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Thanks for checking it out! It’s a work in progress and there’s more to come, but I wanted to get all of my thoughts in one place and published so others could see it.

It’s fucking ridiculous. Americans will get misty-eyed at the slightest mention of the Troops (while the government also throws them away as soon as they’re done using them up) and even if you’re just a young-ish guy with the right kind of short haircut and/or mannerisms you’ll get tons of “thank you for your service!”-es per day (this has happened to me)

I’m working on a reconstruction of English folk religion designed in a way that is accessible and native-feeling for modern English speakers. This is a work in progress and will likely change over time, but I’ve finally gotten most of my thoughts down in one place after working on this for a long ti…

It is, it’s just on one of the additional repositories, not the main one.

The picture shows the Harris County Sheriff’s Office doing this, not the city cops, though I wouldn’t be surprised if the city cops are doing it too.

The Fermi Paradox

This game looks pretty kickass, actually…

I do not believe this is a good idea, for a lot of reasons already mentioned in this thread.

I’ve been playing for decades now and I love Civ VI. It’s okay not to like it, but it isn’t “ruined”

A few issues with Alovoa:

  1. The devs seem to think it’s okay to set the minimum age here to 16. This is gross and will cause trouble, both via underage users getting creeped on and also legally, especially in the US. As soon as I realized this, I deleted my account.

  2. There’s no way to manually set your location, so if you use a VPN, you’re just fucked, and not in the way this app intends to facilitate.

  3. There seem to be several instances floating around, and it is unclear if they are federated or not.

  4. There are no users. Obviously this will be less of a problem over time, but it’s still an issue.

Tinder has this reputation of being for hooking up, but if you get on there, it’s 90% suburban wine moms looking for husbands, sex workers advertising their OnlyFans or soliciting clients. At least as a guy, Tinder is not the place to go if you want a casual hookup, at all.

Link? The top text is covering the information I need to find this wall of text.

EDIT: This is what I was looking for.

If that happens I’ll resign myself to playing fucking Super Tux Kart forever

Hopefully this can help get the snowball rolling, at least in Europe. The Americas will perhaps follow, at least some of us.

Steam Group for Lemmynauts

Hello all, I’ve made a Steam group for Lemmynauts to find one another and play games together. Feel free to join!..

I’ll look into how to create groups on Steam and then do it, lol

100% correct. This is the unfortunate current reality of alternative platforms. They are either dedicated specifically to tech discussion, or they are harbors for human garbage to spew diarrhea from their mouths. If we could get more normies on the Fediverse it would eventually snowball and it would be very popular, but the question is just how to get that started.

I am subscribed to a variety of RSS feeds, including some Twitter feeds (via Nitter) and some newsbots on Mastodon. I also sometimes watch my local news on TV (I have a cheap little antenna that allows me to pick up local TV stations) and sometimes I’ll listen to NPR.

Lemmy Group on Steam?

You know, it might be fun to have a Lemmy group on Steam so Lemmynauts can find each other and play games together :)…


Oh, absolutely. And this goes for the Fediverse at large as well (and also Gemini.) You need more casual content, more art, music, games, conversations, spaces to socialize, etc. That’s what makes online communities popular.

EDIT: So, to the downvoters, I’m assuming that private, FOSS social spaces should only ever be used to discuss privacy and FOSS? Lmao. This is ridiculous.

Not really. Though I guess maybe if English weren’t your first language it could be confusing.

Yep, never browse without a VPN unless absolutely necessary for some very specific task. But also… this torrent was 100% legal

Thrilled to see this.

I’ve been a huge fan of DOOM since I was far too young to be playing it. I have a soft spot for the classic games and still regularly play them. I’m very excited to see this community here! (Especially since maybe it will help me find people to multiplayer with!)…


Gemini Link Aggregator? (Hypothetical)

I was wondering today - would it hypothetically be possible to create a Lemmy/Reddit-style link aggregator completely in Geminispace? It seems like it would be an interesting project!..

In other news, I’m old…

SpaceHey: a clone of old 2000s Myspace.

I thought this was an interesting little thing that’s recently come out. It’s a clone of old 2000s Myspace. It has a decent privacy policy and there isn’t even a phone app, so it looks like it can only spy on the data you type directly into it. I’m checking it out; add me if you end up doing the sam…

I discovered this excellent performance of Silly Wizard’s “The Queen of Argyll” today and figured I’d share!..


Go Chat on Matrix

I’ve created a room to discuss Go on Matrix. Come join us there! weiqi:matrix.org…