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Keep in mind, the Linux foundation also funds plenty of Linux developers and maintainers, e.g. Linus Torwalds. They still push forward the Linux kernel and software around the Linux environment. Believing, that such a global-scale project can stay free from corporate interest is plain naive.

Nevertheless, I understand the point, that they should rather use FOSS software, instead of hypocritically saying “we encourage a global FOSS ecosystem” while using proprietary garbage.

Great CS rabbit hole on Wikipedia: The Goedel Award
The Goedel Prize awards outstanding papers in the area of theoratical computer science. All of the papers are linked. Each computer scientist/student should at least have a look at these great papers. It covers papers of multiple CS fields and there is probably some interesting algorithm/prove that you haven't heard of yet. Have a look and enjoy the rabbit hole!

Implementation of library of bable
This web service is an implementation of the book of library of babel. A service is running non-stop to generate new (gibberish) text to end up with all possible combinations of characters. If completed it will include every possible combination of texts with 1312000 characters. So far, the generation process generated each possible combination for 3200 characters. This means: Search for any word/sentence you can think of, with less than or equals 3200 characters and you will definitely find a book with this non-unique combination of characters. And if you think of it: Any paper, with less than 3200 characters that will be written today is nothing else but a copy of one of the pages in the library of babel. Whatever you can think of, and whatever you write down, it was written down at least once, before you did it. Amazing, impressive and daunting, isn't it? Regards rr

Live map that shows the outbreak of the new corona virus
As the title suggests, this is a live map that shows quite a detailed overview of the corona virus. Have a look and enjoy the service!

According to DistroWatch, MX Linux received most of the hits and seems to be the most popular Linux distribution at the moment. When I saw this, I was pretty surprised. What do you think?

Yes, as I said, I am mostly using Debian. It’s an amazing and incredibly stable server system. I mainly digged into Alpine, to try a new system, that wasn’t too popular a couple of years back. I mean, if you go for well known server systems as Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, then of course, you will be satisfied. But trying things, that weren’t a trend a couple of years back might surprise you with great features, that other distributions doesn’t offer. That’s my hope with Alpine. But sadly, I have too little time to dig into it

Which isn’t too bad. Many distro hoppers end up using arch. The problem is, that many hoppers try to go more and more minimal without losing too much comfort. Arch is THE way to go. It’s simple to install and use. It is not necessarily bloated with a lot of useless shit. It gives the user the freedom to design the distro just in their favor.

I am not saying, that this isn’t possible with other distros. But in my opinion, Gentoo, Debian, LFS can be used with the same intention, but they end up being way more time consuming to setup. Arch is a nearly perfect trade off between usability & minimal OS. And if you can cope with the rolling release system and systemd, then you’ll be happy with Arch.

After years of struggling with distros I finally found my passion in Arch. I customized my system quite a lot to be kind of a power user. My OS is pretty much perfectly fitted to my needs.

For server-use, I am still a fan of debian. Easy to setup, and no rolling-releases. Software is well tested. Currently, I am checking out Alpine Linux on one of my servers. So far, I am satisfied with it as well, but old habbits die hard. And it’s not that easy to get used to Alpine.

cheat.sh / cht.sh is a great alternative for stripped down man pages
We all know, that man pages are pretty extensively used. cheat.sh offers a curl compatible web service to offer a stripped down version of man pages. It covers the most frequent options. The formatting is great. It even offer support for other tools such as vim, emacs or programming languages like go, rust, python and php. It is an amazing service, and I thought I might share it here. Yours rr

Apparently, there is a huge number of different algorithms to calculate prime numbers
As the title suggests, there is a huge number of algorithms, to calculate prime numbers. It was a great surprise, as soon as I discovered this. Mathematicians are amazing!

Wasn’t me, to clarify. Just because I have a different opinion on some things, doesn’t mean, I would segregate someone or downvote them because they do not agree with me.

(Just in case, if you address me with this post)

As I said, I am not a native English speaker. I just agree, that it’s more inviting than non-universal languages. That’s the quintessence of my claim.

I thought, it might prevent discrimination. But apparently, I was wrong.

I agree with the claimed issue. I just dislike the fact, that I will be forced to make another click to get the results I am looking for. But that’s not part of this post

To support my plea:

1: Reddit has plenty of non-English subreddits. This is exactly what happens when a platform gets more and more common. With a larger diversity in people, it gets more diverse in terms of languages and subcultures.

2: I did not ask for shaping lemmy to an English-only community. Otherwise I wouldn’t request it in c/worldnews

3: My plea is related to c/worldnews. If someone is incapable of finding a source on English, shouldn’t the person reconsider if it is actual c/worldnews? Or maybe a more regional community as c/<insert country of choice>

4: I think English is the only non-restricting language. Posting something in another language restricts the majority of users from participating in the discussion. If c/worldnews aims for a diverse community, then it should aim for a rather neutral language.

I am not a native English speaker, but do agree, that English is the universal language (aka. world language). And if something is called “world language”, then it’s more than appropriate in a community called “world news”.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to see diversity in a community. I just feel myself excluded from a couple of discussions in this community. And if it excludes some people from the discussion, then it’s more restricting than using a universal language. Don’t you guys agree?

