indie games

When Wolfire attempted to sell its own games at a lower cost off of Steam’s platform, Valve told them that they would lose access to the Steam market, effectively telling them that independent developers on Steam are not allowed to offer lower prices elsewhere. But losing access to the core audien…

…It’s easy to foresee a subscription/direct-support model being applied to “Instant Games” in the model of Substack and whatnot. In fact, this is entirely possible…Find a place to host your game, a way to notify people about them, and a way to collect payments…given that even “instant” games…

novena: a poem that is a game that is a poem

Interactive fiction at a solo dev scale is often really really linear. This game structures around that well, I felt – the repetitive nature of what you’re doing is the point, what makes it meaningful even in the absence of alternative choice…


It’s really fun and has satisfying mechanics…

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