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Ah okay. So nothing “evil”. Was surprised to see your response in my notifications as my compose screen was still churning away after I hit POST. I thought nothing sent. :-)

Lemmy blocked by Facebook?
After years of procrastination I finally deleted my not-much-used FB account. Posted my Fediverse profiles and links as my last act but FB disallowed the `` URL. What's that all about?

Interesting that he mentioned Settings not working. Settings has been crashing on me for weeks, if not months. Never checked to find if it is a known issue (no one replied to me on Manjaro Matrix group).

Actually holding out for #SailfishOS to be fully working on the Pro.

I think I’ll include this video in exit posts on whatever centralized services I’m still on.

I gave the app a test run. Ultra bright white with no dark mode. #WhiteUIMustDie

On the home screen all images are cropped and can’t be fully viewed. Tapping does nothing. Selecting View Post doesn’t show the full image either.

Quite different compared to PixelDroid 1.0beta21.

One could consider using a data-only SIM in that case. I’ve been trying out a couple. JMP is also in the process of offering data-only eSIM/SIM. Currently in testing.

Some folks don’t like the fact that Microsoft owns GitHub so they want devs to move away from it.

Nothing dodgy about it. /e/OS uses microG which handles the push notifications. The deGoogling is in the ROM itself. Big difference. I have/had numerous ROMs with microG. On some I just don’t enable Google device registration nor Cloud Messaging. Folks can do the same on /e/OS. I don’t use/need push messaging anyway. I do believe they’re looking into the other push systems.

One thing you may notice, if ever reading their forum, a majority of the users are regular Joes/Janes wanting to use general apps that don’t support FOSS push systems anyway.

/e/ doesn’t seem to be targeting the hardcore privacy crowd but provide an alternative to the Google ecosystem. As mentioned previously, an intermediary.

Blobs I guess. For some, deGoogled just means no GApps which was the case with almost any custom ROM. In that case Google-free, not deGoogled. For others it means removing Google stuff from within the ROM’s source. Not using Google DNS or NTP (network time protocol). Removing any calls to Google. I’m only aware of three ROMs regarding the latter: GrapheneOS, CalyxOS, and /e/OS. None support the Moto G Stylus (Moto G Pro in Europe).

Closest one can get is similar to a ROM setup I have. No GApps nor microG. Using UnifiedNlp for location handling and then control Google on the network level. Either using DNScrypt with decloudus resolvers (“Easily deGoogle, deApple, deMicrosoft, etc any device at any level you choose.”) or use a VPN like IVPN with its Hardcore AntiTracker turned on (completely blocks Google and Facebook domains).

Then to ease the pain, use UntrackMe Lite to redirect links: YouTube to Invidious, Instagram to Bibliogram, etc. Use Iceraven or SmartCookieWeb-Preview browsers that can use the Privacy Redirect Firefox add-on for in-browser redirects.

Though I have multiple devices, my daily driver is a Moto G5 Plus potter with MultiROM. The abovementioned setup is LineagOS 14.1 Nougat (July 2021 with back ported security patches - gotta love some of those XDA devs 😁 ). Few weeks and I don’t feel I’m missing anything.

As far as I know, probably not. The main apps, TEL and TEL:API, have the same package names as Termux and Termux API respectively. TEL and its modules completely replace their Termux counterparts.

If, for example, the dev had his own repo, TEL would show up under the Termux entry in the F-Droid app (as it currently does). Well, actually, TEL would be the entry and Termux versions would show up under that. That would confuse users because when a new version of Termux is released it may show up as an update to TEL. Or it may not due to signature mismatch. All has to do with the order of the repos. Get hit by that often (my installed Bromite SystemWebView became Ungoogled SystemWebView after adding Ungoogled repo; FakeStore is Google Play Store because of Nanolx repo, etc. etc.). But I digress.

There was a long time between the old version and the current, much improved version so there isn’t currently a bunch of regular builds. The dev does have a Telegram update channel for any new builds though.

Hah, this is like an old flashback. Feels like umpteen million years ago when I ran Kent Robotti’s DOSLinux (UMSDOS, later LOOP), circa 1990something. Probably my first distro. The frailties of the underlying FAT filesystem was always a problem.

Anyway, your post resulted in me just finding the DOS Subsystem for Linux. An apparent alternative to WSL.

GitHub - haileys/doslinux: Run Linux programs on DOS -

I don’t think it’s really a good idea to run Linux on a non-native filesystem.

Termux Expert Launcher
I know there are some CLI junkies using Termux on their Android phones but the terminal has always been a separate app. Termux Expert Launcher changes that. Always at-the-ready terminal while being able to quickly launch Android apps when needed. Type a few letters and matching apps show up below. The command `app` by itself will present a scrollable list of installed apps. Been sticking with this for awhile now and liking it quite a bit. Best on larger devices. [Termux Expert Launcher]( #termux ![]( ![]( ![]( ![]( ![](

Ach, I should’ve said lemmys or lemmies.

Lemmurs or Lemmers? Just not “lee-murs”. 😁