This thing spins and is water proof. …


Wow junk food is extremely unsatiating

I found a list someplace on wiki talking about foods that are satiating and junk food was very low. I had a lot of junk food just now (freeidge) and 30 minutes later I’m hungry…

Any tips for stashing things around the city?

Sometime i find some good loot, but i’m on foot. I have to walk say 1 hr more east and can’t carry the extra thing due to not being a spring chicken anymore. I try to stash it someplace and pick it up on my way back home. It happens from time to time that someone else snags my loot before I get back…

360p youtube playing for 18hrs used around ~18 gb.

I left 360p youtube playing for 18hrs and it used around ~18 gb. …

What is life like being poor?

I am privileged being middle-class, which can skewer perceptions of poor people…

Will banks that I don't bank at be willing to break a bill for lose change?

If i’m not buying something, a bunch of stores cant/wont break bills for lose change. …

Will smith slaps chris rock and isn't sent to prison?

Is it a skit or is it that are too rich to fail/be sent to prison?..

I have full time work and good enough housing. Now what?

Minimum wage job with no health care and I have high health care costs so paying for my meds out of pocket sucks a lot. …

Why does applying antiperspirant to my feet not reduce my foot's sweating?

I’ve only put antiperspirant on the bottom of my feet. It’s made my skin dry, but not less sweaty? …

if you're feeling nauseous, smelling rubbing alcohol might help

A nurse told me to try this…

A community dedicated to the discussion of being poor, rantings about it, asking for advice, etc.


1- Be friendly, posts or comments laughing, mocking or showing a negative attitude towards people will be deleted.

2- Don’t ask for stuff or money, it is really hard to know who’s behind a keyboard and this could lead to scams, which is hard to moderate.

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