The C Programming Language
Readline from stdin

If one has POSIX extensions available, then it seems that defining _POSIX_C_SOURCE and just using getline or detdelim is the way to go. However, for source that is just C, here is a solution I’ve found from various sources, mainly [here](

My journey through the first C implementation of (m)alloc

Did some digging in The Unix Heritage Society’s copy of Research UNIX v6 and wrote what I learned from reading decade-old C. Quite much, it turned out! …


I am not the author of dwl. Since dwl is based on wlroots (just like the popular Sway) it already supports making screenshots using [grim][2] and screencasts using [wf-recorder][3]. …

Looking for a programming buddy to study C together

Hello fellow lemmys (or however do we call us?), …

The C Programming Language

    Everything related to the C programming language.

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