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Looking for a (desktop or self hosted) RSS reader with powerful filtering rules

I am currently using Liferea, and have a lot of RSS feeds, but I don’t care about the majority of the posts but would still like to receive them. So I am looking for an RSS reader that could potentially filter posts and apply rules to them according to content and metadata, similar to many email cli…

should you subscribe to high-volume RSS feeds?

This link argues no. I would argue yes, because of a technical solution and a phenomenon I’ve observed. … Decentralized search engine & automatized press reviews
  • Explore the press with no middlemen between the newspapers and your computer.
  • Discover millions of results within seconds and explore the last ones in Firefox via this addon…

Looking for reader for Android

Hello, I’m looking for open source RSS Reader for Android which:

  • Have import/export option in readable format like XML or something like that (I can write script to convert config from desktop reader)…

I don’t know if this will be useful to anyone, but… I find that Miniflux is maybe a little too “minimalist” and “opinionated” for my taste? Anyway, I’ve got a few Tampermonkey userscripts for it now and this is the first one I’ve cleaned up. …


Spotifeed is a simple service to convert Spotify podcasts to RSS feeds. …


Awesome piece of software which can transform tens of portals/sites to RSS feed. It can even make RSS from Telegram channel. …

RSS - Really Simple Syndication

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