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Gentoo! It has great options for configuring it the way I want, USE flags are a nice concept. The trade-off is, of course, that I have to compile everything; waiting for everything to compile while installing it on this computer did take 2 days, but after that, compile times are pretty OK. I usually leave larger updates that need to compile a lot running over night and they’re done in the morning.

Even though I no longer really use it (my Raspberry Pi runs Debian, though), I do still have a certain liking for Debian. It’s the distro I started using Linux with.

Here’s the full version (without translation, though): https://youtube.com/watch?v=Kqbuq6Llz7w

You might be referring to the excerpt translated by Memri, over here: https://www.memri.org/reports/song-performed-palestinian-wedding-harden-your-heart-oh-putin-increase-your-attacks-banish

Sorry for being stupid, but where is the calculus? I’m only seeing a 3D drawing of an apartment. Was calculus needed to create this picture somehow?

our enemies and rivals”… Calling the EU’s geopolitical opponents “our enemies” implies that you have something in common with, that you have the same interests as the European ruling classes… Way to fail at leftism.

It is all the text on the left side. The one on the right side seems to be simply the Ukrainian translation of the same text.

Not sure about the text on the gun

“Северо-атлантический пакт”, which translates as “North Atlantic pact”. I assume referring to NATO?

The subtitles seem accurate, but honestly I don’t see where they derive “threatening NATO directly” from most of the clip. Clearly he’s saying that the war in Ukraine is a proxy war with the NATO (since NATO is sending their weapons and operatives); this will be an immense drain on NATO ressources and personnell, until there are none of them left.

I guess the end might imply that (“It seems that not ony Ukraine will have to be denazified” and the words after that), but it feels suspiciously like they cut off too soon, like they’re omitting some context…

If you got his full talk, I’ll gladly look into it and translate the relevant part.

I’ve never been to the US, what is with the windows there?

708 тыс. = 708 thousands. So, unfortunately they got many thousands views…

I’d recommend to select “All”, or “Local” (rather than “Subscribed”) and sort by “New”. When you see an interesting community, subscribe to it.

Otherwise, there’s a list of communities, you can browse it and subscribe to everything that interests you: https://lemmygrad.ml/communities

It may be true that by amount of posts, this place is less active than Reddit. But maybe that’s not a bad thing, you get more time to focus on more important things than the online…

Weird-eyed doggo is cute, though… Unlike British elections.


Just to mark this post, you could load lemmygrad.ml in your browser, log in, and edit it the same way it’s done on desktop (only difference being that you’ll have to click on the three vertical dots before it shows you the edit button). And as Muad’Dibber said, definitely open an issue on Jerboa’s GitHub (https://github.com/dessalines/jerboa), it’s a much needed feature.

Are you on desktop? In that case, click on the button for editing your post (the screenshot shows one of my own posts because I can’t edit yours):

Then, below the fields for the title and the post body, there should be a checkmark labelled “NSFW”. Tick it and click on “Save”.

EDIT: I just realized you already know how to edit a post, I wrote this before I saw you already edited it, sorry if my explanation seemed condescending…

Are there other collections of quotes similar to "Quotations from Chairman Mao"?

The reason why I’m asking is - I’ve converted “Quotations from Chairman Mao” into a file for fortune, and configured my computer to greet me with a Mao quote every time I open a new terminal. I really enjoy it, and I would like to include quotes from…


I’m not active on Reddit for many many years, what the fuck is “Anti-Evil Operations”? That name itself sounds like something evil going on behind our back…

Here’s a few links to existing communities for the ideas you list, to help y’all get started on Lemmygrad:

a /r/worldnews equivalent that isn’t a hellscape of propaganda as a place for the /r/genzedong posts about significant global developments

Our largest and most active news community is !worldnews@lemmy.ml, however, it does have liberals posting their propaganda occassionally (lemmy.ml, where it’s hosted, is the not explictly communist version of Lemmygrad). You’re more than welcome to counter-balance it with your own stuff. Besides that, there’s !worldnews@lemmygrad.ml (also fairly active), !news@lemmygrad.ml (though it’s rather inactive nowadays), and !us_news@lemmygrad.ml for news inside the USA.

a community just for the types of post that were only allowed on ‘lib cringe weekend’

!shitliberalssay@lemmygrad.ml, !shitfascistssay@lemmygrad.ml, !okbuddyanarkiddie@lemmygrad.ml

a brigading launch-point community aimed at agitation and propaganda

!redditactionfront@lemmygrad.ml (it can use a lot more activity, the last post is from a year ago 🙁 )

a pipeline receptacle community to catch new users entering Lemmygrad, where questions can be asked and educational resources are easily accessible

!newtolemmygrad@lemmygrad.ml has recently been created for this exact purpose! Besides that, you can also ask your questions in !lemmy_support@lemmy.ml.

Also, a couple of news sources that aren’t communist, but still worth following for the alterative viewpoints:

  • Recently found Al Mayadeen, based in Lebanon
  • Electronic Intifada, reporting about Palestine
  • For coverage on the conflict in Ukraine, I read on Twitter: IWN, and “Russians with Attitude” podcast. Used to also ASBmilitary, but they suspended coverage because it was too dangerous for their members in countries where presenting an alternate viewpoint on the war is not tolerated.
  • If you speak Russian or Belarusian: Sputnik Belarus Sputnik also has a few Telegram channels in Russian. (They may or may not have other language coverage somewhere, I didn’t look for it because I speak Russian.)

Lastly, I’d like to mention DPRK official media:

The first two focus a lot on the internal affairs of the country, so foreign visitors may not find it much interesting (except the Ministry of Foreign affairs statements, some of the statements are based), but still worth checking for interesting stuff sometimes or to get an alternate viewpoint on some claims about the DPRK the western media has been yelling, or just take a mental break from capitalist society.


If you’re looking for other options, there were this thread and this thread a while ago. But seriously, I like “Lemmings”, even if just saying “Lemmy users” is less ambiguous.