The Signal messenger and protocol.

Molly is FOSS fork of Signal that adds security and privacy features. They are now developing their own completely anonymous and decentralized, secure messenger.
cross-posted from: > The main site is located here: []( > The first paragraphs on the donation page: > > The goal is to build a secure messaging app with integrated support for Monero payments and a decentralized backend. > > The application will be based on the Signal fork (henceforth 'Molly') but with a privacy-focused backend that allows the user to sign up anonymously (without phone number), encrypt their local database with passphrase encryption, RAM shredding, and more. > > Monero features will include the ability to set up a XMR wallet, send and receive funds, keep track of the balance, and review the history.

Signal without Google Play Services?
Apparently Signal doesn't run in the backgroud and give notifications if I don't have Google Play Services enabled. Anyway to work around this? Seems uncool to have a privacy focused messenger that relies on Google shit.

Found this article while looking for the differencies between Signal and Session. Hope this helps.

The Signal messenger and protocol.
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