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There is one system that could prevent mod abuse of communities and it would actually work, I think, but it’s not easy to implement with federation. Every user chooses their own mod of a community to “subscribe” to their moderation work. So, essentially, anybody could apply to become a mod, and do moderation work, but the only people that would see their moderation work would be the people that have “subscribed” to it. No need to move an entire community, just pick yourself a different mod.

This is of course, difficult to implement, particularly with federation, and the devs are already aware of the idea (it’s in the github issue linked by Dessalines).

No matter how much they make sense, orbits around Lagrange points always tickle my brain funnily.

Kubuntu. KDE Plasma is as Windows like as Mint’s Cinnamon but looks more modern and fresh, imo. And Kubuntu is Ubuntu so you get all the support from the large Ubuntu community.

I wish there was a Mint KDE distro.

She can test out different distros in her browser on https://distrotest.net/index.php

Really though, if she’s just gonna use it for text processing, web browsing and emailing it’s more about the DE than the distro.

Mint, Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Elementary, Fedora… should all be good choices.

I think it’s most important to teach her about the differences, no more exes, but instead repo, debs, appimages, flatpaks, and stuff like that. Watching those recent Linus videos might give you good insight in what differences might confuse her.

Valkyrae. Based on your second definition, also Sykkuno. I’ve enjoyed their wholesome vibes for the past year+, since the Amongus blow up. Stream watching sure eats a lot of time tho. They’re the only streamers I’ve ever watched properly.

The .ml domain. It’s not a particularly reputable domain. It’s the domain of Mali, one of the least developed countries on Earth, 184th of 189, HDI. More importantly, it’s a free domain.

One benefit of these pre-made meat analogues is they’re made from extracted proteins (soy or peas), so there’s no oligosaccharides and fibers from legumes that ferment and cause gassiness. Personally, I get really bloated from beans and just legumes in general, and stay bloated for a long time. I stay bloated for like three days. I can’t eat them more often than twice a week at best because of it. Some people are lactose intolerant, some are gluten intolerant, some are allergic to pineapples or whatever, I guess I just get really bloated, blame it on my gut flora or something.

Another benefit is they’re already fortified with B vitamins (if you look at the full ingredients list), so good for the masses of people that don’t or can’t pay attention to this stuff.

On the other hand, these are processed foods by definition, so not as fresh as a home made meal. That’s a solid negative.

What’s the scary part? The oils and maltodextrin?

One benefit of this non-plastic packaging is there’s no microplastic pollution which might become a much bigger problem in the future. Not particularly useful from a CO2 perspective tho.

There’s probably better alternatives tho, I’ve seen some made from fungi, which I think are even water resistant and not just oxygen resistant like this milk thing, and then there’s aluminium, but that’s not transparent.

Edit: Btw, I know of “transparent aluminum” (like in Star Trek lol!) but that’s a ceramic, no plastic properties.

Beyond Meat vs Beef, a Detailed Comparison, University of Michigan

“The Beyond Burger generates 90% less greenhouse gas emissions, requires 46% less energy, has >99% less impact on water scarcity and 93% less impact on land use than a ¼ pound of U.S. beef.” …

This is what I was gonna say. In the simplest terms possible: unsolicited criticism = harassment.

Edit: And I’m gonna add, because I’m sure some people won’t understand, there’s such a thing as an unspoken agreement to getting criticism, for example, posting on a discussion forum means soliciting criticism. Running for office, means soliciting criticism. Seeking and pursuing influence over people, such as becoming and staying influential, a famous person, an “influencer”, a project lead, or whatever, means soliciting criticism on the topic, in sane amounts.

@zksmktoMemesbig corp bad

Bonus weight loss dietary supplement aka air.

I have ideas on how this can be addressed, but I think I’ve rambled enough for now.

Please do, even if it’s a very rough draft kind of an idea, I wanna hear.

The 1mb club

I was pleasantly surprised there’s some notable websites on that list such as: wikipedia.org, nodejs.org, archlinux.org, w3.org, ycombinator.com, etc… I somehow expected it would be only “irrelevant” websites.

Not counting images, Lemmy seems to be just over 1mb alas. Not in the cool kids club. :P

Latinx is a term created and imposed by American anglophones on hispanophones and lusophones and doesn’t make sense in these languages. Both Spanish and Portuguese are gendered languages (even words like chair, or bottle, or whatever, have a gender), and on top of it if you want a gender neutral term there are better ones that work better in these languages, like Latine or just simply Latin American. Less than 5℅ of Latin Americans have even heard of the term, and even less approve of it. It’s not adopted by the community it’s imposed onto to, to “represent”. It’s patronizing and a bit ironic. Also, there’s the whole linguistic activism side to the whole thing. Latin Americans are perfectly aware of inequalities between the genders, without having this term externally forced upon them in a misguided attempt at inclusion.

That’s at least how I understand it as an outsider from a different continent.

The most Solar Punk Animation I've ever seen

For those who want to know the source of this wonderful animation, this was made by the London-based The Line animation studio. The animation is called Dear Alice, and here’s the original source with all the full credits. The score was made by a long…

@zksmktoasklemmyHow do we expand

I might be wrong, and correct me if I am, because I don’t really know how AP works, but I feel like this functionality already exists, sort of. Mostly because the suggestion wasn’t really a cross instance community, with everything that it entails (subs, mods, bans, etc…) but more like a custom filtered feed.

If you currently go to the All page you see different posts from different communities from different instances. If this was filtered by community name (minus instance) it would effectively be the suggestion. Just have this filter functionality accessible through instance.tld/t/insertfiltertopichere

One key point though: as I understand it, for posts from any remote community to appear on the All page at least one home user needs to subbed to the community, it’s not enough for at least one user to be subbed to any other community on the remote instance? In that case, for this idea to be effective, at least one user each needs to be manually subbed to all the individual same named communities, or I feel like there could be a home bot user that subs to all the communities on the white listed instances.

I hope I’m explaining this well. Would this work? Sounds hacky, but looks to me like it would work.

@zksmktoasklemmyHow do we expand

I’m sure some people don’t enjoy hearing about this regarding the potential distant future of a successful mainstream fediverse, but if someone puts ads on their instance, that’s all incentive they need to maintain it. I mean, yeah, sure, it’s ads, but it’s decentralised, and therefore better in some ways. It’s that, or freemium features, pick your poison. IF the fediverse is to succeed as a non-niche platform, and not run by hobbyists. Which of course nobody said needs to be true.

And we don’t have to speculate about all this, mass federated platforms already exist, they’re called email.

Yeah, you can visit lemmy.ml/c/startrek@lemmygrad.ml just fine from here on lemmy.ml, but it’s a fully separate community to lemmy.ml/c/startrek and you can’t view them at the same time on one page.

I mostly agree, since when is being normal an insult, lol. One can diverge positively, negatively or neutrally from the average on any topic. Should people want to fit in the average, depends on the topic, but is it an insult tho… it’s like the word mainstream in some ways. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s not, sometimes it has no value judgement. Regardless, words are words, and if people use it as an insult it will be an insult, and usually it’s best to avoid inflammatory language. Or try and reclaim positive connotations.

Made with Maya and After Effects for animation production and VMD and Chimera for molecular data exploration…

The Simpson’s paradox is a paradox in probability and statistics in which a trend appears in several groups of data but disappears or even reverses when the groups are combined. This result is often encountered in social-science and medical-science statistics and is particularly problematic when fre…


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