[A New HOPE] Welcome to Hackers On Planet Earth! 2022
publicado de forma cruzada desde: > publicado de forma cruzada desde: > > > going on now! come join us virtually at mozilla hubs room for HOPE 2022

publicado de forma cruzada desde: > Thank god I saw this. I vehemently dislike the idea of paying VPNs. > > I forgot proxies existed for some reason; I used them in the past.

publicado de forma cruzada desde: > Hemos decidido crear un canal publico y sin cifrado para gente y amig@s que les gusta nuestro proyecto de #Hackerñol y les gusta estar y charlar con gente similar sin tener que ser un "activista de la privacidad" y de la "cultura hacker", o representar a #hispagatos por lo que es mas de relax y dejamos nuestro canal #hispagatos en privado, cifrado y solo para miembros activos de #hispagatos, la sala se llama #hackerethics #hackerculture #hackershow

LibRedirect - A web extension that redirects YouTube, Twitter, Instagram... requests to alternative privacy friendly frontends and backends.
Is better to just not use those services but when there is no optional information/documentaries etc on peertube,fediverse,odysee,etc then at least we have this.. but DO NOT SHARE POISON LINKS withs your friends, do this step and convert them to privacy friendly proxies BEFORE you share. friends do not poison friends.

do not be full there is NO black/white hats, there are hackers and criminals, and this criminals sometimes work for government and corporations and divide with silly black/white names. screw them. all hackers are ethical. #hackingisnotacrime #hackerculture #hackerethics

publicado de forma cruzada desde: > >It may well be the case that fighting climate change will require middle-class and even working-class people in wealthy countries to change their lifestyles in the decades ahead. Given, however, the extent to which the rich are disproportionately responsible for global emissions, and the widespread public consensus around raising their taxes, it would be both politically popular and sound policy-wise to emphasize redistributive solutions to the climate crisis.

Happy Hacking Friday 💻️ 🏴‍☠️ 🤟
publicado de forma cruzada desde: > Follow on Mastodon: @HackerRadioShow @merce @harlock @meow @oximurah @argumento @Cian @italo @ryen @thegibson @volt4ire @voltur @Lovelace @moribundo #hackerethics #hackerculture #2600 #hispagatos

El atlas de la revolución digital: Del sueño libertario al capitalismo de vigilancia | La peste | contrainfo, saberes & experiencias antiautoritarias
El atlas de la revolución digital: Del sueño libertario al capitalismo de vigilancia -

This so called infosec sometimes are more criminals than the cybercriminals, this are only 3 cybersecurity/spy companies helping abused goverments and agencies exploit their dissidents in the name of nacionalism or money! stop this infosec people! and defend real hackers.

A game by Jeremy Hammond
publicado de forma cruzada desde: > Play #SmashMAGA! Trump Zombie Apocalypse, the Game Banned from All Major App Stores! > > Smash MAGA! is a politically-charged loot-and-riot action adventure game where you fight hordes of brainwashed right-wing extremists who have become infected with the Trump Zombie Plague.

.:: Phrack Magazine ::. ezine 70 is out!
publicado de forma cruzada desde: > Best hacking e-zine since 1980 is out!

gemBuster: Gemini protocol directory and file finder.
gemBuster is for the Gemini protocol what dirbuster is for the http protocol.

are you considered a social anarchist and a computer geek? somehow more into social movements, social justice and anti-capitalism and free/libre software? do you enjoy hacking/security and exploration? do you see the social benefits of technology in a new world? then you are an anarcho-hacker, join us!

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