Wikipedia and other sources tend to use “the Fediverse”, but I’ve also seen just “Fediverse”. From what I know, it depends on whether the term is a proper name or just the name of a unique thing. Could someone please explain how do you think the term should be properly named and why?

I’d say “the Fediverse” is more grammatically correct since there’s only really one of them. Kind of like “the universe”

Serge Tarkovski

In the UK, the same person can be mentioned as “the queen” and “Queen”. I’ve heard an explanation that the latter form is like a name, similarly to “Mommy” and “Daddy”, which also could be used starting from a capital letter and without an article. “Fediverse” is always used with a starting capital letter, so that’s why I was confused. Seems it’s the matter of predominant native speakers’ taste whether to consider Fediverse as a name or just as a single unique entity.

“The queen” is normally the queen of England. “Queen” is normally the band.

You could address the queen of England “hello queen” but that’s the only context i can think of.

The Fediverse is a proper noun though, so I always thought it would have similar grammatical rules as “the UK” or “the US”.

Serge Tarkovski

Those are rather plural, so the use of “the” is a bit more clear to me in this case.

What about “the People’s Republic of China”?

Serge Tarkovski

Technically “kingdom” isn’t plural, but means something like “a big group of people” or so, so sort of plural. “Republic” has a similar meaning IMO. Of course it’s just my interpretation as I wanted some logic behind all those tricky rules about when to use articles.

Technically “kingdom” isn’t plural, but means something like “a big group of people” or so, so sort of plural.

So is the Fediverse though.

I think you can also think of it as “the Mississippi River”.


i have only ever heard it referred to as “the fediverse”, which, as pointed out, is more grammatically correct. i’d also argue, however, that regardless of grammatical correctness, “the fediverse” is the term of common usage and is therefore “correct” for that reason.

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