English As a Second Language
What exactly should I learn?

For the past 2 years, I’ve been “learning” English. Well, in my case, learning English is not something I planned to do at first. I don’t even know I was “learning”. I just watched a bunch of youtube videos, and the next thing I know I can speak a little English. But now that I have a little bit kno…

Fediverse or the Fediverse?

Wikipedia and other sources tend to use “the Fediverse”, but I’ve also seen just “Fediverse”. From what I know, it depends on whether the term is a proper name or just the name of a unique thing. Could someone please explain how do you think the term should be properly named and why?..

English As a Second Language

    All things for those who use the English language but still there’s a lot to learn.

    Please follow the instance’s guidelines and keep on-topic. Any level of question is welcome, either from a beginner or from an almost-native speaker.

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