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seconding liking manual. it’s way better than automatically marking as read, imo. because then you can come back to it later.

comment is replied to it should automatically be marked as read

this already happens on my end so maybe it’s a bug. you should check to see if there is a ticket open

reasonable people are willing to learn. you are not expected to be up to date on every single new term that appears. asking what something means, as you did above, is perfectly fine.

by “online spaces” i was referring to forums, message boards, subreddits

type of language was slurs. reclaimed slurs specifically - slurs no one uses for themselves were banned outright.

Never “I am an internet troll and I am leaving lemmy because of these words are banned”

someone literally made a fork of lemmy without the filter so this has absolutely happened.

“I am hurt by people using those words and want them banned”

i am confident this would occur if the filter did not exist.

I don’t think it’s the most effective way to change people’s behaviour or anything.

it’s not the most effective way to change bigots. it is, however, an effective way of changing people with predjudices of which they are unaware. for example, if someone used a certain slur as normal speech and was forced to replace it in practice (while writing) they are being forced to think about alternatives and if confronted multiple times may eliminate the slur from their vocabulary entirely.

for those who would refuse to just find alternate vocabulary… well, let’s just say this site is better for everyone when those people go elsewhere.

now people in the US who made over $80,000 (based on adjusted gross income on last tax return) and couples who made over $160,000 get zero dollars. the $80k is $20k less than when the bill was in the house. …

i legit saw a thread once where a guy was arguing that baby cows have to be slaughtered because people n e e d to drink cow’s milk. as if humans would die if they didn’t have access to it… like… bruh

never in the form of somebody saying

this is not true. i’ve moderated online spaces and plenty of people send messages asking for certain language to be disallowed. and even if it were the case that no one spoke up, a lot of times people just straight up leave online spaces when they are uncomfortable. im sure i could find hundreds of instances on reddit alone

huh, til. still doesn’t make it better tho :rolling on the floor laughing:

being a human is super stressful tbh

are you more anxious about talking to strangers or reaching out to people you know? i know that question seems silly but for me i’d rather talk to a stranger than message someone i know lmao

i know lmao it’s just that phrasing makes it sound even worse. i think it’s the “sludge” that really does it

the word “Prove” is spelled “Proofed” in my head

this is extremely disturbing to me

i wouldn’t even know where to start. what do you find difficult? large groups? small groups? long periods of socializing?

fertilized with processed sewage sludge

thanks, i never want to eat again

i hate the idea of fertilizer but barring growing your own food, which is not an option for everyone, we kinda just have to deal until an alternative is viable & implemented

that’s a good question. i think if you are under the care of a clinician, it can be a great exercise to push yourself. if you aren’t, i would just be very careful to not go overboard. be realistic about what you can and cannot do at the moment because pushing yourself too hard can make the challenge backfire and worsen your mental state.

so i would say yes, it can be good but if you’re doing it on your own make the “challenges” very small so that they are achievable without being overly stressful. like you mention social anxiety, so a challenge might be to make small talk with someone or to call someone on the phone. and then once you’re able to do whatever challenge with less anxiety, you can move to something slightly more challenging (and so on)

i like the feeling too but it is hella frustrating getting to that point lol

those who can’t do, teach

(ps. i think the idiom is bs. being able to teach is a gift and i’m sure you’re way better at the game than you think :sparkling heart:)

this is not the hill to die on. it is not that hard to use other words. and even if there were zero other reasons, keeping fascists away is enough.

as a marginalised person you should know that a slur you reclaim may be extremely offensive to someone else in the same grouping. take your example: a lot of people have reclaimed it but there are others still who have been hurt by that slur and are very sensitive to hearing it. this is true for many slurs.

if someone you were close to irl was like “hey, that word makes me uncomfortable” you would stop using it around them. because it would be disrespectful and hurtful for you to continue to do so. sure, people on the internet are strangers, but does that mean you potentially subject marginalized people to harm just because you don’t know them?

yeah mastodons are dope. too bad they went extinct 10,000+ years ago. it would have been really cool to see them and mammoths

short subscriber targets

hmm… it’s almost like people don’t want to buy games they already own just so they can play on stadia

now the dude who has 7000 hours in the game can finally talk to real people again and still play skyrim

this game will only be worth it if you can immediately slaughter nazeem

they were being sarcastic (not about the articles but the “it’s gonna die” part). sidenote - if you look up “mastodon dying” most of the articles are about actual mastodons

Sourcehut now has Sourcehut pages

sourcehut now has a tool where you can publish your own static site! every user receives domain and you can bring your own domain …

Sourcehut now has Sourcehut pages

sourcehut now has a tool where you can publish your own static site! every user receives domain and you can bring your own domain …

Sourcehut pages

sourcehut now has a tool where you can publish your own static site! every user receives domain and you can bring your own domain …

The zones would permit companies with large areas of land to form governments carrying the same authority as counties, including the ability to impose taxes, form school districts and courts and provide government services. …

Libreddit - Private front-end for Reddit written in Rust

“Like invidious but for Reddit” …

Question: How much entropy should a password have to ensure it will never be vulnerable to a brute-force attack? Can an impossibly efficient computer–the MOAC–crack your password? …