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What language should I choose?

I’m working on a universal tic-tac-toe backend that can be communicated with in any language via RPC. Should I chose Rust, or a higher level functional language like Haskell?..


Haskell a good choice for backend REST API with PostgreSQL database?

I’ve been looking into Haskell and it seems really good. But does it have mature and productive frameworks that handle database access, HTTP, etc., or am I better off just going with Elixir/Phoenix?..

Using AWS Code9 for AWS Lambda functions written in Haskell?

From what I can tell Code9’s support for Haskell is rudimentary at best. No debugging, no code completion, no error hints during source code writing. Is it usable at all? If so, how? Or best to avoid?..

How to use IDEOne for Haskell?

IDEOne behaves different from the GHCI, which makes it difficult to follow all kinds of tutorials. …

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