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Pinephone keyboard and PineTime.

Just fought to work today so I can have tomorrow off, which is a day that I’m not supposed to work anyways, so I can see an audiologist to complete my referral to see a surgeon finally.

Haha yey. Totes happy to be working yes. /s


Jokes on them they are the reason my parents abused me.

Hey, I’m not back in full swing just yet (bad mental health and other life circumstances keeping me from hobbies), but I’m honestly happy to be recognized and wanted!

I’m sadly not the right person to ask. /u/dessalines would be a better person to ask.

My username was inspired by Randal Monroe’s write up on the xkcd name. I wont go any further into explaining it, because it’s a bit of a puzzle. My name however, was chosen because it’s meaningless. It represents only me. Same with the pic I’m using. It’s a render of a drawing I did with pencil and paper. I’m the only one with the master copy, and the only one who can create true derivatives.

I love this idea. I currently don’t make anything, but I’ve had an idea for Peertube but to be honest, I’m a bit nervous to try it. I’d love feedback. https://mastodon.technology/web/statuses/104248472206084215

Also, just so you guys know, this guy creates original content on Peertube as well. He’s definitely worth checking out. -> https://mastodon.sdf.org/@art

Haha honestly, that’s a great idea and I was definitely considering it over the past few days. I appreciate your patience, just know that I’m trying my best. When I wrote the sidebar, I deliberately tried to keep it broad and open. It’s my belief that good moderation is minimalistic moderation. Do the least, but do it excellently and only do things that are good for everyone.

My personal favourite is Tusky! They seem pretty evenly matched.

Me neither! This is excellent! Though I hope to see the day that everyone’s on here instead of Reddit.

I’m not a podcast guy, but I gotta say that this has a lot of interesting features that I wouldn’t have thought about!

Glad to see this! If only other organizations could see the benefits…

I’m a bit concerned that this post might be a bit off topic. While we accept news here, we want to keep it relevant to the libre culture philosophy, which is about freedom and ethics regarding information. Is there something I might be missing?

Oh, I got it all wrong! That means that a lot of other people got it wrong too, because a tonne of people try using FreeCAD as a replacement for AutoCAD.

Same! It’s usability issues are just too crushing right now.

I’m very curious about how FreeCAD stands against AutoCAD and how it’s changed over time. It’s a topic that comes up quite a bit, but not as much anymore.

It’s a neat idea, but I don’t know enough about canvas fingerprinting to know how effective this is.

Check out nitter.net. It provides a way of browsing Twitter without having to deal with proprietary JS!

LCB&FC, July - Book & Movie Suggestions

Hey everyone! It’s time to decide on a new book or movie for July and beyond. …

LCB&FC, April-June - Blindsight by Peter Watts

Hey everyone! Three months have passed since January 1st. I’ve evaluated the “Libre Culture Lemmy Book and/or Film Club” posts comments, and I think it’s safe to say that our book of choice is Blindsight by Peter Watts. …

Careless Norman

A light air of anxiety filled the asylum-white maze of cubicles of Normans workplace. It was past lunchtime and Normans report wasn’t yet complete. …

Android Security Vulnerability for Versions 8 and 9

This is a big deal. I recommend checking xda-developers to see if there’s a flash method for your affected device. If not, I’d hold off on updating and not using bluetooth, because this could be used as a flash method for libre systems like PostmarketOS. If a flash method already exists, this is a m…

Customer Tracking at Ralphs Grocery Store

This one was too disgusting to not post… …

Critical Windows Vulnerability Discovered by NSA

“That’s really bad, and you should all patch your system right now, before you finish reading this blog post.”…

I'm very happy to see that Libre Culture is now in the top 10 communities!!

How awesome is that!? I cannot wait until we start federating! I’m very happy to see actual engagement here, and seeing a community grow. This is too cool!..

An Introduction

Hey everyone. I have some difficulty keeping myself on track overall, due to feeling lethargic more often than not. To help, I sometimes browse Reddit in the hopes that I’ll find something that’ll inspire me to get moving, but I’m a big believer in libre culture, and as such I don’t believe that Red…

Artificial Personas and Public Discourse

"Maybe these persona bots will be controlled by foreign actors. Maybe it’ll be domestic political groups. Maybe it’ll be the candidates themselves. Most likely, it’ll be everybody. The most important lesson from the 2016 election about misinformation isn’t that misinformation occurred; it is how che…

Police Surveillance Tools from Special Services Group

“Special Services Group, a company that sells surveillance tools to the FBI, DEA, ICE, and other US government agencies, has had its secret sales brochure published. Motherboard received the brochure as part of a FOIA request to the Irvine Police Department in California.”…

Toward Copyleft Equality for All

"Most proprietary relicensing businesses work as follows: a single codebase is produced by a for-profit company, which retains 100% control over all copyright in the software (either via an ©AA or a CLA). That codebase is offered as a gratis product to the marketplace, and the company invests substa…

Libre Culture Lemmy Book and/or Film Club

Hey everyone, I had a bit of an interesting idea recently. We should have our own Libre Culture Lemmy Book and/or Film Club! The rules are quite simple. …

Libraries and Publishing Now– Viva la Library!

"But a library gives old news a new life, not a commercial life, but a life that encourages reflection, perspective, critique, analysis. In a word– “History”. The library keeps the former “news” and offers it in new ways in a new framing, with new tools– not just flip flip flip. It can be quoted, pl…

NewPipe 0.18.0 released, adding PeerTube support!

"@yausername put much effort into adding a fourth service to NewPipe: PeerTube. In case you do not know PeerTube, one can describe it as an open source decentralized video streaming platform. …

Presenting: ShoeTool -- Happy Holidays from the FSF

"Software restrictions, analogous to the kinds of restrictions our main character Wendell runs into as a user of the promising ShoeTool, are detrimental to our freedom, creativity, and jobs. We hope watching Wendell’s frustrations will shake things up in many homes and help more people understand. …

Setting the right example: Say no to the Elf on the Shelf

"As noted by writer Matt Beard in The Guardian, the latest iteration of teaching kids to accept constant surveillance via holiday tradition is the Elf on the Shelf, a cheerful little snitch whom parents hide in different spots every day in the house. The idea is, the Elf watches what kids are up to,…

How can we grow the Libre Culture community on here?

I try my best to post news on here and try to start discussions. I haven’t been mentioning this community on any other sites, but maybe I should? How can we increase the amount of users and engagement in this community? …