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Agreed 100% on the account proliferation and type asymmetry points. The way things stand, right now, the user’s choice of account provider will determine what actions they can take on the fediverse as a whole. It is a wholly unfortunate state of things.

An interesting exception would be Owncast’s “Fediverse auth” option for stream chatting. That sends a One-Time code to your mastodon inbox for authentication.

As @jackalope@lemmy.ml suggested, Solid would be a shoo-in for your “User Data” server. If, that is, Solid could shake off some of its sheer conceptual gravity. People say the fediverse has a geek problem, i.e. only geeks use it. Well, I think Solid has a worse version of that problem. It is only approachable by the deepest loremasters of geekdom. They are also still vague on its actual operation. What’s more, they are still deliberating what their actual security model will look like.

Which makes me sad, because the Solid sounds exactly like what we architecturally need.

EDIT (3:25 am EDT): Just wanted to add on here, I really think that “linked data” and SPARQL were bad, possibly self-defeating decisions for the Solid project. I sorta see their motivation–they want that sweet, sweet flexibility. But I think this approach is not a good solution.

EDIT again: added links

For about half a year, I was using a dumbphone. I only switched back because it started having bugs a few months ago. Losing MMS messages, failure to show the name associated with a number, and some other stuff. It’s a shame. If you’re curious, it’s the Sunbeam F1.

While I’m waiting for an update to fix it, I’ve switched back to my Samsung smartphone. Sure, it’s heavy and distracting, but at least I can reliably receive calls and messages. Which is the point of a phone to begin with :/

I was about to suggest MediaGoblin which is very reminiscent of DeviantArt. But, it looks like their federation efforts never made it off the ground ☹️

Enforce same size for arrays at compile-time?
Let's say I have two arrays that have related data: ``` const char *backend_short[] = { "oal", "pa", "sdl_m" }; const char *backend_long[] = { "openal", "portaudio", "sdl_mixer" }; ``` Does C support a way to "assert" that these two arrays have the same size? And failing compilation if they are different? I want a safeguard in case I'm drunk one day and forget to keep these synchronized. Thanks in advance. EDIT: I found a solution. Here are some enlightening resources on the matter: * https://www.pixelbeat.org/programming/gcc/static_assert.html * https://www.embedded.com/catching-errors-early-with-compile-time-assertions/

Another way, which was common practice in the mid 2000s, was to use the intitle:“index of” technique to find an open directory containing the item you want.

There’s still a risk of malware, as malware creators have learned to hide their stuff in their own malicious open directories. When you’re dealing with raw files, you can never completely be safe.

So your fanfic character will need some antivirus protection for sure. (You can probably make up the name for the antivirus in your story)

The most true noob way that i can think of would be to rip them from Youtube using a browser add-on. Although that only works if your character is using a PC.

Didn’t record it, but I have tried once! Pokemon Sapphire with a randomizer. It was fun!

The kitty is ridin’ in style!!

Legit video, nice job! It was very educational for me, because I’m mostly new to the whole solarpunk aesthetic. I think your critique was fair and well-put.

Terra Nil is a game that’s in-development, and it describes itself as a “reverse city builder”. It looks like it’s all about restoring a dead wasteland to a paradise that cooperates with nature. I’ve had this one on my radar for a while.

I did some deep digging, and it seems like the artist might be the user 浅野 (Asano) on Pixiv. Thanks for sharing it here tho, i’ve now made it my desktop background too :P