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The game is actually not bad but the gameplay is boring and repetitive: You just spam attacks on the enemies and then heal up by resting.

I only ever wrote manpages with roff. I don’t like LaTeX but at least I can be sure that there exists a LaTeX package for everything I ask for. If I used roff, I would fear that my problems can’t be solved by googling and that I would need to switch to LaTeX anyway at some point.

How to use yt-dlp instead of yt-dl with mpv

I use RSS feeds and mpv to watch YouTube without visiting youtube.com. This post shows how you can configure mpv to use yt-dlp instead of the abandoned youtube-dl. …

The RSS feed is actually “advertised” in the HTML source of the Signal blog:

<link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="RSS Feed" href="/blog/rss.xml" />

Sadly, most browsers don’t show this metadata to users anymore. The Firefox extension Awesome RSS changes that.

You couldn’t be further from the truth. I do like single-player video games (especially indie games) but competitive video games usually favor the players who practiced the most whereas the board and card games above have a low barrier of entry. My interest in Minecraft faded away over the years.

mpv is a fast and minimal general-purpose media player. It has thumbnail support via an external script. Playing a video backwards does not work well but you can seek forward and backward (even frame-by-frame) using customizable hotkeys.

In a voice call with three friends I regularly play:

game themes
Love Letter deduction, luck
Coup bluffing
Codenames language/words
Categories aka Stadt Land Fluss aka Tutti Frutti aka Jeu du Baccalauréat geography, words
Poker luck
skribbl drawing

In short: If 10 billion people were doing a speedrun every second for 100 years you have 1019 speedruns. The odds of Dream getting that lucky are 1 in 1022 so there is something fishy going on in his copy of Minecraft.

However, I totally recommend watching the full 40 minutes. The whole story is quite insane.

Thanks for posting! I found a solution on Stack Exchange when I did the same.

That bias is called “undue weight”. Wikipedia has a policy to avoid it.

That article is from June 2020. It would be terrible if the Internet Archive went bankrupt.

The default launcher. I do not use my phone intensively and most apps I use fit onto my home screen.

Eye-opening video which explains Nintendo’s new design philosophy by comparing Origami King, Breath of the Wild, and Odyssey to older Nintendo games and similar games from other publishers. …

I have read some of it and the other series about dogs and polar bears as a kid. I do not remember much of it but I liked it.

I think I played Shattered Pixel Dungeon in 2019. I progressed slowly but steadily.

My favorite was the archer.

It’s hard to put it away before you completed it. It took me 58 tries.

Shattered Pixel Dungeon is a fun Roguelike for Android.

Video in which Matt Parker explains Benford’s Law and why it cannot be applied to elections…

Linux Command Library

Impressive resource…

Linux Command Library

Impressive resource…

Bash one-liner challenge

Solve exercises by writing Bash one-liners. The server actually runs your commands and checks whether the output is correct. …

Bash one-liner challenge

Solve exercises by writing Bash one-liners. The server actually runs your commands and checks whether the output is correct. …

A generic text editor that can be configured to compile LaTeX and the auto-refreshing document viewer zathura.

topng </dev/screen >screenshot.png – Plan 9 took “Everything is a file” to its full potential

Sad news…

How to add custom CSS to any website
  • Set toolkit.legacyUserProfileCustomizations.stylesheets in about:config to true

Liveoverflow made a hacking game. In this video he shares his first steps with Unity and goes more general into learning something new and the downsides of capitalism (lol)…

I am not the author of dwl. Since dwl is based on wlroots (just like the popular Sway) it already supports making screenshots using [grim][2] and screencasts using [wf-recorder][3]. …