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This is absolutely non-news, pure conspiracy, at least in the first 8 minutes I managed to suffer through. Can we agree the guy needs to get to the point and not ramble? For anyone who watched the whole thing, any timestamps of note? Are there any facts or sources presented other than Biden saying “will stop the pipeline” months before anything happened that I may want to skip to?

I’m not saying its not plausible, but just because someone may have done something doesn’t mean they absolutely did it.

I’d say Betteridge’s law of headlines [0] applies in this case until proven otherwise.

[0] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Betteridge's_law_of_headlines

Edit: I see the site (rumble) is associated with truthsocial and locals.com - right wing hate/conspiracy sites. I’mma go ahead and blacklist 2 more domains, thanks for making me aware. 10K + employees at a global corp will no longer have access. Thanks for making me aware.

Spread fact not conspiracy.

This is great news, but I’m still waiting on an AMD CPU option for my purchase.

Anyone have any insight on Revolt - https://app.revolt.chat ? Seems to be a decent Discord alternative, but wondering what other’s thoughts are on it.

What viable user-friendly (i.e. no account creation required) options are there? I just want my messages between friends and family to not be mined by greedy corporations.

look up ‘dislocker’ [0]. Comes pre-installed in grml [1], along with various other tools that come in handy. I’ve used it various times for various things.

[0] http://tuxdiary.com/2015/03/20/dislocker/

[1] https://grml.org/

Agree to disagree. Its not the sanctions that are hurting people, its the record breaking profits with stagnant (30+years) wages for the common person. Billionaires should not exist and they are hurting us more than we’d like to admin.

You’re glad you move away from DDG because they’re fighting spam and misinformation? That doesn’t make sense to me. SearX is great, but ditching DDG because they’re doing a net positive is illogical.

I think the difference is that ultimately China (the government, not it’s people) is an enemy of the “wester alliance” - “the west”, if you will. You can work, and even cooperate, with an enemy to a degree, but you don’t let them into your house. It’s pretty basic at it’s core. TikTok is from a simplistic POV, is at the whims of the Chinese government - much like Facebook/Insta/Snap are to the US government although to a much lesser extent. We don’t worry about FB/Insta/Snap because they operate within the “western” jurisdiction and are “trusted” within their domain.

Being rational also requires you take real-life risks into consideration. This would be like saying “why don’t you treat your friends the same way you treat the local crackhead when he walks through your store? He’s just there to buy essentials” - yes, he may be there to actually buy things, but he’s much more likely to do something nefarious than your known friends.

Not an expert at all in anonymizing audio, but I suspect anything “off the shelf” to mask your voice may be easy, or at least easy for experts, to undo. I would suggest instead to use a TTS engine and mask that instead. Here’s a list of decent - from my now ancient experience - TTS engines you may be able to use: https://linuxhint.com/command-line-text-speech-apps-linux/

Regarding uploading without leaking your IP - you could use Tor, but ensure javascript is disabled and/or you completely trust the server you’re uploading to, lastly some people would advise that Tor has been long compromised, but take that with a grain of salt and wait for others with more recent knowledge/experience chime in.

Only if the raspberry pi has a hardware decoder for AV1, otherwise it’s stuck doing decoding video in CPU, which is not very efficient. It may make sense to keep things in x264/5 which has better general hardware support.

duckduckgo.com - it’s my second attempt at switching over from google and I can finally say it works just as good - if not better than - Google, for me. It may not be there for others yet but I feel like I can start recommending it now.

If someone is so underpaid, overworked, or stressed that they consider injuring themselves to succeed or better themselves, we have failed as a society.

(breaking a body part for a big payout, this could be abused so hard)

I my be wrong but the number of people willing to injure themselves severely for a big payout can’t be statistically significant.

I was going to point out a few myself but saw that someone had already done the work for me - “on the shoulders of giants” as they say ;)

Check out MiroTalk https://mirotalk.herokuapp.com/.

It’s free, browser-based, open-source, you could self-host if you want to. You basically go to a unique link, like this for example: https://mirotalk.herokuapp.com/join/51839BlueDuck. Anyone who visits the link can join the room, you can even lock the room to prevent people from joining after all your members have hopped on.

Some of its features:

  • 100% Free and Open Source
  • No download, plug-in or login required, entirely browser based
  • Unlimited number of conference rooms without call time limitation
  • Possibility to Lock/Unlock the Room
  • Desktop and Mobile compatible
  • Webcam Streaming (Front - Rear for mobile)
  • Audio Streaming crystal clear
  • Screen Sharing to present documents, slides, and more…
  • File Sharing, share any files to your participants in the room
  • Select Audio Input - Output && Video source
  • Ability to set video quality up to 4K and adapt the FPS
  • Recording your Screen, Audio and Video
  • Chat with Emoji Picker & Private messages & Save the conversations
  • Advance collaborative whiteboard for the teachers
  • Share any YouTube video in real time
  • Full Screen Mode on mouse click on the Video element
  • Change UI Themes
  • Right-click on the Video elements for more options
  • Direct peer-to-peer connection ensures the lowest latency thanks to WebRTC