Yours rr

Plea for using English in the community c/worldnews
Hello everybody, recently, I saw many posts on Spanish (correct me, if I am wrong). Since, this forum is supposed to serve anyone, I'd suggest, that international communities should stick to English. Otherwise, it discriminates people who aren't able to talk the alternate language. Additionally, nobody will join an international community, if 3 of the 4 lasts posts are in a non-neutral language. If someone sees an interesting newspaper article or blog entry, just try to find another article about the same topic on English. There's barely any topic, that isn't also covered on English. Especially not in the domain of "world politics". If you think, the article you found, covers the subject better in the native language, then post this entry in a community, that is more related to your target group. e.g. Portuguese articles about the rain forest catastrophe in Brazil can be posted in c/brazil (haven't checked if it exists). If there's a similar newspaper article, that covers the same topic on English, then feel free to post it here. It would be amazing, if the community agrees with my concern to not discriminate other people of the community. Thanks, if people consider this. EDIT: To offer the result of the discussion (for mods and other people who prefer a summary) TLDR: My claim does not represent the common opinion. Hence, English should not become a rule in c/worldnews. Apparently, the community agrees that English, as a universal language, would restrict others from actively participating in this community.

Does someone have some experience with these books?

I always had this website on my “todo” list to check it out. I never did. Does someone actually think, this is a great resource?

Alright, sorry for asking.

“Maybe it was just my incapability of detecting sarcasm on the internet.” - Socrates

Developers using spaces make more money than those using tabs
Don't you dare to use both, it will result in the lowest average wage!

I will use multiple database connections. But I want to have a single service in the middle. Why is it so hard to understand? Isn’t modularity an achievable characteristic for a service? I will use multiple domains. And each domain will have their own service hosted. Since, all domains need to access the same data, I just like to use a middle tier for it. It makes sense, because I just need one configuration for the middle tier. I don’t want to maintain the same configuration for multiple services.

C is easier to get familiar with it. I studied Rust during the summer, but I figured out, that I have to come back to rust later this year. It’s still on my agenda, but not for now.

If I decide against the middle tier service, then I won’t have a single point of access for the database. It will result in having two different services accessing the same database. It’s an architecture I don’t necessarily appreciate. Counter question: What’s the problem with this modular structure consisting of multiple microservices?

How should I structure my service? Single service or multiple micro services? How to handle IPC?
Hi fellow lemmings, currently, I am working on a small project, where I am in need of some help. My project consists of multiple services, that depend on each other. The stack consists of front-end, middle-tier & back-end/database. To get a detailed answer, I try to formulate my question thoroughly. # Front-end: On top of the stack are running two services. Both of them need to access the DB via a middle-tier. ## Web service & API One service will offer the web interface & the REST API for automated services. It will be hosted by a python web service. The skeleton for this part is mainly done. The service needs to communicate with the middle tier to manage user actions. ## Executor service A second service of the front-end will manage the executing part of the service and interacts with the internet. It will be written in python as well. The service needs to communicate with the middle tier to get the instructions it's supposed to execute. # Middle tier The middle tier will act as a interface between the front-end services & the database. I'd like to implement it in C. The service is supposed to receive input from the front-end services, process it and access the database. Further features are planned but not necessary for the first release. # Back-end/Database The back-end will be the database system. It should only be accessed by the middle tier (preferably with a connection pool). As far as I planned the project, I intend to run the front-end and the middle tier services on the same machine. # Question Section Well, if you read everything until here, you are probably willing to help. I am done with the skeleton for the front-ends, I am done with the table structure for the back-end. Also, the communication from the middle-tier to the database won't be a problem. But I am struggling a bit with the communication between the front-end services and the middle-tier. What is common practice to communicate between a C service and Python services? My ideas is to make use of common network approaches. For instance, could I host a REST service on the middle tier as well. This raises some fears, because I think this will be the bottle neck in terms of performance. Can you confirm? Alternatively, I was thinking of other IPC features like Unix Message Queues or system sockets. The latter one seems to be my favorite solution. Unfortunately, I don't have too much experience with inter process communication and would like to ask for your advice. How would you solve my problem? Thank you very much for an answer. Yours rr

Are there some DBaaS to host your database temporarily?
Hey there, does someone of you know some decent DBaaS to host temporary databases for testing purpose? Or what is your way of developing new applications (non-business related services)? Do you run your database locally? Do you have your own servers running? Thanks for a quick answer. It might help me with my current project. Yours rr

.ml TLD is freely accessible. They have the ideology to offer anyone who want’s to have a domain for free. It’s the only country in Africa so far which does this. It’s an amazing service. Especially for CS students and hobbyists who love publishing some of their side projects without having to pay a fee for a domain.

Why does the domain still require the sub domain dev in it?
Why doesn't the main domain switch from dev.lemmy.ml to lemmy.ml or www.lemmy.ml ? I understand, that it's supposed to indicate being a dev environment. But you should keep in mind, to change the domain before the community gains popularity and more people join. In this case, it will stick to the domain dev.lemmy.ml. Please consider this user wish Yours rr

Non-English-based programming languages - Wikipedia
Just discovered this list of Non-English programming languages. Have fun discovering a new way of programming yourself! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Non-English-based_programming_languages I also cross-posted it in [c/compsci](https://dev.lemmy.ml/c/compsci), a new community for computer science related topics Yours rr

Non-English-based programming languages - Wikipedia
Who of you never had the idea of translating a language in your mother tongue? I just discovered this list of Non-English based programming languages. Have fun in experiencing a new way of programming without this nasty language barrier! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Non-English-based_programming_languages Yours rr

How is this open source? Can’t find any source code linked on the web page. Open-source implies the code is accessible to the public.

Looking for a programming buddy to study C together
Hello fellow lemmys (or however do we call us?), as the title suggests, I am looking for someone who wants to learn the C programming language. I have a decent knowledge of computer science and of a couple of programming languages (C#, Java, Python). Currently, I am studying computer science in central/western Europe. In my opinion, studying together keeps each other motivated and is more efficient. In long terms, I hope, that we can contribute to open-source projects together and improve our code quality by reviewing each others code. If any of you has some interest in being my programming buddy, please message me or reply to this post. Preferably from a similar time zone (mine is UTC+01:00). Hoping for some replies Regards