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请于此留下您的区服、ID及需求数量。 …


here is the community for Onmyoji and related games players. please share your Onmyoji game things here!..


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this account was deleted?

专辑目录3 原振侠系列故事(原著:倪匡)





江尚寒toLemmy artistssecond here!

glad u like!

and i like the new avatar of this group!

oh yes!

i think i will write another article about use FunkWhale to replace Xiami (not Xiaomi!)

and here i have another one with hieroglyphs, maybe it will help for understand “why those characters are written like that”.

many Chinese characters were made from drawings. so, know the origin “draw” can help us to understand how to write.


江尚寒toScienceAre Viruses Alive?

i think virus are just like “Schrödinger’s Cat”, they seems do not appear to be particularly active until they begin their parasitic life. XD

we may have many different kings of different countries, so i think “the” is nesessary if you need to point at one of them…

that s cool! Misskey also have this function. but seems there is no place for lemmy users to make own themes yet. let me just leave a comment here and wait for that. XD

i m not sure if “mila note” will be suit for you. so i just put a invite code link here Mila note

glad you like it ^^

i think we need the function “block user” to avoid spams. lol

right, the skins have prices…

actually some instances already show their hobbys in their name, just like (bla bla bla).beer and bookwor.m(bla bla) and so on. ^^

some companys sold users data secretly for economic benefits. so sometimes people receive nuisance calls or spam.

i agree. but i like the picture quality. <3

When most of us didn’t realize the huge amount of information flowing on the Interne yet, we used to condone some monopoly enterprises to grow bigger (and maybe they have already become too big. sometimes they sell users data or put ads on webs). then we paid for our ignorance, those giants can sell everything including the users data in order to gain economic benefits.

but there are still many people who don’t realize that the above situation is very dangerous. there are still many people even dont know fedi yet.

all we can do is to introduce fedi to them, and let them choose which they like: to be free or to be betray(ed)/sold, this is a question which worth to think about.

sorry sir, i didn’t understand about your comment.


Moonligh blade online announced a new project

The 2021 Tencent Games annual conference was successfully concluded on May 16, with Moonlight blade online, Tencent’s flagship national-style martial arts IP, making an appearance at the conference. …

today is 小满 (grain buds)

today is “grain buds” (read as “xiao man” in Chinese mandarin) …

EVE online mobile game: the public beta is about to begin

网易EVE手游终于要开公测了www 我等了快两年了?…

this series of guides are written in Chinese mandarin (simplified) because I am a native speaker of Chinese. if you would like to translate them into your languages, please do it, and remember set credit to me. thank you…