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I don’t think I’ve noticed the same behaviour, myself. Be interesting to see if someone else is seeing it, and I’d recommend submitting an issue if you can find something that confirms the problem.

Have you tried in more than one browser, for instance?

I hope they also ban telephones, too, since they could be used for them to communicate and organize on

Ah, very kind, thanks!

Would it be all right to request being an official instance as well?

Interesting… ok, well, glad that got it going. Should I file an issue about (what I’m presuming) is kind of a race condition here where someone can subscribe to a remote/federated community before it’s actually allowed from the remote end?

My actions on my end were to search for each of those communities, and I was apparently allowed to subscribe to them before they were able to actually federate.

There’s an issue with federation keeping in sync with this then, as I was subscribed on lemmy.ca.

I have unsubscribed from them and then re-subscribed. Do you see any difference on your end now?

Yes, believe I am. https://lemmy.ca/community/8

You’ll notice too that on this post I posted it from lemmy.ca, and the responses haven’t federated back.

Federation seemed to be working for a short bit - in fact it may well still be working on some communities, like c/asklemmy.

I had another node start federating !canada@lemmy.ca and that’s worked fine so far (all couple of comments worth).

Hope the extra details are somewhat helpful.

As per our sidebar:

“Lemmy dot C.A.” is so named due to it running the Lemmy software (see the links in the very bottom right for more info), being part of the Lemmy side of the Fediverse, and it’s (somewhat) geared toward Canucks, hosted in Canuckistan, and run by a Canuck. It is, however, not at all restricted to Canucks, or Canuck culture/topics/etc. All are welcome!

As long as things go reasonably smoothly, Lemmy doesn’t fold as a project (with no useful-to-migrate-to forks), etc., I would say that it would be for as long as possible.

I also run a Friendica instance at https://social.isurf.ca and it’s been up for a couple of years now - I mention this simply to suggest that this isn’t my first kick at running federated social software. :slightly smiling face:

Oh, we’re definitely enabled - looking forward to the federation!

Thanks, looking forward to making use of federation today!

Lemmy.CA is alive!

It didn’t take too long to get things rounded up the past few days and I’m glad the domain was available.

Ah, ok, I think that’ll be great, thank you for the clue bat!