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Have you ever heard Chris Pratt do a fake Italian accent? I sure haven’t!

Duolingo is a catch-all for many different languages, but the didactics are rather meh. There are dedicated sites for different languages, less well-known than Duolingo & therefore harder to find. For Japanese, there’s wanikani.com for example. I’d suggest joining a community for learning one specific language and ask what learning tools & materials the others use.

It also depends on what type of learner you are + your level of motivation/your goals: Do you want to achieve fluency or are you already content with just a passive understanding, do you want oral AND written command of a language, etc.

A generation that grew up with Google is forcing professors to rethink their lesson plans…


How to share confidential information?

I’m using Signal, but after I found out that it’s not as privacy-friendly as it claims, I’m uneasy about sharing my address there. I trust the person who asked for my address, but not the service. What’s a safe way to share? I was thinking of something like a self-destructing pastebin, but surely yo…

YouTube Audio is a neat extension, which I also use btw (since YT is my main source of music). And if you listen to a track repeatedly at different time intervals, it’s certainly the more data-efficient approach to download it once and for all

Right, just needed to open it in the web version

Thanks for posting this! Being able to see Paris in a different light, in a different era feels magical and somewhat unreal

@yxzitoLGBTBi is VALID!!!!!!!!

both depictions are valid really

I’d say asklemmy for every question that doesn’t fit in any other category (existing community) without much thinking, or not in any other somewhat popular community at least

a megaphone makes it look like we all have no clue AND we’re shouting at each other tho

Am using a simple notes app & an old-fashioned paper calendar, but noticing that I use the latter less and less in favor of the app

NewPipe & invidious helped me to cut back significantly on video consumption.

A big factor is also whether you’re logged in or not. Is commenting, giving thumbs up/down + subscribing really worth it? Engaging with all these things only make the platform more addicting.

I agree that most videos are a waste of time, but you can safe half of the time by watching them at 2x speed. Especially good for skimming parts and getting the gist, which is usually what you’d want from most videos.

Nailed it: “This is how it always works with Google chat services. The ones that don’t get shut down eventually are abandoned and left to rot. Users get frustrated with the lack of continual development and old clients and slowly migrate to other services. Eventually, a new Google team comes along with plans to reboot everything.”

Why, Google, why?

@yxzitoMemesSigma Grindset

wikihow illustrations make up their own meme genre by now

this could go with any music really

I’d like it if the 3 Lemmys could have question marks over their heads

/edit: or only 2 Lemmys, and the one in the middle has an exclamation mark

empty shelves

Taxi service

Definition of Free Cultural Works

Version 1.1 of the definition has been released. Please help updating it, contribute translations, and help us with the design of logos and buttons to identify free cultural works and licenses!..