The hacker ethic is related to the concept of freedom of information, as well as the political theories of liberalism, anarchism, and libertarianism.
"The *hacker ethic* is a philosophy and set of moral values that is common within hacker culture. Practitioners of the hacker ethic believe that sharing information and data with others is an ethical imperative. The hacker ethic is related to the concept of freedom of information, as well as the political theories of liberalism, anarchism, and libertarianism." at hispagatos we are Anarchist, and we promote the hacker ethics from a anarchist (left, anti capitalist, no gods no masters) position but with technology and computer networks. We work hard to preserve decentralization,security and privacy in cyberspace and motivate towars an horizontal and non hierarchical techno-anarcho-communist society (TACS) where technology is made by people for the people not by corporate masters to control people. a(A)a

publicado de forma cruzada desde: https://lemmy.ml/post/741842 > follow the link to the mastodon post and contact any of us, we usually hangout on revolt.chat to avoid closed source and privacy nightmare discord.

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Im not sure why nobody else notice this things but I do, most hackers I have meet during my live and I have got along with, those who I never meet but I wish I did or the vast mayority of the ones that actually do something for good have those hacker ethics in common even if they do not know... for my surprise turns out Marcus Hutchins that I have only basically say hi to in the pass 1 time at defcon is another person that I see with those qualities, of course did not know but I always though he did for his comments and watching the documentary of him now just probes it here is a screenshot of what he said while waiting for trial in Los Angeles US

The Spy on your phone! [Documentary]
cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/710200 > cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/710199 > > > The Spy on your phone! [Documentary] stop using IOS/apple and yes also Android but buy an open android phone and add a custom ROM like #CalyxOS or #GrapheneOS #documentary

Hello, please follow on mastodon address: rek2_gaming@video.hardlimit.com to get notices when we're livestreaming games and the URL is: https://video.hardlimit.com/c/rek2_gaming/videos Thank you 🤗 reminder: to get notices of live shows for #Hackerñol is from mastodon: hackernol@kolektiva.media and URL https://kolektiva.media/c/hackernol/videos remember from now on we are doing #peertube streams on both those places NOT odysee #hackers #live #show #gaming #HackerCulture

Happy Hacking
Is time for #Happy #Hacking #Friday!!! #ff fantastic hackers and interesting tinkers. Celebrate #HackerCulture @thegibson @emmanuel @HackerRadioShow @drwho @Killab33z_OG @2600 @2600_madrid @iffybooks @NYC2600 @snipe @downey @hackerfantastic @NerdRat @2600_new_hampshire @spacerog @arcane @aleph_one @merce @AlbertoQ @RTP2600 @voltur @clipperchip @n0x @RTP @thedarktangent @legind @c0debabe @maltman23 @madcap @x3r0x @jackrhysider @tinker #TheHackerEthics #HackingIsNotACrime https://www.hackingisnotacrime.org/

#hispagatos #TheHackerEthics #HackerCulture Doing the Libre, the decentralization, the ethics, the run, the stdin, the stdout the REM, the if else, the smashing stacks, and reading phracks, the liberating, the 2600, and the CTF under your house, riding the 33.6k modems, the DSL's, and the Fibers, #including the punk in #cyberpunk HAVE A GOOD WEEKEND EVERYONE #HackTheSystem

#hackerCulture #hackerEthics #hackers #hacking #hispagatos

Until recently, many of us thought we were safe online and that the Internet provided a safe haven to share ideas and democratize information with the security of privacy. Guardians of the New World introduces us to the world of hacker culture. Emerging from the 70's counterculture around conceptions of personal freedom, decentralization of power and sharing, hacking really came to prominence with the emergence of the Internet as a ubiquitous public forum from the late 90's on wards. Hackers have emerged as both a threat to government and civilian security, or its savior, often depending on your point of view. a(A)a

migrating matrix
The hardware our matrix server is hosted on is breaking, so we are migrating it to a vps. We should be able to invite more people once that happens, but it will be more expensive

This Friday Nov 4th, 2600 Madrid meetup! 7pm to 9 pm. The meetings are monthly worldwide, the first Friday of the month, where hackers and lovers of free and creative culture come together to talk, share ideas, projects, politics and about all aspects of technology. In a meeting for all, welcome to the curious who want to know what "hacker culture" really is https://2600.com @2600_madrid and for information on the event in Madrid 2600@hispagatos.org for more info: https://2600.com https://hispagatos.space/@rek2/109274963270162295 https://mobilizon.public.cat/@2600_madrid https://www.2600.com/meetings

publicado de forma cruzada desde: https://lemmy.ml/post/478380 > publicado de forma cruzada desde: https://lemmy.ml/post/478379 > > > publicado de forma cruzada desde: https://lemmy.ml/post/475611 > > > > > EXPO/ FILMS/ [REDACTED]/ WORKSHOPS/ LAB/ > > > > > > P145, Invalidenstr. 145 - 10115 Berlin > > > > > > NoisyLeaks! is a moment combining an exhibition alongside a series of events which will take place from October 8th to October 30th, 2022. NoisyLeaks! aims **to collectively expose and celebrate the historical and cultural heritage of WikiLeaks and its influence on world-wide practices **- a space and moment to share knowledge, practical skills and encourage freedom of information. > > > > > > ![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/5e21c127-6fd5-433f-8888-feb193f58ec8.png) > > > > > > Featuring: > > > > > > !Mediengruppe Bitnik, AFK, Ai Weiwei, Chicks on Speed, Daniel Lismore, Daniel Richter, Davide Dormino, Hito Steyerl, Iodine Dynamics, Jean-Baptiste Bayle, Melissa E. Logan, RYBN, Sarah Lucas > > > > > > Schedule: > > > > > > https://noisyleaks.space/schedule

[A New HOPE] Welcome to Hackers On Planet Earth! 2022
publicado de forma cruzada desde: https://lemmy.ml/post/382871 > going on now! come join us virtually at mozilla hubs room for HOPE 2022 https://hubs.mozilla.com/zWXK8U6/Anarchist_hackers/

Tips para gomuks
Guía básica para tener a mano muy útil para adentrarse en gomuks

publicado de forma cruzada desde: https://lemmy.ml/post/222482 > ![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/368df884-b2d6-4649-a429-214b639f3737.png) > > ![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/0395a16f-a1c1-481b-937f-d644e92c7abf.png) > > software: [Stylus](https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/styl-us/) (firefox addon) > > theme-repo: [2xx04/lemmy-ui-themes](https://github.com/2xx04/lemmy-ui-themes)

Arch Linux 2022.04.01
publicado de forma cruzada desde: https://lemmy.ml/post/213443 > https://ftp.halifax.rwth-aachen.de/archlinux/iso/2022.04.01/archlinux-2022.04.01-x86_64.iso > > Lemmy blocks the URL for whatever reasons ^ so I had to put it into the body.

Phoenix has been Pwned! hackthebox
Phoenix has been Pwned! https://www.hackthebox.com/achievement/machine/16000/448 #ctf #hackthebox #ctf #hispagatos

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    A Hispanic Anarchist Hacker collective that promotes hacker ethics ala steven levy and original hacker culture in Hispanic countries.

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