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It depends if you are thinking about corporate open source or ethical open-source. I do think that free software is avoiding those kind of issues. I especially think federalization is a great thing. I don’t think it would be any viable to get ads on lemmy or on mastodon. People would just switch to another instance ad-free.

Sure. But for corporate platform that would be a terrible move. Because that would mean they assume to be unsecure.

It’s kind of a better move than “YOU ARE EVIL, GET OUT OF HERE” of some anti-adblock websites ;)

The link to this episode is here

:( I do not agree. I would love to live in those cozy houses :3

Even if I hate MS, I need to admit that Teams is not bad though.

I would have thought it would be related to limitation of people. Jitsi servers have been overused during lock-down I think xD

Conflicts between right and left are obvious. But conflicts between different kinds of left are really stupid. We’re all fighting for the same goal.

WTF. This is pure nonsense. Putting anarchists and conservatives in the same category? And thinking that all anarchists are individualists. Is there any constructive answer to this comment?

I tried it several times. But it’s god damn hard!

God. Jitsi is way easier than Zoom is. I don’t understand why people are using Zoom.

I was thinking about the second question. I would like to know how is the technical process of going from a “centralized” software to a “decentralized” software using ActivityPub.

How is "federalization" going?

Hi! I am a beginner programmer, but I would like to understand the general process to go from a non-activitypub to an activity software (ie. Lemmy)…

That’s awesome! I was waiting for this.

Well it doesn’t work for YouTube but I keep it in mind for the others :) Thanks

Yeah, that’s why I think calculations based on the surface took by such centrals is completely biased (it only counts the power plant, not the storage).

The reason why I cite ANDRA is because they have the decency to be transparent about what they’re doing. Which was not the case in France in the past.

I can actually use the instance including the search engine. I also would like to find an alternative.

The “freetube” software (kinda like NewPipe, but for computer) is maybe gonna turn interesting in the future (at the current moment it’s still based on invidious I think)

Also, what I would like to get is not only something to watch YouTube. I would like to get an aggregator, so I could watch several platforms at the same time (like Peertube, YouTube and SoundCloud). That would be just awesome.

How long does it takes to learn Toki Pona? I try but it takes me 10 minutes to write 1 sentence. (Btw, I tried to write this in toki pona but I couldn’t)

All time rule on this kind of video: Don’t sort comments by new.

The must “you” have been uploaded 3 weeks ago on the MrSuicideSheep’s YouTube channel (my eternal playlist) and really catch me. …

How to create a good unedited video?

So, how can we create videos without editing that aren’t painful to watch? …

How can I bypass the black screen of OBS

Hi! My mother have a Proximus (com company in Belgium) and they have a service to watch TV and recorded movies on the internet. …

What do you think about repost bots?

On Mastodon there are some bots that automatically re-post the content from Twitter on the instance. So people from Mastodon can see the Twitter’s content. …

How does Cjdns works

I don’t know if this question already got answered on Lemmy so I post it here. …

How to create a torrent?

Hello! This question can seems stupid because I felt like creating a torrent was easy. But it’s clear that I just cannot figure out how to create one. …

Why I quit Brave to go to Firefox

I used to use Firefox in the past but I used it passively. Then I discovered Brave and I loved it, at that time. …

Please change the sidebar

“We are deep web enthusiasts”. Deep web =/= darknet. : ) …