Command Line
Tired of collecting bank account data in order to get a grip on your spending? Get started easily with this simple daily budget calculator. Not a calculator for your next big expense. Only a straightforward answer to the question: How much can I spend today? Feedback welcome.

Thought I'd mention pdftxt. It translates pdf files to text using libmupdf. Haven't found anything more lightweight to do the same job. Would be curious if others have. There are some other interesting framebuffer and command line programs at the same site too.

Would be curious to know if anyone's had any experience using sixel. I've only seen a few framebuffer based Linux distributions. Wondering if sixel could be used in a similar way to avoid X Windows or Wayland. I saw a port of libsdl that outputs in sixel. Also started experimenting with mlterm which displays sixel. Would be curious to hear of others experiences working with sixel or other graphics formats that could potentially display well in console mode.

Termux Expert Launcher
I know there are some CLI junkies using Termux on their Android phones but the terminal has always been a separate app. Termux Expert Launcher changes that. Always at-the-ready terminal while being able to quickly launch Android apps when needed. Type a few letters and matching apps show up below. The command `app` by itself will present a scrollable list of installed apps. Been sticking with this for awhile now and liking it quite a bit. Best on larger devices. [Termux Expert Launcher]( #termux ![]( ![]( ![]( ![]( ![](

pipe docs like pdf, archives, audio, and images in the terminal.

use with lynx by pressing 'p' to print and output it to the screen/scrollback. then you can press '!' to drop to the terminal from lynx. ('exit' to go back to lynx). in the terminal you can copy anything you need from the scrollback page and paste it in a tmux space such as a different pane or window.

Are there any commadn line clients for lemmy?
I ready my feeds, browse gemini, control music playback and get on the fediverse in the terminal. A lemmy client would be a nice addition.

Also check out the vim plugin

A very well done TUI for the fediverse.

Linux Command Library
Impressive resource

Bash one-liner challenge
Solve exercises by writing Bash one-liners. The server actually runs your commands and checks whether the output is correct. If you click on *View Solutions*, the correct commands other people entered are sorted by character count. So if you want, you can take the optional code golfing challenge. I gained some knowledge from solving the challenges and looking at the solutions. Mostly you will use `find` and `grep`. is a console-oriented weather forecast service that supports various information representation methods like terminal-oriented ANSI-sequences for console HTTP clients (curl, httpie, or wget), HTML for web browsers, or PNG for graphical viewers. Thanks to chubin for this.

This is for anything regarding the command line, in any operating system. All questions (including dumb ones), tips, and interesting programs/console applications you’ve found or made yourself are welcome. Linux / BSD / macOS / Windows CLI apps, questions or comments, we’re happy to take them all!

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