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I’m not aware of any guides regarding repairability or use of standard bicycle parts. In general the stuff not related to the electric portion is usually standard bike parts. The main thing to look out for is the ebikes with mid-drive motors which might be specifically designed to match that particular motor and frame. Also I would be careful with any that have really wild or custom frame design. The keys are if the rear dropouts and the fork are a standard width then you’re probably in good shape as far as repair/upgrade flexibility.

Are there any commadn line clients for lemmy?

I ready my feeds, browse gemini, control music playback and get on the fediverse in the terminal. A lemmy client would be a nice addition…

Bought along with a mixte in the same color as a matching his/hers set for $150. Stripped and rebuilt them with new alloy wheels, dynamo hubs and headlights in the front and 2 speed automatix hubs in the back…

It’s a very personal choice that’s for sure. Totally dependent on what is most important to you. It sounds like you are pretty set on the control of putting your own together and I was in the same boat for years planning my dream build. I could never quite come up with the right combination of frame and parts for a price I wanted to spend. I was too picky I guess X-). Eventually I waited long enough that an off-the-shelf ebike came along that was REALLY close to what I wanted to build and for less than I would have spent so I went for it and I’m really happy with it.

I will say that some of your points about off-the-shelf bikes are not entirely accurate though it depends on the specific bike. The one I have uses a fairly standard battery pack and there are plenty of 3rd party batteries available that are compatible. The motor is a standard bafang motor that can even have a more powerful version swapped into the hub as is. It is also a hub motor so it would not be difficult to put a completely new and different wheel with a hub motor in its place in the future. It is also not any more difficult to customize than a normal bike. I’ve put 3 different models of child seat on it with no problem. It comes with a headlight and the connections are standard and you could swap in a different one of your choice if you wanted.

There is no right or wrong decision. Entirely up to how you want to go about it. I was sure I was going to build an ebike exactly how I wanted it until I realized I might never get around to it because I’m too picky, haha. I’m may still build one myself in the future but I’m happy and getting lots of miles in on my off-the-shelf ebike.

Very much agreed. I love having a handheld on me that I can just flick on and play for a bit and flick it off and slide it back in my pocket. My odroid go has become one of my favorites because it’s the perfect size for being comfortable to play but small enough that it can just live in my pocket all the time.

Another interesting one is the ongoing battle between Colorado and Kansas over the Arkansas river. They’ve been fighting over Colorado using too much of the water and leaving Kansas with too little since 1902.


Here's what I've been playing recently. How bout you?

On my Odroid Go: Simpsons Itchy & Scratchy Miniature Golf (GB)…

This isn’t bad at all. Anyone know what software and OS they are running in this video?

This is how it should be done if you’re going to do it. Let the people who want to help choose to.

Would also like to add that if you have any favorite homebrews not on my list I’d love to hear about them. Discovering new ones especially through personal recommendations is always a delight.

Homebrew Games for Retro Systems

I’m a big fan of finding neat homebrew games for retro consoles. I have an ongoing list I keep of my favorites for various systems on my gemini capsule if anyone else enjoys this kind of stuff. …


The title of this post should point to the link. At least it does for me but now that I think about it maybe that’s only because I have the geminize addon installed for firefox.


Yeah, that’s neat! I have a hacked DSi but I really only play DS games on it because there isn’t really anything other than original hardware that’s good to play DS games on. I’ve got plenty of options for emulating everything else.

Cool. I picked up a few DSis last year for really cheap. One for each of my two kids and one for me. They are fun little consoles. The DSi is really easy to hack and load roms on an SD card. I bought a handful of cartridges that are good for younger kids though and let them use those because it’s easier for them.


For a little while now I’ve been putting out a gemini zine every other week. It’s kind of a mix of cool finds, sometimes some opinion pieces and whatever else gets submitted or I feel like writing about. …

A really good and super fun game for PS2 that I don’t see brought hardly ever in these topics is Test Drive: Eve of Destruction on PS2. I think it may have had an Xbox release as well. Super fun destruction derby/destruction racing/challenge game with a great career mode. So much fun playing with a friend too.

I’ve got a decent but not impressive collection of various mainstream and niche handheld devices. My favorites are probably my Odroid Go and PSP…

All the things just mentioned are not even in the same ballpark as the use case for this. This will still fit in your pocket. As one device. Obviously a full size tablet/laptop or BT keyboard would be nicer to type on but…they don’t fit in your pocket.

I have the smaller Odroid Go Advance that is the same internals and run RRVL on it. Its a pretty cool little handheld.

Not having a 4:3 screen was addressed by the company. There are just no manufacturers making 4:3 panels at a size that would work for a handheld. They wanted to but currently it just isn’t an option.

It could be just dirt in or under the home button. My first step would be to take the front off and disassemble the button bar at the bottom and clean it/blow any dust or dirt away. Then reassemble and test.

Very likely just an issue with the battery. I have bought quite a few 3rd party psp batteries and have had a couple that just wouldnt fit right.

I plan on getting a PineTime too but it’s not quite what I really want hardware wise.

My ideal smartwatch would basically be a pebble with open hardware and software. I really prefer a non-backlit sunlight readable display and physical buttons.

High risk practice 😃…

Very nice client written in go with binaries for a lot of architechtures available for easy download on the releases page. …


A very well done TUI for the fediverse…