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If it got a firmware, I’ll flash it.

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Thank you, just set version 2 as the logo for this community!

There are a bunch of people already using it. Here’s a directory of (participating) instances:

The problem is that they can’t censor individual pages anymore. After all, the whole site is encrypted with HTTPS. This can lead to draconian penalties where China will outright ban an entire website when it’s really only trying to get rid of a couple of pages.

Disabling HTTPS is basically the DMCA protection of Chinese websites 😉

Sounds fairly obvious to me. Also: “China is now blocking all encrypted HTTPS traffic that uses TLS 1.3 and ESNI”

Can't mark notifications as read
Clicking the "mark all as read" link doesn't seem to do anything anymore

How about not buying Nvidia cards and voting with your wallet?

Here is the actual difference:

  • KDE neon is Ubuntu LTS, but with latest KDE packages
  • Kubuntu is latest Ubuntu, but with outdated KDE packages

No 1 at tampering with the distrowatch stats, maybe.

If it were that easy. As a developer I’m happy these (and other) foundations exist, because they do the work I don’t want to do, couldn’t do - or simply wouldn’t want to waste my time on: taxes, legal advice, sending out donation receipts, handling of a non-profit legal status. All the overhead that comes with being able to legally accept donations in the first place.

Jonathon (everyone seems to get his name wrong) also doesn’t mention the misuse of funds, tho. He’s arguing that this payout wasn’t following their written reimbursement policy. Which is absolutely a fair argument to be had, don’t get me wrong. But it’s not misuse of funds.

I feel like the caption of this post is rather sensational. It doesn’t actually say Jonathon (correct spelling here) was fired at all:

This disagreement culminated in Jonathon announcing that he was stepping down as the administration of donations.

Where do you get the idea there was a misuse of funds? I quote from the post you linked to yourself:

The inciting incident for the conflict eventually leading to this was a hardware purchase for one of the team members, but the disagreement was not caused because the purchase was inappropriate. Everyone involved was mostly on the same page about how the money should be spent. The actual disagreements were about the process of allocating the funds.

We want to be clear, there has not been any financial misuse of the donation funds. We are committed to ensuring that this will remain so.

It’s not a group you sign up for. If you’re not a racist, then yes, your most natural stance is being against fascism: antifa.

2,000 Users on Lemmy!
Not exactly an announcement, but heck, what a reason to celebrate! Doubled in just 3 months! :growing heart:

I don’t understand how being anti-racist can possibly be controversial in any way… and if it is for you, then I’m not sure what that says about you.

Have you just updated your system? If so, chances are the currently running version isn’t compatible with the newly installed libraries. A simple logout / reboot should resolve the issue. If that’s not the case, it sounds like a Debian Testing package is currently broken or missing a dependency. It happens, it’s a testing version after all.

Fair enough, but frankly nothing forces you to use these sites as a Go developer. You could even run your own godoc server, which doesn’t come with any of the tracking.

Good other choices, no doubt. I certainly wouldn’t call any of those a “basic build hassle”.

The language may have evolved inside Google and many core contributors still work for Google, but in my personal experience contributing to Go isn’t any different to other open source projects. I actually think the maintainers are doing an awesome job.

You don’t need to put your sources in GOPATH since version 1.11. I’ve also yet to find a language that makes building things easier than a quick “go get” or “go build”.