$hit Capitalists $ay

One thing Amazon doesn’t bring up is that athletes train for an event with a definite end date. Athletes aren’t competing day in and day out, and they have time to rest and recuperate in between. …

Malcolm Kenyatta Confronts Minimum Wage Opposers

Analyst from a Koch funded Commonwealth Foundation says, …

In a statement, the company said, "Tata Steel’s best-in-class social security schemes will ensure an honourable standard of living for their families, whereby the family will get the last drawn salary till 60 years of age of the deceased employee/nominee along with medical benefits and housing fac…

I also “love” how he tries to pin the blame on citizens for using more electricity than the grid could provide when it was the Republicans in power that neglected the power grid which caused it to fail in the first place. …

$hit Capitalists $ay

    The “arguments” that capitalists spew out upon the world.


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