Migrating to lemmy.ca/c/poor
To assist with decentralization of Lemmy. There is also no rule 2 from this sub. Bc you might need to ask for stuff or money on occasion and should be allowed to imo. (Rule 2- Don’t ask for stuff or money) https://lemmy.ca/c/poor

Effectiveness of homeless shelter methods
Some shelters try to explicitly prevent staff from having genuine relationships like friendship with clients. I would think this would make those shelters less effective. I think it would be easier to help people transition to regular life if you're not just some kind of human machine serving food or checking of boxes on housing application sheets. Thoughts?

It's mandatory health wise to open windows/run filters in the low quality buildings we live in
Found black mold in mine. Mandatory if you want to live

It's pretty cool to have enough money to be able to donate money
Have enough money that I could afford to donate. Only 9.10$, but it's something!

I thought I was stingy then I moved to a new area.
I'll be living across the street from a few coworkers (long story) and they drive and I walk/bus. Various co-workers won't give me a ride back unless I pay them. Where I previously lived, coworkers there would give me a ride free. I just had to walk to her house and we'd depart together.

Hand-Sewing | Basic Stitches and Techniques
This is everything I know about sowing. Saves me money on repairs

Women's clothes are cheaper then men's clothes right? Save some money and buy women's clothes instead?
Confirmed: men's pants were like 3$ cheaper than woman's won't work for like pants since a lot of women's pants suck due to pockets sucking. But for other stuff?

Freebie Alerts, app for free goods!
This might not be applicable to everyone, but there's an app called freebie alerts. There's pretty much everything on it: TV's, dryers, chairs, etc. Be safe and keep your head up. You're not bad for being poor, friend. ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/b4ff4803-57bf-4b1f-b7c4-b88fecdcabfe.jpeg)

How do y'all maintain relationships and work? I barely have time to shower let alone hangout.
cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/268658 > Or date

Contrary to what you'll hear ppl telling you, having a slumlord or landlord isn't a perk
cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/267196 > Lots of conservatives tell me that having a landlord alleviates me of responsibilities bc landlord has to fix my unit. > > Now that I know more about construction, if I did as bad of a job as them at repairs, I'd be fired. On top of refusing to do many repairs forcing me to do my own repairs. Even though I pay them, multiple landlords are belligerent (swearing at me, threats), which i'd 10000% be fired for at my jobs. Not to mention half of them don't give notice before coming into my room for 'repairs' (not even something to repair, just an excuse)

Friend became my boss recently. Friend also became a jerk simultaneously.
cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/267317 > The fact that they're in charge and I need the cash went straight to their head. > > Sucks man.

This thing spins and is water proof. ![instructions](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/70c80aa3-309c-4ccc-8524-e24d1c0d88ff.jpeg) It doesn't work very well for non socks, because the clothes don't spin because they get stuck on the wire. I have a plastic bucket. I want to make a hole in the bottom/side of the bucket so clothes won't get stuck on the wire. The wire cannot be detached from the spinny machine. So i have to cut a hole (in the bucket) big enough for a USB to fit through, then make the bucket water proof again. **I'm not sure how to make it waterproof again.**

Wow junk food is extremely unsatiating
I found a list someplace on wiki talking about foods that are satiating and junk food was very low. I had a lot of junk food just now (freeidge) and 30 minutes later I'm hungry.

Any tips for stashing things around the city?
Sometime i find some good loot, but i'm on foot. I have to walk say 1 hr more east and can't carry the extra thing due to not being a spring chicken anymore. I try to stash it someplace and pick it up on my way back home. It happens from time to time that someone else snags my loot before I get back to it. Any pro tips?

How many job applications should I try to put out per day?
cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/242493 If I have no work at all

Would there be any substantial benefit to buying a car for extremely cheap?
cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/241572 > The going rate at used car dealerships is 5000 and a friend of a friend has a car in reasonable condition for 1000. I doubt I could find the 1000 offer later on. > > For reference a like ebike costs like 2000 without shipping and nobody sells them in my region. > > I initially needed a car to get to a job that I don't have anymore. But maybe it'll be useful if I pick up a job outside the city again? > > Also, maybe I could flip the car? since I need the money since i'm having job trouble atm. > > [Part 1 of this post if you're interested.](https://lemmy.ml/post/220614?scrollToComments=true)

Any advice on doing casual labor for people and getting ripped off?
cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/237678 > I do a bunch a odd jobs for people that I get via asking around. The jobs don't get protection from government or business, you might get my drift if you've ever been poor. > > It happens a lot, like for 25% of jobs that I do for people that I get ripped off. I'll be snow plowing someone's lot every time it snows for all of winter, and they pay me immediately after each plowing. Once the weather starts improving, I do a job for them and then they ghost me without paying me. It happens occasionally where they don't have the cash on hand (these jobs only are cash, no etransfer possible, cryptocurrency is a possibility if they had it) and they say they'll pay me next time and they usually do, so when they say they'll pay me next time and just ghost me, i have no advance warning. > > Is there like any anarchist contract/tips I could consider using? For some people, I offer them a receipt/ask them for a receipt, but they don't want any paper trial leading to them, so they refuse.

360p youtube playing for 18hrs used around ~18 gb.
I left 360p youtube playing for 18hrs and it used around ~18 gb. I don't have unlimited home internet so I have to keep under my limit and I assume this applies to a few others.

What is life like being poor?
I am privileged being middle-class, which can skewer perceptions of poor people.

A community dedicated to the discussion of being poor, rantings about it, asking for advice, etc.


1- Be friendly, posts or comments laughing, mocking or showing a negative attitude towards people will be deleted.

2- Don’t ask for stuff or money, it is really hard to know who’s behind a keyboard and this could lead to scams, which is hard to moderate.

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