Music and audio production
Looptober 2022
# Looptober 2022 The goal is to make one loop every day in october. I'll try to tackle it, create a bunch of hopefully nice stuff and learn. ## Are you in? Post your loops here

OT-Simian, an open source retro drum machine
Punk Labs just released **OneTrick Simian**, an audio Plugin drum machine perfect for this **vintage drum sound**. If you're doing any kind of *retrowave, synthwave, vaporware* etc, it's just perfect. Give it a try and tell us how you like it. And share your music. And I really like their website and marketing!

I did a sample pack for musicians using a modular synthesizer a while ago. It's made of 23 Risers for different music genres. I hosted it for a while on another platform, and as I'm moving to a more robust solution, I want to share it again with you all #musicians. The risers are CC0, there's no E-Mail trap, no tracking, nothing. They are entirely free. Click the link, download them, et voilà!… Enjoy, make music

> Back in the early nineties, hardcore and jungle dominated the UK dance music scene. These massive tracks were created on limited hardware and computers you’d usually associate with playing games. Pete Cannon recreates an authentic jungle sound by combining modern technology with the original hardware used to create these tracks. cross-posted from:

Zrythm DAW - beta release
# zrythm just released its beta version. go give it a try, it's a really promising DAW, free software, multiplatform. Good looking. And "modern". And with a chord track.

TS-M1N3 ,a clone of a classic overdrive pedal ...plugin' lv2' for #linux #lv2 #musicproduction 🎧 🎸

Post updated with more alternatives, I hope 2022 is very good for everyone, and many productions…

So, what's your favorite audio mixing plugin for linux at the moment?
A classic question, but as linux audio is getting bigger and bigger and even I can't cope with all the great new plugins, I'd be glad to hear what you all are using in order to make great mixes.

cross-posted from: > Stay away from Audacity!

**Zrythm** is a new (still in alpha version) DAW on the not overly crowded FOSS DAW market. It's aimed at music producers, not necessarily engineers like ardour. What I like a lot, is that it does a bit of everything, borrows nice concepts here and there, here are a few examples. - Dragging the bottom right corner of a region duplicates the region. - It supports all linux plugins format (I'm looking at you LMMS) - It has a nice plugin browser, a monitor section and you can easily export stems (I'm looking at you qtractor) - I has a chord/scale helper, perfect for creating solid harmonies. - It has a solid MIDI system (looking at you ardour) - It does audio and MIDI, od course - You can modulate parameters using a modulator track (think modulate your pan or just any plugin parameter using an LFO) It's not entirely stable yet, there a quite some little things to iron out, but it's already usable, testable, and the dev is really reactive. Please report bugs (you can even do it per email, without singing in) and support the project if you can.

## great audio mix tip to thicken a complete mix and bring important elements forward: It's a **parallel mixbus compression** technique from Andrew Scheps. No need to watch the 10 minutes long video here it is: - create a **bus** with any kind of compressor. - **send all tracks** except the drums to this bus. The sends have be **post fader**. - **Compress** the bus aggressively (fast-medium attack, fast release, 4:1 ratio up to 10dB gain reduction) - bring the **bus fader up** until it blends and thickens all your front elements. - Play with your compressors **characters**, try different ones etc. That's the creative side. -Enjoy

Here's a helpful list of free and open-source tools for producing music. It's got everything from DAW's to samplers, synths and more.

Music and audio production

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