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  • I’m also a programmer by profession. Haven’t been as lucky as you with finding friends through programming even though I’ve probably been to every computer related Meetup or group in my area. Speaking of computer science, anyone doing anything for Software Freedom Day in September? I’ve tried the past few years to hold an event for it online and no one showed. Would love to do something for it, but it’s really not much fun doing it alone.

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    I liked the Interlac alphabet Easter egg in the Legion of Super-Heroes TV series DVD. I also really like the cat game in certain versions of Android. Accidentally stumbled across it when looking through the Android code.

  • Wasn’t thrilled with CMake when I was unable to build it without having to have a working copy of CMake already installed to build it with. It’s also now so complicated to build, it won’t build on older versions of some compilers. Directories it searches for libraries and includes are always wrong on my systems and I’m always having to override that information. Personally, I really like CDetect and use that in place of CMake and GNU autoconf/configure any time I can.