Fantasy books, stories, &c
Let me introduce a really cool fantasy novel: "A Wizard of Earthsea" is about magic, its power and its sources. The main character is Ged, who is told about, starting from his childhood until he rises to power. It is narrated vividly. The description of the magical school and the diverse sources of magic is entertaining. Greetings Peter

What is your all-time favorite from the Discworld novels (by the famous Terry Pratchett) ? Greetings Peter

I want to recommend to you the novel "Rivers of London" (In USA "Midnight Riot"). It's "Urban Fantasy", namely about a magic cop in the contemporary England. The main protagonist is Peter Grant, a black cop. He is the apprentice of Nightingale, the only legal magician in England.

what do u think about the Gryphons
the Gryphons are the best creatures in the entire universe . the Gryphons are spiritual creatures to me and the Gryphons are in anything i do . i really need the Gryphons for everything for me this is what i need . one day when there are the Gryphons . others always think of Gryph the Gryphon first . the others then write at this Gryphon the Gryphon belongs to Gryph the Gryphon the Gryphons are poofy and the Gryphons are kind and nice . the Gryphons trust no-one at first so if u meet the Gryphon u must not abuse the Gryphon . when the Gryphon loves u then u can do all kinds of cool things with the Gryphon esp Gryph is everywhere bc Gryph is very curious . still Gryph fears others so Gryph tries to hide often . Gryph has been in many places and therefore Gryph knows lots of things even if u think the Gryphons are fantasy . the Gryphons are very real . bc if the Gryphons were not real . the Gryphons wouldn't exist

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What is your best resource for second-hand fantasy literature?
I went to a second-hand shop today to look at the books they have collected over the past couple of months. Often it is hit-or-miss in these shops. Most books there seem to come from people cleaning their parents' house when they have died. Because the fantasy genre has not been mainstream, these "inheritances" almost never have any fantasy related books. But if they do, there is often a whole bunch of them and quite an eclectic selection. And that is why I keep going to these places: You never know what you might find next! What is your best resource for interesting second-hand fantasy literature?

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Rereading books you read 20 years ago
In the past couple of months I have started rereading books I read last in the 1990s and liked a lot then. The surprise and excitement of discovering a new world is less, of course, for I am already familiar with the worlds in those books. What surprised me the most, is that some books still hold up while others have become boring, bland, or otherwise uninteresting. For example, I was unable to even get into Williams' *Otherland* series. And I devoured Feist's *Magician* almost like I did when I was in my teens. How do you experience rereads from your youth? What writing characteristics makes a book eternally fresh or almost immediately dated?

Fantasy books, stories, &c
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