This web service is an implementation of the book of library of babel. A service is running non-stop to generate new (gibberish) text to end up with all possible combinations of characters.

If completed it will include every possible combination of texts with 1312000 characters. So far, the generation process generated each possible combination for 3200 characters.

This means: Search for any word/sentence you can think of, with less than or equals 3200 characters and you will definitely find a book with this non-unique combination of characters.

And if you think of it: Any paper, with less than 3200 characters that will be written today is nothing else but a copy of one of the pages in the library of babel. Whatever you can think of, and whatever you write down, it was written down at least once, before you did it.

Amazing, impressive and daunting, isn’t it?

Regards rr

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