Thoughts on XMPP/Jabber?

I want to stop using WhatsApp because I fuckin hate it. Does anyone use XMPP regularly? It allows encryption so I was considering it.

The consideration is whether I will have to self host it or I can use some publicly hosted instances (like how there are open Matrix instances). Also whether it has support for desktop clients that run natively on Loonix without electron.

Please share your thoughts if you have experience. Feel free to suggest other alternatives too. I won’t mind that.


I’m also running prosody and can confirm everything you said. Prosody is surprisingly lean and snappy. I remember being concerned about getting prosody to be compliant (after coming from ejabberd, which has everything built-in), but it was very straightforward. I don’t know if that last 5% compliance is worth it for a self-hosted server. I think an invitations-based system works best for in-band registration, but as far as I know that won’t satisfy the requirement of being “open.”

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