Death to America, death to Israel, their demise is inevitable

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  • Listening to some beautiful patriotic music from the DPRK.

    Thinking of how the west has never forgiven these people for building a life for themselves and refusing to submit to US imperialism. Sanctions are still in place. Average westerner doesn’t see them as human at all. US bombing killed 20% of their population in 1950–1953. They (the west) would gladly do the same again. We all are witnessing the massacre that the US puppet is committing in Palestine. The pictures are burned into my brain now. Can’t imagine what it’s like to actually have to live through the horrors. While the world looks on and does nothing. They would gladly do the same to every other country that dares to oppose them. The kids from this video? US army would murder them and not even blink an eye.

    I am incredibly glad the DPRK has nuclear weapons. International law is a joke. Death to America.

    Sorry for incoherent rambling. I’m really bad at writing.