Fantasy books, stories, &c

Let me introduce a really cool fantasy novel: …

What is your all-time favorite from the Discworld novels (by the famous Terry Pratchett) ? …

I want to recommend to you the novel “Rivers of London” (In USA “Midnight Riot”). …

what do u think about the Gryphons

the Gryphons are the best creatures in the entire universe . the Gryphons are spiritual creatures to me and the Gryphons are in anything i do . i really need the Gryphons for everything …

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What is your best resource for second-hand fantasy literature?

I went to a second-hand shop today to look at the books they have collected over the past couple of months. Often it is hit-or-miss in these shops. Most books there seem to come from people cleaning their parents’ house when they have died. Because the fantasy genre has not been mainstream, these "i…

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Rereading books you read 20 years ago

In the past couple of months I have started rereading books I read last in the 1990s and liked a lot then. The surprise and excitement of discovering a new world is less, of course, for I am already familiar with the worlds in those books. What surprised me the most, is that some books still hold up…

Fantasy books, stories, &c
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