Hello fellow lemmys (or however do we call us?),

as the title suggests, I am looking for someone who wants to learn the C programming language. I have a decent knowledge of computer science and of a couple of programming languages (C#, Java, Python). Currently, I am studying computer science in central/western Europe. In my opinion, studying together keeps each other motivated and is more efficient. In long terms, I hope, that we can contribute to open-source projects together and improve our code quality by reviewing each others code.

If any of you has some interest in being my programming buddy, please message me or reply to this post. Preferably from a similar time zone (mine is UTC+01:00).

Hoping for some replies



I’d call us Lemmings, personally. Sadly, I’m too busy to help. I’d suggest looking around on Mastodon, I think you’ll get a lot more replies from there.

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