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I believe Flutter look and feel will likely get updated automatically at some point after the Android 12 release.

Just a little appreciation to the lemmur devs
The things are changing constantly: - Lemmy API - Flutter releases - Material You (not sure if this will have influence but it's a big change anyway) So I'd like to thank the developers for all their hard efforts to support the above.

I see it as a configurable solution, as Lemmy isn’t only the site but rather a platform.

Any details on this setup? I’m using kinda the same.

FluffyChat now uses UnifiedPush, worth looking.

What’s the benefit of using Google push or whatever it’s called? Why don’t just either maintain a Websocket connection with low priority as you’re saying, or pull periodically? Anyway, IMO Lemmy doesn’t need true realtime push.

How it’s represented then on the Pleroma side, just as a post from a user or what? The community of the post is being skipped?

So, to clarify: is this about the upcoming Pleroma groups? So that a Pleroma user will see a Lemmy post in a Lemmy community as a remote Pleroma toot in a Pleroma group?

So that’s Pleroma groups, great! Glad to see it’s being developed.

Well, anyway the idea makes sense as seems Lemmy evolves rapidly so reusing its official libraries reduces the work. Though by quick googling I’ve found Dart-JS interop only for the web platform. Haven’t searched for third-party transpilers but anyway I consider transpiling rather unstable unless it’s something official from the maintainers, which is not. So maybe creating an own Dart client library is way more controllable and reliable approach.

Wondering what kind of content is going to be federated with Pleroma? Haven’t they already got groups?

Wondering if lemmy-js-client could be reused? I believe there has been some sort of JS<->Dart interoperability.

Introducing Hummingbard
A Matrix-based Reddit/Lemmy/blogs/whatever alternative. Let's see how it will evolve.

My #1 in the wishlist is translations, then maybe notifications from the inbox.

Makes sense, though that’s not exactly polls functionality 1:1, as users may just vote up for a comment, whereas other users can both vote up for their option and vote down for another option.

Actually, this post brings up an interesting topic - Lemmy-native polls, any plans to implement?

Option 2. Usually the post and the discussion are a value themselves, and this is actually the reason I browse for new stuff on Lemmy.

How long does it take for a remote community to federate?
I've just subscribed to, and now refreshing its local representation here at, but still no content. Will continue refreshing and will update this post as soon as I see the content reached this instance, but anyway I'm curious how long it could usually take. **Update 1:** more than 40 minutes has passed, I see a new post with a video appeared on the remote side, and almost instantly here on But the previous post still not here.

Good to be aware what's going on the main Lemmy competitor side.

Fediverse or the Fediverse?
Wikipedia and other sources tend to use "the Fediverse", but I've also seen just "Fediverse". From what I know, it depends on whether the term is a proper name or just the name of a unique thing. Could someone please explain how do you think the term should be properly named and why?

A Material-looking mobile optimized UI for Mastodon/Pleroma which follows the Google+ look. The last commit was 8 months ago, and the `muse-ui` library hasn't been updated for 2 years, but still works and looks awesome.

A very nice app that displays the feed in the "post + comments" way rather than in a microblogging manner.

Which Fediverse platforms have/are planning groups?
From what I know, Friendica, Hubzilla and Mobilizon already have groups, Pleroma is planning. Am I missing any other potential candidate to eventually federate with Lemmy?

Matrix floating accounts
I can remember there was a concept of floating accounts on Matrix, similar to how groups are spread across servers. Accounts are currently tied to a server, but groups live until the last server participating in that group lives. If someone knows a link to a spec or something, I'll be grateful. Will update this post once I find something.

This seems to be a boost for using Flutter on Linux.

This seems to be a boost for using Flutter on Linux.

This seems to be a boost for using Flutter on Linux.

! as a symbol for communities
Just wondering why the ! symbol is used to mark a community here on Lemmy, but not #, + or something else? Was there any discussion and mentioned reasons? Thanks in advance.

Reposting this here as I think Matrix is way better addressing the mentioned concerns.

Am I the only one experiencing double notifications on web?
Every time someone creates a post on Lemmy here, I get two exactly the same notifications at the same time in my Firefox. Shall I file a bug, or this is something wrong with my browser?

Posts from not subscribed communites on the main page
On the main page, I'm seeing posts from communities I'm not subscribed to. Is that expected? Changing the sorting method doesn't seem to help.

Is there a remote background login protocol?
I've spotted that on Friendica, another instance recognizes somehow that you're a Friendica user from somewhere, and kind of logs you in as a remote user, if I remember things correctly. Wondering if there's any standard or protocol or approach either being discussed or already adopted, for such kind of logins in background as a remote user? IMO this is how Fediverse and decentralized social networks in general should work. Otherwise we end up constantly logging in on multiple instances. It's a pretty common thing when someone posts a link to a profile or a post on another instance, and even mobile clients such as Tusky sometimes open those links in browser. Who have tried Mastodon remote following or voting, knows it's a pain.

Found this article while looking for the differencies between Signal and Session. Hope this helps.