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What is your best resource for second-hand fantasy literature?

I went to a second-hand shop today to look at the books they have collected over the past couple of months. Often it is hit-or-miss in these shops. Most books there seem to come from people cleaning their parents’ house when they have died. Because the fantasy genre has not been mainstream, these "i…

I have not read this book yet, so thanks for the recommendation! Can you explain why you think it holds up well?

Although science fiction from before the 1980s feels often dated, I do find the reflection of the time it was written in very intriguing. More so than from books of different genres written in those years. Might be an interesting topic for historians to explore someday.

Rereading books you read 20 years ago

In the past couple of months I have started rereading books I read last in the 1990s and liked a lot then. The surprise and excitement of discovering a new world is less, of course, for I am already familiar with the worlds in those books. What surprised me the most, is that some books still hold up…