : Metronome - Counter : Explicit name, just counting stuff - DiskUsage : Scan your disk to find the biggest folders and apps in a advanced way - F-Droid : A app store with only open-source apps - GitNex : A Gitea client for Android - Goodtime : A pomodoro app - JitSi meet : Alternative to Skype or Zoom - KISS : A cool simple launcher with only a search bar and a history - Lightning : A fast and lightweight web browser - Loop Habit Tracker : A very cool and handy habit tracker with statistics - LTE Cleaner : Like CCleaner, but easier - MAPS.ME : OSM client that I think is better than OSMand - MasterPassword : A sync-less password manager - MoneyWallet : A budget manager - NewPipe : My most used app so far, you can download, listen in background, popup or fullscreen for MediaCCC, Peertube, SoundCloud or YouTube. - Open Note Scanner : Detect papers to scan them using your phone, unfortunatly there is no export to PDF so see the next app. - PDF Converter : Convert images to pdf - OpenFoodFacts : Scan codebar of food products to get simple and easy to read nutrition facts. - OpenRecipes : Add your own recipes - Markor : A simple note taking app - Red Moon : A blue light filter - ScreenCam : Record your screen (no root required) - Shattered Pixel Dungeon : A dungeon RPG - Signal : Alternative to whatsapp but you can also use it as SMS **Not available on F-Droid** - Slide : Reddit client (oopsie) - Tasks : The best todo app I found - TrebleShot : Transfer files to other devices through the same network. - Tusky : Mastodon client - Vectorify da home! : Create your own wallpapers using simple SVG - Vinyl : Music player - Yaaic : IRC client - AnySoftKeyboard : A simple and powerful keyboard - AfWall+ : ip tables based firewall **Require root privileges** - Otter : front-end music player to Funkwhale instances - Aurora Droid : Alternative F-Droid client - Firefox Preview : Future version of Fennec on Android, support 6 privacy-related extensions and has been re-written with Firefox&#39;s new GeckoView - Mattermost : Beta client for Mattermost - FOSS Browser : Simple browser based on Android&#39;s WebView. The intention is to provide a simple and light weight but powerful browser with a nice looking user interface. - Rocket Chat : Rocket Chat client - Delta Chat : ??? - Mumla : Voice chat on Mumble servers - RadioDroid : Browse internet radios - Conversations : Encrypted, userfriendly XMPP instant messaging client for mobile - Exodus Privacy : Exodus Privacy helps you to know which trackers and permissions are embedded in apps installed on your device.

[IDE] How to code for Arduino in terminal
If you feel tired about the Arduino IDE and you are fan of terminal. I recommend you to try 'ino' as well as micro as editor. ## Ino Ino is a Python tool to build and upload code to Arduino boards. It is also very lightweight and fully open-source. 1. Install Ino : `pip2 install ino` 2. Create and initialize the project: ```shell mkdir project cd project ino init ``` 3. To configure the settings about the board, you can use the following template: name this file `ino.ini` and add it into the root folder of your project. ```ini [build] board-model = mega2560 [upload] board-model = mega2560 serial-port = /dev/ttyACM1 [serial] serial-port = /dev/ttyACM1 ``` 4. Code your script by modifying the file `src/sketch.ino` 5. Build and upload to the Arduino (using the settings of the file ino.ini) run: `ìno build && ino upload` Now each time you want to upload the project to the board you just need to run `ino buid && ino upload`. Ino will use the configuration of ino.ini to build your app. ## Micro This is not directly linked to Arduino but this is by far my preferred editor for terminal. You can use the shortcuts of nano but you have the customization and the code syntax of vim. The default colorscheme of Micro is gruvbox. If you want more information about this editor, you can checkout: ## Conclusion I personally love them because I hate the default IDE and I am a big fan of developing app fully in terminal. What do you think?

[QUESTION] How to see all files on Android
Hello! I have a LG K10. My phone is always running out (few MB left) and I wanted to make a backup. So I activated the MTP option as well as the developer tools and the 'allow debuging via usb'. But when I scan the disk it appears it is only 1 GB used. While the settings are telling me that 15.5 GB over 16GB are used. Soon after making a few backup attempts using the tool ncdu on Linux. I successfully freed a few hundred MB. Then soon after I got a notification popup by Google Drive to tell me that my files are automatically backed up onto drive so I could free up to 1GB! I didn't liked the fact that Google never told me before that all my photos were uploaded on my Drive automatically but I freed all these files. Can you tell me how I would be able to access to these files that didn't appears in my file system when I plug my phone via USB? Some folders like the screenshots and other image folders (who taken 2GB of my drive!) wasn't displaying in the file system of my computer (neither in the file system of my phone I think). I have no idea where those files were stored, but they took a lot of space. Can you help me? Thanks in advance! Edit: Thanks to u/ajz this problem is solved! If you have the same issue and you want to free the space on your Android device follow the following steps: 1. Go into your device'settings > Storage > Cache > Clear cache. 2. Install ADB on your computer 3. Go into about > Software info. Then spam the Build number. 4. Go into the developer options and tick the box 'USB Debugging' 5. Install the app DiskUsage from F-Droid. This app will list all the biggest folders and apps on your whole device. 6. Plug your device and press ALLOW for USB debugging on the popup on your phone. 7. When you spotted a directory you want to backup and remove, run the following commands: ```shell # For example, you want to remove the dir /sdcard/media/Music adb pull /sdcard/Music . adb rm /sdcard/Music adb shell cd /sdcard/Music rm * exit ```

[QUESTION] How to quit closed-source platforms?
This is a question I am wondering. I try to avoid as much as I can platforms like YouTube, Discord, Whatsapp, Zoom, etc. But I just can't! For YouTube I love the content to much to quit it. I actually uses and NewPipe to avoid this problem. I just need to import my subscriptions. Then you got the case of some social medias where it doesn't depends on you. For example I need to use Whatsapp for school even if I hate it, same for Zoom. I also got friends and communities that are only on Discord. Do you already had these issues? How are you dealing with them? Thanks in advance!

Open sourcerer is a wallpaper possibly by the user u/lehuizi on Reddit but I am not sure if he is the original creator. Created on September 29 2019 (according the the post on Reddit)

I made a philosophy community
If you're interested in philosophy, want to start debate or have cool links related to it, feel free to post on c/philosophy : ) Everybody is welcome!