Science Fiction

Creating a completely public-domain shared canon

My friend and I had this idea to create a wiki where anyone could add a story to a shared universe. The premise is that humans at some point spread out into the galaxy, but faster than light travel never happens. Instead of one government, humanity is fractured. That leads to a vast universe where a…

I don’t know if this will really change the publishing industry at all but I’m backing him…

Any suggestions for short story anthologies?

I recently read William Gibson’s Burning Chrome and at the moment i’m in the middle of the Mirrorshades Anthology. Would Love some suggestions for collections of short SF stories from one or multiple writers. …

Anyone else a fan of the Honorverse series of novels?

A few years back, I discovered the long-running military scifi series that starts with On Basilisk Station by David Weber. …

Are robots the foundation for freedom from economic slavery?

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