Every time someone creates a post on Lemmy here, I get two exactly the same notifications at the same time in my Firefox. Shall I file a bug, or this is something wrong with my browser?


I don’t think I’ve noticed the same behaviour, myself. Be interesting to see if someone else is seeing it, and I’d recommend submitting an issue if you can find something that confirms the problem.

Have you tried in more than one browser, for instance?

Serge Tarkovski

Good idea, let me try in Chrome.

I use Lemmur — what’s a notification? :p

Serge Tarkovski

In Lemmur, it’s not implemented yet. In browsers, there is the notification feature, a website can request you to show you notifications in your browser from that website. If you agree, something like a background worker is set to check the notifications for that website, so that the website can inform you in real-time that something interesting has happened, such as someone posted on Lemmy.

I know, lol, I was just making a stupid joke.

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