“The hacker ethic is a philosophy and set of moral values that is common within hacker culture. Practitioners of the hacker ethic believe that sharing information and data with others is an ethical imperative. The hacker ethic is related to the concept of freedom of information, as well as the political theories of liberalism, anarchism, and libertarianism.” at hispagatos we are Anarchist, and we promote the hacker ethics from a anarchist (left, anti capitalist, no gods no masters) position but with technology and computer networks. We work hard to preserve decentralization,security and privacy in cyberspace and motivate towars an horizontal and non hierarchical techno-anarcho-communist society (TACS) where technology is made by people for the people not by corporate masters to control people. a(A)a

A Hispanic Anarchist Hacker collective that promotes hacker ethics ala steven levy and original hacker culture in Hispanic countries.

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