Music and audio production

Post updated with more alternatives, I hope 2022 is very good for everyone, and many productions……

Are there any sample library managers on Linux?

I’ve been hoarding various sample packs for years, and I have quite a huge folder now. I come from MacOS and I really liked how in default file manager you can select any file (not only audio), press space, and preview comes up almost instantly, press space again, and you are back dealing with files…


Have you tried PipeWire already? How is the experience? Does it make sense to migrate to it now, or is it better to wait a little more?..


So, what's your favorite audio mixing plugin for linux at the moment?

A classic question, but as linux audio is getting bigger and bigger and even I can’t cope with all the great new plugins, I’d be glad to hear what you all are using in order to make great mixes…

Zrythm is a new (still in alpha version) DAW on the not overly crowded FOSS DAW market. It’s aimed at music producers, not necessarily engineers like ardour. …


Has anybody tried building it yet?..

great audio mix tip to thicken a complete mix and bring important elements forward:

Here’s a helpful list of free and open-source tools for producing music. It’s got everything from DAW’s to samplers, synths and more…

Music and audio production

    Need a tip or want to show off your latest music production?

    It’s here. Free software will be preferred but all are welcome. Don’t just post links without explanations, we expect you to comment your post or it will be moderated. If you ask something, be as precise as possible, provide context. And now, let’s talk audio!

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