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  • OP wants FOSS BeReal, it’s all there in the title. There is no rule against having a body to the post. I agree that I would be disappointed if showerthoughts was only people’s product ideas.

    If this type of post became commonplace we could make a rule trying to avoid spam. How would you word the rule? “No promotion of products or product concepts” that might work. Rules have side effects so I would want to look back through old posts to see if it would hurt quality posts.

    This post did get two reports. Reports are not super down votes, things need to break rules for me to pull them, I try to be objective. As always I’m open to discussion.

    I did giggle about commenter below that is sometimes old. Silver linings.

  • This is my first time being a mod. For example early on I would just remove any post that got a single report, but obviously that’s not a good strategy.

    There are also other mods including an automod.

    If I’m reading your picture correctly it was only 6 days ago that your post got removed. I’m not even sure if I can undo a mod action but I’ll look into it. Thanks for bringing it up.

    Edit: I am having trouble finding the original context of the comment that got removed, finding out how to reverse it, or finding who removed it. It’s possible it was me but I don’t remember it. I have reached out to other mods for help.