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I think it works using forks, which means several versions can coexist. You can accept or decline a fork of another user on your instance.

Yes, but there’s worse: to edit a page, you need to host an instance of the wiki yourself.

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In deed that was one of the thing I got in mind. I don’t think the academic writing rules can be applied to any topic the same way.

How can we fix Wikipedia?

I LOVE Wikipedia, I think it’s one of the best websites of the internet. …

How can we fix Wikipedia?

I LOVE Wikipedia, I think it’s one of the best websites of the internet. …

I mean, people with low-end servers aren’t going to install a matrix server. So it’s limiting the decentralization of Matrix.

Still better than Google and I actually don’t know any good alternative to it.

I don’t know anything about the protests in honk kong, why is it a problem? (it’s a real question, not a troll)

Sorry, I will read some of them, but I don’t have so much time now. What is the most successful example of marxism in your opinion?

BTW, Dessalines seems to have done an amazing job here!

Yes I think I understand now. I discussed on a Discord server about anarchism and they said the same thing. Thanks for all these recommendations, I already read some extracts of Bookchin, I will take care of the others.

OK So if I understand properly, you just think anarchism is too idealistic? (tell me if I misunderstand). How would corruption (and abusive centralization in general) be avoided in communism?

And why would it be so better?

And why so? Why would they say no?

How do I do that with conversations? I can’t see the icon :(

This is a very interesting comment in deed. I am not sure about the last sentence though. Violence is not the best kind of way to deal with stuff. Antifascists now know that (ref, “The antifascist handbook”)

I may look at Engels a bit more :)

I think I am blind. I am using XMPP for some nice channels. But I never saw integrated voice and video though. I love XMPP but I wouldn’t say it’s as easy as Signal.

Also I am not sure XMPP is made to work the same way Whatsapp or Signal does. Signal works with phone number, just the same way as whatsapp, it’s not made to be an anonymous chatting app, also XMPP doesn’t support audio and voice calls. I don’t know if there are decentralized alternatives to Whatsapp that works the same way.

But actually, yes, it’s sad that at any complication people just stops learning stuff believing it’s a too ‘geeky’ stuff for them.

ElementaryOS is some kind of an example, you can get the source code, but they ask you to pay (it’s not mandatory though and you can get everything for free) to get the ISO file.

Other examples would be Ardour and Fritzing, both have source code available for free, but not their binaries. So if you want to have it for free, you have to pay with time of compiling :p

I don’t really agree with all the hate against Signal. Signal is a good start into easy privacy for people, with an app (that I personally find better than What’s app).

Like it or not but the federated alternatives (even though I like them) are not as easy to use as Signal, I don’t think my grandparents could use XMPP as easily for example.

It’s far from perfect but I wouldn’t say it’s not trustworthy or a bad app though.

A quick shower thought I had about revolutionary anarchism.

I just noticed something, revolutionary anarchism doesn’t make sense in some way. Anarchism is against authority, but if a revolution happen, anarchists, by destroying the actual system, will force people to adopt a new lifestyle against their freewill. …

Yes I am reading the “Antifa handbook” and he talks about that in the book. I don’t know if it’s possible to respect both anti-hate-speech laws and freedom of speech laws at the same time. Sometimes by trying to respect freedom of speech, you’re breaking others laws.

There is a part of technical stuff though. If you have a very resource consuming technology, it’s obvious that less people are going to install it, which is the case of Matrix.

Also, “social issues” can be managed, for instance, the main Framasoft closed the registrations of the main Mastodon instance because they thought the network was becoming too centralized on their instance.

I am tired of debates

Hello, when I am writing this I don’t know in which community I will be posting this, but I would like to get some feedback about that. …

Why are we against hierarchy?

I am trying to write a simple faq about anarchism. One of the question is “Why do anarchist want to abolish hierarchies?”. This question sounds so obvious to me I cannot write something convincing enough. …

Anarchism and communism

I am an anarchist. But I am not an asshole, I would like to understand why some communists are so hostile against anarchist and why some anarchist are so hostile toward communism. …

I found that on r/webdev. What do you think about this opinion?..

How is "federalization" going?

Hi! I am a beginner programmer, but I would like to understand the general process to go from a non-activitypub to an activity software (ie. Lemmy)…

The must “you” have been uploaded 3 weeks ago on the MrSuicideSheep’s YouTube channel (my eternal playlist) and really catch me. …

How to create a good unedited video?

So, how can we create videos without editing that aren’t painful to watch? …

How can I bypass the black screen of OBS

Hi! My mother have a Proximus (com company in Belgium) and they have a service to watch TV and recorded movies on the internet. …

What do you think about repost bots?

On Mastodon there are some bots that automatically re-post the content from Twitter on the instance. So people from Mastodon can see the Twitter’s content. …