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Text version, for easier copypasting: (I had fun typing that off, lol)

Revisionist rats!

I did nothing but good for your project, yet you banned me for my ideology in haste!

I gave you many chances to unban me, I could have made thousands of edits, yet you rejected me.

Now… you have forced me to go THERMONUCLEAR!

duodecimal / dozenal seems to have a larger following.

I’m intrigued about the following of duodecimal. Can you tell me more? At least among programmers, hexadecimal is much more widely used.

Ah. So a custom theme making the window borders look like that?

Now I’m curious: what do you want to change in your swap file that requires so many commands?

Now modifying swap partitions, that’s way harder, you definitely want to be at the top of your mental capacity when dealing with partitions stuff…


If it’s not too much work, could you make it convert the links in posts as well as comments? I occassionally post YouTube links, and it would be nice if the Invidious links for it were provided automatically.

(Personally I use a redirection add-on that redirects to my preferred Invidious instance whenever I click on a YouTube link, but it can sure be helpful when I’m on another device where I haven’t had the time to set it up yet.)

Invidious links: - - -

The DPRK, for sure. Other than that, I’m not really that much into travelling… I think Russia’s far east would be interesting to see, especially since if I remember correctly you can take a train from Vladivostok to the DPRK, so I could combine it with the country I want to travel to the most.

China might be interesting, but the language barrier would be much more of an issue with the previous two.

Lol, as someone who became obsessed with cats after my family got two of them and I got to spend time with them, I do wonder whether that might be a contributing factor…

Recommend me a good Matrix client
I'd like to try Matrix, but I still don't know of a good client. I don't want Electron on my computer, so the official client is out of the question. I tried `nheko`, but I didn't like it (though I can install it again if it turns out that there is no better option). So, can anyone here recommend me a Matrix client? Either terminal-based or GUI, both are fine.

In that case, I think you have to use a different approach, and rather than iterate over all the numbers and filter out the ones that aren’t multiples of 3, you can iterate over the multiples of 3 and append every number you iterate over to the array. (Which is what snek_boi’s answer suggests.)

Code for a possible solution, I'm hiding it behind a spoiler because I assume you want to try yourself
multiples_of_3 = []
for value in range(3,31,3):


Your problem is this statement:

number = value % 3 == 0

It gets evaluated in this order:

number = (value % 3 == 0)

So, first value % 3 == 0 gets evaluated to True or False, and then that gets assigned to the variable number.

If you only want to append numbers that are multiples of 3, you would need an if-statement, like this:

multiples_of_3 = []
for value in range(3, 31):
    if value % 3 == 0:


Point 2 and 3 is new to me and sounds like it could be helpful, I’m going to try it when I have intrusive thoughts again. Thank you for the advice.

[]( I think you asked to be notified of anything capybara-related?

The compose key isn’t a key that you might have on your keyboard, it’s achieved by binding an existing key to be the compose key instead of its usual functionality.

E.g. I never use Caps Lock, so I have bound it to be the compose key, by creating the file /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/10-keyboard.conf with the following content:

Section "InputClass"
    Identifier "keyboard-all"
    Driver "evdev"
    Option "XkbLayout" "us"
    Option "XkbOptions" "compose:caps"
    MatchIsKeyboard "on"

If you use a desktop environment like GNOME, there’s no need to edit config files like this, you can also do it graphically via the Gnome Tweaks application, see here for instructions:

Thank you so much, this is something I needed but didn’t realize I needed. Am replacing it with 🍔 emoji so I still can see at first glance who is an American shill whose opinions don’t matter. Testing right on this page, this is perfect:

So cute and funny. The Eeveelutions are my favourite Pokémon! :)

Tabloid headlines, can’t choose one coherent narrative LMAO

(For clarification, I posted it because I found the contradiction amusing, not because I believe the headlines. This is the memes community, after all.)

Monthly pinned Korean language learning thread - October 2022
It's October, time for a new thread. This is a thread for Korean language learners to share ressources, experiences, or ask questions. [(previous thread)](

Today I learned about BANCStar, an esoteric-looking language in use with finance companies in the 90s
More information + source code of an utility that makes it more readable:

The two programs involved are `toilet` and `lolcat`. `toilet` is a program that takes text as input, and turns it into fancy multi-line letters. It has different "fonts" available for this purpose; all the available fonts are stored in the `/usr/share/figlet` directory. Here are just some examples: ![]( Actually, `toilet` also has a built-in option to colour it, but it doesn't look very nice IMO, as the colour changes are too sudden: ![]( `lolcat` is a program that takes some text, and prints the same text, but rainbow-coloured. Note that you need a terminal with 256-colour support (rather than just 16) for the desired effect. It can colour any text in rainbow: ![]( (The wrapping at 80 characters is so that the lines don't get longer than the terminal width. `lolcat` starts looking weird when they do. And now, by combining these two, we can get fancy rainbow-coloured text! ![]( Enjoy! :)

Anyone here got experience with the Chinese RISC-V chips?
I've been thinking about acquiring one of these for a while, because RISC-V sounds quite interesting, but I think I should ask about it here before I spend money on this stuff and the shipping... First of all, how well does it run Linux? It appears that MangoPi uses their own distro, so I could imagine that a standard one wouldn't run... I don't know about the Sipeed chips. Did anyone here try? Secondly, which specific model do you have? It's a little hard to get an overview of what's currently available (MangoPi and Sipeed are the only two that I know), I would appreciate a list or just the name of the one you have. And, in general, what's it like? Does the shipping take long? What are you using it for?

It's intended for Windows and is from 2006, so I recommend running in a Virtual Machine with Windows XP. It also used to work for me with Wine (under Linux), but then I broke my config somehow... Quite useful software once you get it running, I use it to look up Korean words that I'm not familiar with. It supports translations to and from Korean with English, Russian, Japanese, German, and Chinese. Original source was a Russian student who went to the DPRK in 2011, bought the software and put it up on RuTracker. Here's the orginal link: And here's his blog, it is quite interesting if you can read Russian: The link says "access denied" for me currently, but that might be because I'm connecting via TOR; here's web archive just in case: