UPDATED VERSION OF THIS TUTORIAL: https://youtu.be/Pc9dLYra43o Hand-sewing is used very frequently in DIY projects so here are some basic stitches and techniques for beginners. These are the techniques shown: 1. Securing a Knot 0:06 2. Running Stitch 0:47 3. Tying Off 1:55 4. Back-Stitch 2:44 5. Blanket Stitch 3:48 Please let me know if you have any comments or questions and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE if you want to see more videos! Some of my DIYs that use these hand-sewing techniques: DIY Minion Plushie (https://youtu.be/aczm7nXFKJc) DIY Purse | Re-using ASOS Packaging Back (https://youtu.be/VyXVWLJDOJQ) DIY Knit Purse | Knitting Basics (https://youtu.be/3onMc2VOKTg) DIY Baymax Plushie | Big Hero 6 (https://youtu.be/fjysHer1t9o) Valentine's Day DIY: Cushion Heart Keychain (https://youtu.be/YpbAWCpC1n0) ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Send me PHOTOS of your creations: FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/nuttycrafter TWITTER: https://twitter.com/nutty_crafter INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/nutty_crafter ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Music from http://www.looperman.com/ *Unless otherwise stated, the DIYs and templates provided are my own work and cannot be replicated without my permission*

This is everything I know about sowing. Saves me money on repairs


Great resource for those who know not yet how to sew! I also use these techniques to prolong my clothes’ lifespans. Remember to darn your socks!

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