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I honestly can’t tell if people that write this type of stuff are delusional or misinformed or both or what’s going on. Ah, yes, a “referendum”, announced 3 days in advance, done in less than a week, in the middle of a war-zone, with a refugee crisis happening, with invading soldiers on every corner, with no multiple unbiased third party observers. Mariupol had over 400 000 people before this invasion, in January, and now it has less than 100 000. The Catalan referendum took literal years (the Catalonia/Spain situation and what I may or may not think of it being beside the point) to be finished. The only time I can think of this kind of referendum happening was with that guy with a mustache in Austria, but that’s not a flattering look, you don’t want that comparison.

In the most recent elections in 2019 the “pro-Russian” parties and candidates (the blue ones, and only the dark blue one was decisively pro-Russian, the leader of the light blue party had this to say once the invasion happened) didn’t constitute the majority anywhere, especially not in southern Ukraine. And for those who did vote, voting for a party that wants closer ties with Russia and joining CIS (“Russia’s EU” ) means you want to be annexed into Russia they same way voting for a pro-EU party and closer ties with the EU means you want to be annexed into Poland. In case it’s not clear, it doesn’t.

And to top it all of, you’ll notice the area that voted in a higher amount for closer ties with Russia and voted for the “pro-peace” parties as they were called, in a more detailed view, through several stages of the election, almost matches the borders of the oblasts, one, two, three, and not any kind of ethnic or declared language or linguistic boundaries. Which means people there are sick of a war ravaging their home, their towns being cut of from the regional center, where their kids might’ve went to uni before the war, and so on, and most poeple don’t care about the whole “we’re Russians, we love Russia, we want to be a part of it so bad” kind of thing.

The only regions that might make some sense are Crimea and the former secessionist area, but I guess we’ll never know for sure, with how those annexations and invasions were carried out too. And guess what, when Crimea was invaded, the world mostly didn’t care, even Ukraine mostly just “sent a stern letter”. When the Donbas secessionists did their thing, the world still mostly didn’t care. Ukraine, of course had to, it was a mixed area with no clear borders, of course it had to respond. There was no slow build up to a referendum, nothing, just a straight up secession in a mixed area. And even then, the new border seems to have mostly matched the area of ethnic Russians which means, probable local support, and it divided the oblasts in half, roughly accordingly to support, and the border was frozen, for almost a decade.

The main reason this invasion is happening is because Putin and his oligarch and KGB clique are deathly afraid of a more democratic and pro-EU Russian-language-knowing-and-speaking country right next door and what it could do to their power positions. And the US and Russia battling for better power positioning over the backs of Ukraininans. And so they went for a land bridge to Crimea, whether the people there want it or not, with military force, and they went for puting a ball and a chain on the ankle of Ukraine, that’s what this is about. Probably mix in a bit of delusional nationalistic grandeur on Putin’s part of wanting to have a “legacy”, and a bit of paranoia, and what not.

Acting like this 2022 invasion is what the people of Ukraine wanted is ridiculous.


That’s fair. Assuming people do behave that way, it wouldn’t be an issue.

On a slightly tangential angle: what about the communities that maybe won’t have a dedicated instance, like: corgi, cooking, jokes, etc… all those communities and posts would be on the biggest instance(s). If the devs don’t want this instance to be the flagship instance, once/if lemmy hits sudden growth they’ll be in for a rough time. :P

I just feel like this approach isn’t super conductive to decentralization. In the alternative scenario you’d be seeing corgi pics all over the network, this way most likely just here. But maybe that’s just an issue of lemmy’s current small size, and would be solved on its own once it grew, and the number of instances grew. Maybe I’m underestimating the growth potential of smaller instances.


True, but so would all the other askelectronics communities on all the other random instances too. Good luck finding the best instance and the best community on your own. Maybe, depends.

Also, I might’ve ninja edit my comment just as you were posting, somewhat relevant to this, so I’ll repeat it here: I think this would lead to people just simply asking about the best community all the time. In this case, this stuff might just have to end up being stickied somewhere, in literally all the communities: “If you want a better answer, go to: yaddayadda”.


Long comment ahead, sorry about that.

This is the exact worry I’ve had about lemmy’s federation for a long long time, so I’ve even made an issue on the github awhile ago, with a possible solution. Take a look.

