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Using table-valued parameters with SQL Server JDBC
Today I learned how to pass a table of parameters into a stored procedure in MS SQL Server, using Java / JDBC.

I like these rules. Maybe add something about adhering to applicable law.

In my experience(*): the stricter the rules, the easier it becomes for trolls to skirt them, the more admin time is abused. These rules look fine for now.

(*) I have been an admin of a fairly large online community and survived more than a handful of troll invasions.

Using AWS Code9 for AWS Lambda functions written in Haskell?
From what I can tell Code9's support for Haskell is rudimentary at best. No debugging, no code completion, no error hints during source code writing. Is it usable at all? If so, how? Or best to avoid?

How to use IDEOne for Haskell?
IDEOne behaves different from the GHCI, which makes it difficult to follow all kinds of tutorials. Drop me a hint, please?

Confirmed on Safari for mobile: “JavaScript is required for this page.”

I can’t yet tell what, if any, secondary domains Lemmy needs.

My FF on desktop uses a media policy plug-in that lets me set policies per web site. That way I can keep JS off for all sites except the ones whitelisted. Maybe that plugin is available to mobile FF as well?

FediLab is a decent fediverse client as far as I have experienced. It features something I haven’t seen in others: a button to translate posts into your system language. Its development moves fast: the developer is quick to respond to issues and pull requests.

Out of the mouth of a team that knows Go very well and has their implementations hyper tuned for performance, this is a huge compliment.

Interesting read. I’m likely to need that.