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This is the first I’m hearing of this, and it makes me want to switch to it from WordPress, lmao.

I use Molly-FOSS. It’s pretty cool. Definitely better than the official client.

The fact that it’s been reclaimed by many doesn’t make it less of a slur (see: n-word) but you are right that in the context of “manwh_re” it most certainly is NOT a sexist slur.

Element/Matrix supports audio and video chat though.

It is technically a sexist slur, but of course context etc matters, you know.

I love SexuaLobster. Brilliantly absurd.

Learn to read, please. I never called you any names. I said “fuck you.” Here, I’ll say it again, for clarity: fuck you.

Yes, I followed the guide. The menu option still doesn’t exist.

Lmao fuck you dude. Nobody is forcing fucking anyone to help or respond. I didn’t make you reply to my comment, did I? The guide is for LibreOffice 6. For people who haven’t upgraded yet. LibreOffice 7 is fucking IRRELEVANT here.

But this doesn’t go with the circlejerk at all! Signal is perfect!

This link is for enabling it on LibreOffice 6. Nobody brought up 7 until you did.

Like what? Rooms that we can call “servers” which are then subdivided into pointless little topic rooms?

Many have already mentioned this, but use Amazon as a product directory, then go to the manufacturer’s site to buy it.

Please refer to my original comment. The menu item does NOT EXIST on mine.

I’m pretty sure the original version came out for the PS2, actually :p

And yeah, it’s usually smells, music, even certain color schemes can remind me of the old internet and/or the 2000s in general and I get really nostalgic and sad, lmao.

And thanks :)

I’m on LibreOffice 6, yes. The latest from my repository.

Anyone want to play some Civ multiplayer?

Hey! I don’t have anyone to play multiplayer Civ VI with so I figured I’d make a post here, lol. DM me your Steam username if you’re interested…

What are these cats I'm seeing everywhere as avatars? [SOLVED]

I feel like every third person has that same cat as their avatar. Some are like different colors and some just have an overlay or whatever but it’s the same cat. What is it??? …

Zelda Community on Matrix

Hey everyone, come join us on the Zelda room on Matrix!..

Best Places to Meet New People Online?

Hello everyone. So this year has me feeling very isolated and I’m thinking about how easy it used to be to meet people online and how difficult it’s become to do so. There used to be tons of good places to meet people but internet culture has changed so much that now it’s virtually impossible. Even …

Mi bezonas havi bonajn konversaciojn esperante.

Saluton! Mia nomo estas Traviso, mi havas 28 jarojn, mi loĝas en usono (Kansaso) kaj mi estas esperantisto. Mi volas koni novajn homojn kaj novajn esperantistojn. En la duŝo hodiaŭ, mi pensis, ke se mi ne parolas esperanton, mi perdos ĝin. Mi ne povis memori la vorton “sapo” -__- …

My previous PeerTube instance is down. Which one should I join?

As the title states, the PeerTube instance I had previously been using is down with no warning. I didn’t like it that much anyway. I’m looking for a good instance with anti-nazi moderation that has local content but also federates with many other instances. I’ve been thinking about framatube but is…

Here is the official list of Pidgin plugins. With these you can pretty much connect to any modern IM service…

Lemmy AoE games?

Hey, would anyone be interested in playing some Age of Empires II DE sometime?..

We're still here! :)

Hey everyone, I just figured I’d remind you that this community is indeed still here. It seems like things got kind of quiet! :)…

Is there a way to block Roku adds and tracking with my router?

Hey everyone, I’ve recently been wondering if there were any good ways to block ads and tracking on my Roku on the router level. I can’t really set up a pihole or anything like that (which would be perfect for this, I know) right now. …

Hey everyone, if you use Pidgin, the wonderful multi-protocol free and libre instant messaging client, come join me over at c/pidgin.