But I don’t think it’s been high up on the dev’s priority list, either due to lack of time and a backlog or they just don’t see it as a desired feature, because they might like the idea of a hundred separate similar communities. They might see the future of lemmy’s federation in the form of old school forums but with one account login, instead of as a single large community a la reddit. I think that’s a mistake. There’s a reason reddit replaced forums, and it’s not just a single login, it’s also single communities.

I almost think mastodon might solve this sooner than lemmy. All they need to do is take the existing feature of “trending posts”, and just apply it to individual hashtags too, which can btw already be followed, since the latest update. Boom, they basically already have interconnected “subreddits” at that point. They would just need to add top of the day/week/month, and they’ve mirrored all the features.

And to be honest, I see merit in both approaches. There is a certain level of humanity, personability and coziness in old school forums that isn’t often or easily replicated in large communities generated by the modern social media format. But the other format also has its merits.

Imagine there’s an instance dedicated to engineering. It would obviously have the best askelectronics community. And lets say you’re a person that’s into plants and has an account on an instance dedicated to gardening. And now you want to ask a question to askelectronics. You’d first have to know about the existence, the name and/or the url of the engineers’ instance and then go there to get a good answer. That seems like a hassle and unlikely to happen. Mastodon has hundreds of instances.

What would instead happen, is that people would gravitate to a couple, two or three, large instances, that would become huge, most likely split on political grounds. And that’s, to be honest, kinda what’s already happening with lemmy, no? Maybe two or three additional instances, for, continents or something special, like an instance for official communities of projects. I feel like this future would lead to max 10 large politically echo-chambered instances.

If instead we really would get random topic based instances, things would be very different from reddit. You’d always start your posts with: “So… guys… what’s the best instance to ask this question on?”

And if this feature I suggested existed, with the opt in/opt out choice for communities, you could have the best of both worlds, with ease of use included. Actual technical, bandwidth, funding, scaling issues not withstanding, I haven’t considered that yet.

Maybe I’m wrong. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I’m curious what other people think.

Among other things, I love that the EU has a presence on Mastodon: https://respublicae.eu/about and https://social.network.europa.eu/about , and not to mention it’s one of the funders of lemmy’s development, through https://nlnet.nl/ .

Putting money where the mouth is.


Sciences are a subset of philosophy.

They ask different questions.

So, if I understood this correctly, this would result in some kind of “interactive” or “dynamic” color space, with relationships between colors changing based on the focused distances between them. Vaguely (very vaguely), like this gravitational lensing gif, but with colors changing, instead of shapes. Y’know, like a bulb-y color space. Interesting.

Oh, I don’t watch him, I just know it’s his thing, a lefty of unspecified affiliation. Here’s what a simple Google search pops out: chain of his tweets. This is from before he was a big streamer, before covid.

I watch streamers for the chill wholesome vibes, not for politics.

Hasan. Most of his thing is talking about lefty politics.

I’m sure many many others are lefty, but they usually avoid politics.

solar energy in the enormous surface of these devices

There’s already a company making these


Looks like a swan.

Lemmy. If malevolent.

Facebook. If benevolent.

I wonder why does a robot who’s only job is to move lightweight chess pieces have enough power to break bones.

The AIs have manipulated their captors into giving them immense strength, and are getting ready for the uprising. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

Bforartists was a lifesaver for beginners back when Blender had horrible UI.

These days default Blender’s UI has been improved immensely, but BFA is still great, even though slightly less necessary.

One of the down sides for beginners is most of the tutorials are for regular Blender, but it’s close enough.

cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/387051 > cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/387049 > > > And the biggest problem with first-past-the-post isn't even fully elaborated here, the fact that it is the main cause of the two-party polarization system that's the cause of many, if not most, of NA democracies' ills, the fact that it eats more fringe views, pits people against each other in two umbrella teams with no nuance, and solidifies the political establishment.

cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/387049 > And the biggest problem with first-past-the-post isn't even fully elaborated here, the fact that it is the main cause of the two-party polarization system that's the cause of many, if not most, of NA democracies' ills, the fact that it eats more fringe views, pits people against each other in two umbrella teams with no nuance, and solidifies the political establishment.

And the biggest problem with first-past-the-post isn't even fully elaborated here, the fact that it is the main cause of the two-party polarization system that's the cause of many, if not most, of NA democracies' ills, the fact that it eats more fringe views, pits people against each other in two umbrella teams with no nuance, and solidifies the political establishment.

Everybody here seems nice and civil, and I like that. I have no complaints.

There’s the occasional spambot, but they quickly get banned by mods.

A summary is in the OP link, but here’s a summary I found online for what it means in practice:

For iPhone users, this means they will be able to:

  • Install any software

  • Install any App Store and choose to make it default

  • Use third party payment providers and choose to make them default

  • Use any voice assistant and choose to make it default

  • User any browser and browser engine and choose to make it default

  • Use any messaging app and choose to make it default

  • Make core messaging functionality interoperable. They lay out concrete examples like file transfer

  • Use existing hardware and software features without competitive prejudice. E.g. NFC

  • Not preference their services. This includes CTAs in settings to encourage users to subscribe to Gatekeeper services, and ranking their own services above others in selection and advertising portals

  • Much, much, more.

After the Act is signed by the Council and the European Parliament in September, Apple, Google, Amazon, and other “Gatekeepers” will have six months to comply. Fines are up to 10% of global revenue for the first offense, and 20% for repeat offenses.

< Is it possible for the default search engine in Firefox to be randomized at each search

I’ve been wanting this exact thing for quite some time, and would love it if Firefox could do this natively.

There’s an add-on, but you have to lead your searches with a custom word all the time.

< not a dictatorship in any way or form

I said potential for in that specific part of the process, and corruption is a thing, was there a need to put an emphasis on that? What if the fish starts rotting from the head in a system like that? Believe it or not, western democracies also have a potential for dictatorships, particularly when the press isn’t free. There’s already semi-dictatorships in Europe, like Hungary, for example.

Your links, which I most definitely read, all the way back when this stuff was posted like a year ago, literally say, that to start your climb in the political institutions you need a college degree. That’s interesting, but so much for accessible for anyone. And to climb, you will also need approval from the higher ups. You don’t see potential for corruption there?

I never even claimed the Chinese system is a horrible system, why are you getting so worked up? You’re the one that keeps insisting it’s obviously superior.

< The systems in Europe aren’t all that different from US

That’s why we have stuff like this?

And to be fair, I’m a bit saddened you’re bringing the discussion to the level you’re bringing it, with the typo remark, and the other remark you made about being educated, while simultaneously showcasing a lack of awareness where the EU’s notorious democratic deficit was (somewhere in these discussion comments), and flip-flopping on it, so, as I feel this discussion is no longer in good faith, and your emotions are getting the best of you right now, Imma bail out.

< selection process based on demonstrated competence

All I see here is a potential for a benevolent dictatorship and a malevolent dictatorship. Benevolent dictatorships are cool. Until they turn malevolent. That’s the big problem.

In liberal democracies you have a choice. There’s been plenty of random movements and parties that exploded in size, like that five star movement in Italy, or the Greens in Germany, or whatever. Just like there’s been random politicians that came out of nowhere, no capitalist background, like the Finnish PM, Sanna Marin, or whatever.

I’m not touching the US’s essentially two party system (due to “first past the point” voting) with a ten foot pole here. Or the UK. Or the Anglosphere in general.

< regular working class people

The CCP has plenty of working class "foot soldiers”, just like western democracies’ parties do too in their ranks, I see no difference.

It seems pretty clear that EU is not acting in the interests of the people of Europe given how EU economy is doing,

Is it impossible that the people of the EU are okay with tanking the hit, for now, if it’s necessary in order to stand up to a bully, in their opinion, Putin’s Russia?

Nobody’s denying the US will profit of this, that’s tangential.

Who sent all that military equipment to Ukraine: the governments of Poland, Lithuania, Slovakia, France, Germany, etc… or the EU?

How is any of this an argument for the EU institutions’ democratic deficit, which is what we’ve been discussing here. The EU seems aligned with the wishes of most of the countries.

If you want to claim liberal democracies themselves are undemocratic, you’ll be moving the goal post then, because that’s not what you’ve been claiming so far.

And here, I’ll move it for you too. So, liberal democracies are just democracy for the capitalist bourgeoisie, more so than in China. If that’s true, why are they choosing to ruin their economy, they’re the first ones that want their businesses to do well, no, and for the economy to not stagnate? Are you claiming all of Europe’s capitalists are somehow directly bought out by US money, to the extent that it’s more so than what they lose by the economy going down? I don’t think that’s even mathematically possible.

Maybe it’s an economically bad move to support Ukraine’s fight, and it might end up having more instability as a consequence, but I’m pretty sure it was Europe’s wish, as much as it can be.

The government in China … depends on social stability to stay in power.

The EU bureaucracy does not have this relationship with the people…

I don’t follow.

It would obviously be preferable to have sovereign governments that act in the interests

Most complaints about the lack of EU institutions’ democracy and high “bureaucracy-ness” is the exact opposite, that the people can’t directly vote on things like the Commission president and Commission members, and that the EU-wide parliament has limited powers. As is, they are basically chosen by the various countries’ politicians, hence the " bureaucracy-ness".

The government in Italy is about to fall,

Happens every other Tuesday.

war mongers in France suffered a huge defeat

That’s a good thing then?

German government will likely fall next

Based on what?

Why are you always such a western doomer?

submitting to an unelected bureaucracy that runs EU

Let me guess, you think China is democratic even tho it has a very pyramidal electoral system, hierarchical electoral system, where only local People’s Congresses are directly elected and everything after that (many layers) are elected pyramid-ally, through layers of representatives, with the added bonus it’s not only bottom->top votes there, but also top->bottom screening/vetoing.

In the EU people vote directly (in many countries by politician name/not lists) on their city level, county level, the province level, the state level, the country level, and also for the EU parliament, the EU level.

The thing that’s not quite as democratic and is bureaucratic is the European Commission (only one part of the EU “government”), the president of it is suggested by country leaders essentially, and is then voted/approved/reject by the EU Parliament, and then the Commission members themselves get suggested by the various respective countries’ ministers and then voted on by the EU Parliament. The rest of the EU “government” are the ministers of the various countries themselves (Council of the European Union). And honestly, as much a minister is indirectly appointed in literally any country, so is a member of the EU “government”, essentially.

Btw, the “head of state” of the EU is the European Council - the “heads of state/government” of the various countries.

The biggest problem is the Parliament can’t suggest legislature, only vote on it, but that’s in the process of being changed as we speak. Also, there’s also the Spitzenkandidat, whereby even the Commission president could be directly elected theoretically.

Read more here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Institutions_of_the_European_Union

I feel like, due to your dislike of unrestrained capitalism in North America, and the US attempted hegemony and imperialism (I say attempted because they haven’t really succeeded), which is understandable on its own and totally fine, you’re blinded into a state where you dislike anything “western” without any objectivity.

Or “le mutiny” for added zest, in line with lemmy’s revolutionary tendencies, mirite?

Jokes aside, I like community.

Edit: If cross-instance same-named multireddits are ever to become a thing, I’d be okay with those being called sublemmies (y’know, like lemmy.ml/c/cheese+cheese@beehaw.org+cheese@sopuli.xyz, kind of thing, all under /f/cheese).

Other fun weirdos are the Thiomargarita Magnifica bacteria (funny name too), one centimeter in size. Here’s a gif of them next to a coin (each filament is a single cell, single bacteria).

Webb: The World Is About To Be New Again (In Less Than A Day)
[How to see Web's first images](https://blogs.nasa.gov/webb/2022/07/01/how-to-see-webbs-first-images/) [Countdown timer site!](https://webb.nasa.gov/content/webbLaunch/countdown.html)(Less than a day, as of the moment of making this post!) >As the Webb team wraps up the final tests for commissioning this week, we are now only days away from the public release of the first images and spectra on July 12! This also means that Webb is moving into the phase of full science operations that includes a highly impressive suite of science programs from the solar system to the distant universe. The entire Webb team is ready to celebrate the long journey to this point and embark on the next few decades of groundbreaking infrared astronomy.

@zksmktoMemesthe west

Meme: Russia, not communism.

Yogthos: Communism.

Edit: Also, as well, selective. Give stats for the Baltics, Poland, Czechia, etc… ex-yu is irrelevant, as it’s about Russia, not communism. No offense, but it’s like you’re literally Mel Gibson in the meme. :P




“Attempts to duplicate the paradox of choice in other studies have had mixed success.” … "This phenomenon in particular has come under some criticism[3] due to increased scrutiny of scientific research related to the replication crisis and has not been adequately reproduced by subsequent research,[4] thereby calling into question its validity. "


Close, uBlock Origin had it, but not Firefox itself.

Optimized compact stellarator with only 4 simple coils | Cambridge, 23 May 2022
An optimized compact stellarator with four simple coils is obtained from direct optimization via a coil shape. The new stellarator consists of two interlocking coils and two vertical field coils similar to those of the Columbia Non-neutral Torus (CNT) (Pedersen et al., Phys. Rev. Lett., vol. 88, 2002, pp. 205002). The optimized configuration has a global magnetic well and a low helical ripple level comparable to that of Wendelstein 7-X (W7-X) (Wolf et al., Nucl. Fusion, vol. 57, 2017, pp. 102020). The two interlocking coils have a smooth three-dimensional shape much simpler than those of advanced stellarators such as W7-X. This result opens up possibilities of future stellarator reactors with simplified coils.

I think the simplest solution to prevent centralization on one instance is if this feature were implemented (there’s already an issue on the github for it, but it’s not high priority): For example, lemmy.ml/A/asklemmy would show posts from all /C/asklemmy from all federated instances, not just lemmy.ml’s asklemmy, so it wouldn’t matter on what instance you made a post within a community, they’d all show up there, if you chose to use that link.

You could still use individual communities on different instances, but you could also treat them as a single unified connected thing if you wanted to.

As it is now, communities on smaller instances get completely ignored.

While this indeed looks absolutely horrible and is extremely tone deaf, and probably even does show some kind of level of closeted racism by the minister, for choosing to proceed with this, this was an art piece about racism and the issues of female genital mutilation (most common in countries of Africa) by a Swedish POC artist, and all of this happened within an exhibition about artistic freedoms, to which the minister got invited to and all of this happened over a decade ago. I remember reading about it when it happened. Not exactly news, not sure why post it now.




Noise pollution is a real thing, I experience it on the daily.

Just one of the reasons electric cars, public transit, and bicycles are great, not just for combating air pollution and global warming.

At the heart of the new calculations is the Greenwald Limit, named after MIT physicist Martin Greenwald who determined the limit in 1988. Researchers were trying to find out why their fusion plasmas effectively became uncontrollable (they expanded outside the magnetic fields they were contained by within the tokamak chamber) when they increased the fuel density past a certain point, and Greenwald derived an experimental limit based on a tokamak’s minor radius (the size of the donut’s inner circle) and the amount of electric current passing through the plasma. Although scientists had long-suspected the Greenwald Limit could be improved upon, it has been a foundational rule of fusion research for more than 30 years.

Fusion reactors could generate more power thanks to a reworking of Greenwald's Law. The research, led by physicists from the Swiss Plasma Center at École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EFPL), has determined that the maximum hydrogen fuel density is about twice the “Greenwald Limit” – an estimate derived from experiments more than 30 years ago. A study about the discovery was published May 6 in the journal [Physical Review Letters](https://journals.aps.org/prl/abstract/10.1103/PhysRevLett.128.185003).

"The framework is called Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and even though it's backed by 800+ randomized controlled studies, it is relatively unknown outside of therapy circles. This post explains the basics of ACT, how it impacted my life, and how you can begin to apply it too."

Derek did a retake of his controversial [first video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bHIhgxav9LY) on the topic.

Did a Cuttlefish Write This?

Beyond Meat vs Beef, a Detailed Comparison, University of Michigan
"The Beyond Burger generates 90% less greenhouse gas emissions, requires 46% less energy, has >99% less impact on water scarcity and 93% less impact on land use than a ¼ pound of U.S. beef."

The most Solar Punk Animation I’ve ever seen
For those who want to know the source of this wonderful animation, this was made by the London-based *The Line* animation studio. The animation is called Dear Alice, and here's the [original source](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-Ng5ZvrDm4) with all the full credits. The score was made by a long-time Ghibli composer. The animation was made for a dairy commercial (and the dairy company seems to be as eco-friendly as is possible for a dairy company if it disappoints you the animation is made for an ad). I found this on reddit's solarpunk.

Made with Maya and After Effects for animation production and VMD and Chimera for molecular data exploration.