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I think the easiest and quickest way to generate an atom feed is by using a simple tool like gemfeed. It’s convenient to include in scripts :)

I was using disroot as well. They are moving their servers at the moment, so perhaps that is why? Kind of a vague error on Conversations though.

It seems to work using an alternate account (though I’m unsure why haha)

Conversations. Is it working for everyone else?

The connection keeps failing for me: remote server timeout. Thanks for the bridge though :)

You should check out cosmic.voyage if you don’t already know about it. :)

Fish~> I’m interested in Ion, though, and I was pleased that it has a contextual autocomplete suggestion feature similar to Fish.

My mother is a US resident, and recently had to request that her doctor wear a mask when she went in for a checkup. He told her that the virus isn’t real, BUT! that it will go away after the election, because it was created by THE REST OF THE WORLD to make Donald Trump look bad so he would lose the election.

It’s totally ridiculous, but it’s actually quite frightening how Trump & Friends © have succeeded in normalizing Doublethink (like in 1984). It’s frustrating and disappointing. Any sort of humane future is turning out to be quite an undertaking…

In its own way, Lemmy is part of that better future for us.

Okay sorry to hijack your thread!


Thanks for sharing this. Stuff like this renews my child-like sense of wonder about the world.

In fairly recent news people were talking about how Samsung TVs take regular screenshots and transmit them back home =\ Pretty shady. Samsung is a notoriously unethical corporation, though. They treat their employees like crap and are involved in so many corruption scandals here in Korea, to keep track you need to have a degree in Samsungology.

I recently decided to give KDE a try after running minimal setups with WMs like bspwm. I gotta say, it’s very pleasant. I’ve probably used XFCE the most because I always used low resource computers no one else wanted. I think it all depends on what you want to do or what is comfortable. They’re all very good, everyone does such a great job developing all this stuff. I’m very grateful there are people like that in this world! =]

I came here to point out the same thing. Also, the trope of needing a hero to champion free software for the masses is kind of ridiculous.