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Thanks a lot, exactly what I was looking for

Sononym has a linux Version. It’s non-free and will cost you, but it’s worth having a look at it.

I’ll see if I find a free-software, I thought I saw something a while ago.

There is at least one, never used it and I can’t remember its name. I’ll have a search and keep you tuned.

I use it in manjaro, so far so good. My only problem is that I can’t create custom output for the desktop with my RME soundcard. But I think it’s an asoundrc/alsa problem, no pipewire problem.

I can use ardour/Bitwig etc. Never tried a real time recording though

I’m not affiliated, but I like the look and feel of inkline. At the moment, they are working on porting it to Vue3. It’s a nice alternative to Veautify etc…

I’m using The Odin Project to learn to Ruby. And Youtube for the BMX

  • Learn Programming. I started Ruby a while ago and I’d like to keep on learning
  • and learn BMX. The basics, just for the fun

I started learning web development with it. And I really enjoy the format so far. Have you ever tried to learn web dev online?..

Isn’t it overkill for this? I thought blender was complex for editing video.

What FOSS video editing software do you use, and how do you use it?

I’m interested on why you chose one over the other, if you tested a lot of them, and ultimately what do you use it for. And no, I’m not running a covert poll to develop a product, I’m genuinely interested…

How does Pipewire interface with a video workflow

I’m an audio guy and I’ve seen what pipewire does for audio. It brings flexibility and low-latency together so that both professionals and normal users use the same audio stack. …

Well you’re right, they don’t do directly playlists as far as I can tell. But they do an amazing job at presenting artists and music genres: https://daily.bandcamp.com/bandcamp-navigator#all-nav

I agree, we need more curated music playlists. Bandcamp themselves do an amazing job at it

Though I agree with you, there are limits to the “only us” approach: on a bigger level, there’s been research showing that having constant validation from your peer group leads to less empathy and being less open towards other groups. Think about small right-ish groups, validating themselves because they only read things connecting to their ideas.

Or the FOSS-Bros overreacting about GAFAM, harassing good minded FOSS persons because they are not “pure FOSS”, would happen less if they weren’t always validated by their own peer group. (nothing aboout FOSS, it’s just an example of community gone toxic)

So yes, on a micro/personnal level, choose the instance closest to your interest/values. On a macro level, confront your ideas to other different ideas and it will lead to more tolerance and hopefully a better world

I’ll try with Squeezer, my favorite compressor, free or non free. I can just do anything compression-wise, it’s nice on the eye, cross-platform and just sounds good.

So, what's your favorite audio mixing plugin for linux at the moment?

A classic question, but as linux audio is getting bigger and bigger and even I can’t cope with all the great new plugins, I’d be glad to hear what you all are using in order to make great mixes…

If something is worth doing, it’s worth doing it well. It became my work ethic.

It runs native Linux vst 2 & 3 without problem. And while vst2 was a pain to work with due to the complicated licence, the vst3 standard is open, so it’s not that bad. Though LV2 seems to offer more possibilities to devs.

You’ll still need an external bridge for Windows vst as far as I know.

And yeah, I like Luftikus and help, but they are not my go-to plugins.

Zrythm is a new (still in alpha version) DAW on the not overly crowded FOSS DAW market. It’s aimed at music producers, not necessarily engineers like ardour. …

A good idea. I’m in for sure.

So why create it at all? What’s their goal with it? And if Google decides it’s a new standard, how are we avoiding this?

Is it a good thing for developing fast mobile pages? Or yet another Google gimmick that will disappear in 3 years?..

great audio mix tip to thicken a complete mix and bring important elements forward: