I think many been there working in a company developing on project A. After a while you got requested to work on project B. How long you exactly spend you are not sure about, but the boss get paid for the job in hours. Therefore you go to your excel hour folder and filling a guestimation of the hours that are being done. As I had this daily in my job I wanted a program where I can easily fill in the hours from everywhere, and any device. After some search, the market is full with paid versions systems. I do not trust in free version hosted by other time accounting companies. The main requirements is hosting it on the server I own. So searching on the web for an opensource version or at least a version that is free, and can be run on the server I trust. None fulfil my needs. Therefore I develop my time accounting software. To share with others in a free edition, that you can run on your server. The main focus was user effort from developers to limit the need of entering the data and giving the project leaders, or the boss better inside in hours that are being made on projects with their tasks. Or you company need some special format, you can generate reports (JSON, EXCEL, XML), so at the end of your month you press generate, and you are done. If you have other toughs in how to improve the time accounting, or want to improve you can contact me! Please check out https://sales.muino.nl --> screenshots

Github: https://github.com/martijnvwezel/muino-time-management
You can support me by going to https://www.patreon.com/muino

How is this open source? Can’t find any source code linked on the web page. Open-source implies the code is accessible to the public.


At the moment I am cleaning the code. Then I will post it online on gitlab/github. For now the docker is available.


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